kevin slowey's (offseason) blog

offseason things..

im not particularly sure how it started, but it seems that every offseason i end up writing an entry about things i like…im aware this list is really only pertinent to me, but perhaps, it could be a list of things you like too…

a few good reads
the white tiger
a long walk
in a sunburned country
*the notebook (while i may not have actually read this, it was recommended to me quite courteously by a fellow passenger on a post thanksgiving flight)

a handful of great songs
the avett brothers – i and love and you
gomez – see the world
alexi murdoch – the ragged sea
*povertyneck hillbillies – one night in new orleans (same flight, different fellow passenger, she was 8)

a favorite movie(s)
fantastic mr. fox
*dirty dancing

a tv show in the background
the office (bbc version if you don’t mind)
how it’s made
*grey’s anatomy