After a Brief Hiatus.

Well, it’s been almost a full year since my last post..and I don’t really have any excuse for the considerable lacuna, but then again, I’m not sure I need one. I mean, aren’t blogs supposed to be casual and haphazard?

Anyway, now that baseball season is officially over, things have settled down considerably.  I’m back in Atlanta for the off season with my older brother Dan, watching Steeler football ( they are currently up 20-7 on the Bengals) and generally hanging out…

I thought about using this post to recap the 2008 season..but instead, Im going to use it as an invitation to my reader ( yes singular.. im assuming only the most diehard Twins fan is still checking this blog after 9 months of inactivity) to ask any questions he/she might have about our season. I’ll do my best to answer in a timely manner. Seriously. Two day wait, tops.


  1. districtboy

    Well, here’s at least one reader. I don’t really have a question, but just to say you had an impressive year but it’s a disappointment how the season ended. I hope you continue to add to this blog, even if it is once a season. 🙂


  2. Kevin Slowey

    Thank you very much Aaron…The season was a good one, and we have plenty to build on for 2009…keep up the good work on the districtboy side

  3. mntwinsfan_2

    Great to see you blogging again. Us Twins fans don’t blame you for such the long wait. During the regular season, we’d want you to keep your mind on the game, rather than on your blog. Anyway, I’m just here to say that you, and the rest of Twins players, did great this year dispite not going to the playoffs. With such a young team, many people had low expectations. You guys sure showed us!
    Thanks for the exciting season and I can’t wait for the 2009 season to begin!
    -Sarah from Minnesota

  4. Kevin Slowey

    Sarah – Glad to hear I haven’t been blamed for my blogging schedule just yet…We were a young team, and we did have a good year..and a lot of that success can be attributed to our great fans..Every homestand the dome was packed, and the fans supported us down the the very last game..So, thank you..

    I can’t wait for 2009 either..

    • Kevin Slowey

      Youngster- thank you for the welcome back…and thank you for the congratulations. We did have a very good season, even if the end came a little too quickly..Im looking forward to the Brewers games myself, I love Miller Park and the fans seemed to really get into the rivalry…See you in ’09

  5. Ballhawk Shawn

    Kevin! Hey there! Do you have a play list you listen to on days you pitch? If so, what are some songs on it? I look forward to seeing you guys and my hometown team, the Brewers, duke it out in inter-league play next season!


    • Kevin Slowey

      Shawn – looks like Brewer fans are ready for the season to start back up already.. As far as playlists go, I don’t have any one list that I listen to, but a random sampling would include artists like Matthew West, The Clarks, Chris Tomlin, and The Shins…

    • Kevin Slowey

      Greg – Yes, we do. However, we do not mind the 10 minute bus trip, or the thousands of fans that come to catch a glimpse of Big Papi.

      major league park – PetCo Park
      minor league park – Frontier Field in Rochester, NY

  6. minnytwin

    I am currently watching John Smoltz versus Johan from 2008 on MLB tv online.
    Who is your favorite pitcher or who did you study growing up?

    • Kevin Slowey

      Steven, my favorite pitcher to watch was, and still is Greg Maddux. The way he pitches, and the way he carries himself on the mound is awesome to watch. He is a great reminder that ‘pitching’ and ‘throwing’ are not the same thing…. Plus, what does he have, 20 gold gloves?

  7. tallguy1982

    Hi Kevin, nice job last season! How long did it take you to get over the disappointment of losing the 1-game playoff?

    Also, a sidenote: Do you remember last year at Twinsfest when you were signing autographs, and I asked you if you knew my friend Bernard Slowey, and you kinda shrugged and said no? Funny story about that. My girlfriend, who was next in line for your autograph, was laughing at me for having my question to you shot down, turned to me and sarcastically said “I’m proud of you today!” But you had your head down and thought she was talking to you, to which you replied, “Uh, yeah, thanks.” So the tables turned and suddenly she was the one who looked foolish in front of you!

    Okay, lame story…

    • Kevin Slowey

      Tallguy- While I can’t say I remember my interaction with you and your girlfriend, I like the retelling of the story..and the fact that I ‘turned the tables’, because usually you have to know what’s going on to ‘turn tables’..but not this time..

      As for game 163…We were all incredibly disappointed..and not just because we had lost the game.. but because the season was over, because we had grown so close, and because every one of us could suddenly and very vividly remember every close loss, blown chance, and missed opportunity that could’ve been the difference..

      It takes a while to get over games like that. For me, once the World Series was finished, the season was over.. and now it’s on to 2009


    Hi Kevin,

    First off, thanks for the great year. 2008 exceeded all expectations, and it was quite a thrill, even if it did come up just short.

    Which brings me to my question. What aspects of the roster would you like to see management address during the offseason? I’m not trying to put you on the spot and call anyone out, just wondering what your opinion is on what the Twins need to do to take it to the next level.

    I guess that leads me to a follow up question as well. Is it easy to adjust to the business aspect of the game. How do the players deal with knowing that tomorrow their clubhouse friends may be traded?

    • Kevin Slowey

      Skammer- Is this your real name ?..Also not putting anyone on the spot, but if so, awesome..

      Your question is a very good one, and it’s something you hear and read about all the time. Maybe not specific player trades or positions in need of upgrading per say, but just general ideas for improvement. I mean every team would like a rotation headed by Santana, Lincecum, and Sabathia and a 3-5 of Utley, Pujols, and Manny but that isnt horribly realistic..and because it isn’t, teams need to find other ways to win, which the Twins have done a pretty great job of in recent years.

      So to answer your question, what do we “need to do?”…We need to continue improving, maybe through trades and free agency, maybe by standing firm.. but either way, if we can continue to get better as a team, we’ll be just fine.

    • Kevin Slowey

      and to follow up…as a player, I think you just get used to the idea that nothing is certain in our profession. Tomorrow is never promised; which makes today even more valuable..It isn’t easy, but you grow accustomed to it.

  9. pigdog

    Hey Slowey,

    First of all, I’m a big fan of yours and the way you pitch. You have amazing consistency and poise on the mound.

    About your season: I was wondering if there was any defining point you had during the season where you really started to understand the nuances of Major League pitching. You showed magnificent improvement in your H/9 and HR/9, not to mention a few games with great K output. In reflection, did you make any microadjustments that yielded better results? Or was it a combination of knowing your opponent teams’ strategy/hitters better?

    Your fan,

  10. tallguy1982

    One more question I forgot to ask?how did you feel having that 2-hit game in Milwaukee. And on that long double to left, did you think it had a chance to get out of the park?

  11. kate-tWINs

    Hey Kevin! I have two questions?

    1) As a young pitcher, do you see yourself in Minnesota for the long haul? (I?m asking for a Slowey jersey for Christmas and want to make sure I have ample time to wear it out!)

    2) I donned my Twins jersey at the Twins-White Sox Tiebreaker game (I go to college in Chicago) and experienced it from the seats (my most dangerous Chicago experience to date). What was it like watching the game from the dugout?

    Thanks Kevin. Have a great Thanksgiving!


    Hey thanks for the invitation! Here’s a few questions for you.

    1. There were a few games of yours last season that stick out in my mind at least – the shutouts against Milwaukee and Chicago, the 12-strikeout game against Oakland – but which game did you feel you was your best performance?

    2. What’s it like being on a staff with so few “veteran” players? Is there any one person on the staff the youngsters all look to for guidance or is it more “learn-from-eachother?”

    3. A bit related: Fans have seen how you and the other four young starters differ when it comes to pitching, but how would you say you five differ personality-wise? (Who’s the clubhouse joker, who’s the serious one, etc.)

    4. Finally, are you planning on keeping 59 as your uniform number? If not, what number do you have your eyes on?

  13. twins_squirrel

    Hey Slowey,

    First, I would like to congratulate you on a great year! It was really fun watching you pitch this year. I was really excited when you came to the majors in 07, you showed amazing potential. I watched a FSN special on you and you seem to have a great personality. I was shocked when then sent you back to the minors. But I’m glad to see that you kept perservering and working hard, and now stand out as a very good starting pitcher. Good luck on next year and i look forward to watching you pitch!
    God Bless.


    Kevin– You guys had a great season and I am proud of the way the team played. Yeah there were a few games that I was frustrated with but I had faith in you all. I am a die hard Twins fan and love to go to the ball park and watch you play. I want to meet you sometime.

    What is your ritual before the game?

    Thanks for the good season.

  15. Kevin Slowey

    pd- thanks for the compliments. As far as the season went, I don’t think that there was any one moment where things ‘clicked’ was more of an incremental process with the goal of improving every day. As the season wore on I became more comfortable with how to approach hitters and the specific adjustments I needed to make in-game to give us the best chance to win.

  16. Kevin Slowey

    tallguy- the 2 hit game in milwaukee was awesome..but I think it might have been an aberration, so don’t bet on a whole lot of two hit games for me in the future…I was hoping that double would clear the fence, but i’m a contact-hitter at heart…or something like that

  17. seatwins


    Thanks so much for 2008! Looking forward to 2009 with great excitement. Being a Twins Fan in Philly, is not normally difficult, however after putting up with this ridiculous Phillies Phever was tough… especially after game #163 (and more so when you find yourself rooting for the Rays because of your Twins loyalty to Bartlett, Garza and Balfour).

    Anyway, we wait all year for the games in Baltimore, just to catch a glimpse, but after sitting through 4 hours of traffic and a 3 hour rain delay for the game to be cancelled, was just short of horrific. So, my question is how do you guys feel about rain delay/cancellations? Would you rather wait for another day to play in better weather, or do you find yourselves all psyched up to play and it’s a let down to have no game? That day particularly, it was barely a sprinkle, where they clearly could have played the game (as opposed to game 5 of the world series).

    Thanks for your had work and dedication in ’08, and I’ll be watching every game again in ’09 on MLB.TV! (Thank goodness for MLB TV or I’d be stuck being a Phillies phan! Yuk!) 🙂

    Captain S

  18. Greg

    Thanks for answering my question. Very cool. I’ve got another.
    As a starting pitcher, you only play in 1 out of every 5 games or so. What do you do during the other 4 games? Watch from the dugout? clubhouse? bullpen? Playing ping-pong in the clubhouse during games? Have you ever got the urge to buy food from a vendor in the stands during a game? Stick bubblegum on Mike Redmond’s cap?
    Speaking of pranks, who is the biggest prankster on the team, and have you been victimized by a “good” prank?
    Finally, (LOL) Do you or any of your teammates participate in fantasy baseball leagues? I’m sure before you went pro, I bet a lot of you guys did, just curious if guys do that or not, because it is the sport they play, and they only do fantasy football?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer. This is very cool.

    Red Sox Ramblings:

    • Kevin Slowey


      No problem. During the other four games we either watch from the dugout, or chart pitchers and hitters’ tendencies from the comfort of the clubhouse. Charting on the bench would probably be dangerous anyway. Sometimes we get called upon to pinch run ( yes I did), but thats usually a last resort… We don’t have a ping-pong table in the clubhouse, but if we did.. I would play. Ive never had the urge to buy food from a vendor during a game.. but during batting practice, absolutely. The bubblegum joke..No. We don’t have one big prankster on the team, but if things are looking a little screwy, a pitcher is usually to blame. None of us play fantasy baseball, and just about all of us play fantasy football. My team is currently 10-2 , thanks to Frank Gore, and Maurice Jones-Drew.

  19. Spring Training 2009

    Kevin, First I just wanted to thank you for the trade you made with me on this past year, hope you liked the cards. Other than Pat how many of you guys are collectors?

    Thanks again.

    • Kevin Slowey

      My pleasure on the trade.. hope the shoes fit ok..Lots of guys on the team are collectors, just not on the grand scale that Pat is. I really like the older stuff, Mantle/Dimaggio era baseball relics my favorites. Pat, on the other hand, seems to collect just about everything..

  20. Lily Maria

    I have one question are you going on the winter caravan again this year? And if you do are you stopping in Becker, MN?

    Thank you for such a great season! Whatever you do, don’t leave the twins! I like you brothers comment! lol

    btw…Has anyone ever called you Slow-Throw?


    • Kevin Slowey

      Libby – Im planning on caravanning again this year, but im not sure where or when I might be going. I don’t think i’ve ever heard that nickname before, so as far as Im concerned, you get credit for inventing it. See you in ’09

  21. Kevin Slowey

    Kate –

    1) You may proceed with the Christmas plans.. I would love to be here in Minnesota for the long haul. I love my teammates, the fans, and the cities as a whole. If I had it my way, Id be a Twin my whole career.

    2) Sorry to hear you had to put your life in peril to support us in Chicago, although we do appreciate it very much. It was neat to look up and see a handful of navy blue jerseys sprinkled in among the sea of black. It was a great game to watch, from the bench or the was so tight, every pitched seemed that much more important, and we were on our feet the whole game. It was my first taste of ‘playoff baseball’, and something ill never forget.

  22. Kevin Slowey

    Norseman –

    1) I don’t know if I could grade any one of my performances as the best, but my favorite game was my outing in Milwaukee. As a pitcher, how can I not say the game when I had 2 hits?

    2) We had plenty of veteran types on the team to look up to..Redmond, Livan, Nathan, and Reyes were some of the guys that really stepped up and led by example…Red did a great job with all of the young pitchers. Sometimes it was a simple pat on the back, and other times it was a sit-down talk about an at-bat or outing. He made sure we were getting better every time out.

    3) Baker is the most athletic, Blackburn has the best beard, Liriano is the most reserved, Perkins is the most Minnesotan, and I’m the most authorly.

    4) Im keeping 59.

  23. Kevin Slowey

    Alicia – Thanks for having faith in us, even when everyone else had written us off as too-young, too-small, or too-something…
    Before the game i’ll sit down with whoever is catching that day and go over the opponent’s lineup, formulate a pitch plan, stretch, and head down to the field…Not as crazy as some guys, but I prefer to keep things simple, it’s easier to repeat that way.

  24. Kevin Slowey

    Kaybee- The offseason for me is a pretty relaxed one. All of October is spent taking trips to see family and friends that I just don’t see that much during the season…In November I start working out here in Atlanta 3-4 days a week at a sports performance center. I usually start my throwing program in early December which gets me in pitching shape by the time I report in February… In the down time Ill read, watch movies, cook, and maybe take an occassional nap..After a long season, it’s nice to have a couple months to unwind and recoup before starting it up all over again.

  25. Kevin Slowey

    Cap’n – I remember the day you are talking about, because we had to make up that game as part of a double header later that series…From the viewpoint of a starting pitcher ( that’s all im qualified as, at the moment), I’d rather wait out the delay, and play the game as scheduled. We only pitch 1 out of every 5 games, and when that rhythm gets thrown off, it can make you a little uncomfortable. That said, no one wants to play in a deluge, or a snowstorm, or a plague of flying midges ( see: NY v CLE). When it comes down to it, safety is the main issue, and no one is arguing about that.


    Hey Kevin,

    Nice blog…It’s great to see you answering questions for the die hards. I’ve been a die hard Twins fan through the highs and lows since ’87. So now I’m enjoying watching the Twins be competitive year after year. Although, I think we’re all itching for another ring. OK, so my questions are….are you participating in the Classic this spring? If you haven’t been asked, would you take part given the chance? I think it’s great to see the national pride from each country. Good luck in ’09 and I’m looking forward to the real grass at the BULLS EYE in 2010.


    • Kevin Slowey

      Jim- Glad you like the blog…it’s my pleasure answering questions. I haven’t been asked to participate in the WBC this spring, but If I were to be asked, I would love to participate. I had the opportunity to play for team USA in 2007 with the Olympic qualifying team in Cuba, and it was one of the greatest baseball experiences I?ve ever had. See you in the dome next year’


    Hello again Kevin,
    Thanks for the response to my previous questions and responding to everyone else’s, and the skammeraasen is just a play on of my last name. A few more random questions if I may.
    1) Who is the best hitter you’ve faced? Anyone in particular strike fear in you when they come to the plate?
    2) What are your honest thoughts about playing in the Metrodome and what’s your enthusiasm level for outdoor baseball in Minnesota in 2010?
    3) What do you think of the throwback unis for 2009 Saturday home games?

  28. twinsnut

    Hi Kevin,

    I just found your blog as I was checking out the Twins homepage. I guess I never noticed the link before. Anyway, your sense of humor comes through in your comments. My impression of you was that you were a quiet kid (I’m over 60, so everyone is a kid.) until I saw you at the “Twins Unplugged” with Mauer and Redmond. It was an eye-opener! Now that the “retro” uniforms have been unveiled, what do you think of them?


    • Kevin Slowey

      Loretta – I completely agree, everyone is a kid. Which makes it much easier to explain why I still want to eat a handful of cookies right before dinner even though I know it will ruin my appetite…As for the uniforms, I like them a lot. It will be a nice change, and a cool tribute to the history of the Twins in Minnesota.

  29. Lily Maria

    okay! So from now on your new nickname is Slow-Throw!
    Do you know when the schedule will be posted on the Twins website?

    Well thank you sooo much, and I’ll be waiting for the 2009 season to arrive, which will probably take forever considering it already has, but I can’t wait!

    – Thanks Again!

    P.S. Have you explored any historical sites? And If you have, which ones?

    • Kevin Slowey

      Libby- deal, but I might not respond to it right away…give me a little time to break that nickname in..

      P.S. Ive been in the White House, sat in the Senate and walked around the campus of The University of Havana in Cuba.

  30. Kevin Slowey


    1) Best hitter Ive faced is Placido Palanco. He always seems to put good swings on everything I throw.

    2) I don’t mind the Metrodome at all, but Im definitely looking forward to playing outside in 2010.

    3) I talked with Glen Perkins about the new throwback unis..and he liked them a lot, so im signing off on them.


    Hey Kevin!
    I’m a HUGE Sanford Mainers fan (now going to Indiana University) and just wanted to let you know that we are all really proud of you and happy that you are doing well! I’m always checking your stats, partially because you were on my fantasy baseball team, and it’s great to see a former Mainer doing well in the majors.
    Hopefully, my dad and I will make it out to see you in Spring Training this year. We saw you last year and now my dad wants to make a yearly tradition.
    Hope you have a great ’09 season!

    • Kevin Slowey

      Jessica- thanks for the note.. Im still a huge Mainers fan myself. The team that we had that year was full of good players and great guys, plus we had some pretty awesome fan support….See you in Florida


    Hello Kevin
    My question is what are going to be your specific personel goals for the upcoming season and what is the main goal for the team this season?
    – Luke Tweten (Moorhead, MN)

    • Kevin Slowey

      Luke, goals for me personally are not as specific as you might think. Instead of focusing on strikeouts, walks, and wins.. my goal is to improve every outing. It might seem a little vague, but it’s the best way I know how to honestly critique myself. For example, I may throw poorly one day and win 9-8, and the next outing throw very well but still lose 1-0. Instead of being happy about the win, and upset with the loss, I find it more constructive to break down my outing into specific parts and ask ‘ did I improve today?’..As for the team, our goal is a little more specific…To win the World Series. That’s the goal of every major league team, and to a man, we feel like we have the ability to attain that goal.

  33. nymetsgrrl94

    I don’t really have a question for you but I just want you to know that you have a fan in New York.
    Maybe I do have a question, can you say hello to Michael Cuddyer for me?
    I am dieing without baseball.

  34. Lily Maria

    …okay…that works for me!

    I’ve been to the White House, but I’ve never been to Cuba…lol

    Have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas! So what are your plans for x-mas?


  35. _twins.08_

    Great season Kevin! We put up a big fight the last few weeks. I always look at it that we didn’t lose a lead we caught up to it! Q- What is your favorite place to play? And do you like batting during Interleague Play? Good luck in the future season. I’ll hopefully be there Opening DAY!!

  36. deliriumtrigger

    Just a couple quick things from me…

    1. While you won’t remember probably, I just wanted to say thanks for being so nice on the Caravan stop in Winona last year. My friend and I got a picture with you and Scott after the conference was over. I’m sure a lot of pro athletes might’ve scurried out of there, so thanks for giving us a minute of your time. Probably seems trivial to you, but it always means the world to the fans. Her and I both really appreciate it!

    2. While the season’s end was disappointing for you I’m sure, I still want to say thanks for the most exciting finish in ages. We may not technically have made the playoffs, but that three-game sweep of Chicago was better than any playoff game I’ve ever been to. It was like I was at the World Series! You guys made me remember why I love this game so much every day this year, with that series being the highlight.

    3. I don’t know if you’re allowed to answer this or not, but have you had any discussions at all about a long-term extension with the club? I know you said you’d love to say in Minnesota forever, and trust me – we’d love to have you do the same.

    4. There’s comparisons to you and Brad Radke a lot, because of your control and poise on the mound. How much time have you actually gotten to spend with Brad, and what did you take away from it? I always considered him on of the classiest guys in the game.

    • Kevin Slowey

      dt –
      1. No problem at all, Caravan is a great opportunity for us to say thank you to the fans for all of your support, and we love doing it.

      2. You are very welcome.

      3. That would most likely be a question for ‘The Minnesota Twins Front Office Blog’.

      4. I’ve only spoken with Brad on a couple occasions, but both times Ive gotten the same impression of him that you have.. one of the classiest in the game.


    Hey Kevin!
    I just wanted to say Great jo this year, even though you have heard it a million times by now. You’re a great pitcher and definately one of my favorites. I hope you have a Wonderful off-season. Lets get a Championship next year, and make the last year at the Dome the Best year!!! Oh and could you say hello to Brendan Harris for me so he knows he has lots of fans.
    Thanks for your time,

  38. Kevin Slowey

    Steph – My favorite place to play is at home in Minneapolis..Nothing beats playing in front of your own fans…I love getting a chance to hit during interleague play, but having had the opportunity, Ive decided to stick with pitching for the longterm.

  39. _twins.08_

    Hey Kevin,
    My friend wanted me to say that she loves the way you play and that we are BIG fans of yours. Plus she is jealous that I got your autograph for FREE at the TwinsFest .08 for buying one of the shirts from the Twins Wives were just sitting there and asked if I wanted it…Of course who passes up a free autograph from a Twins player. Quick ques. from both of us… Could you say HEY to Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau!
    –Steph (again)


    Hi Kevin,
    Just wondering why you don’t show off your “pearly whites” when you are photographed or on the mound? It’s hard to take credit for results that are never seen. Check out my website Keep on flossing, Doc


    Wanted to let you know how exciting it is to see you living out your dream(s) playing in the big leagues. All of us back here in Rochester are proud to say you played here for a bit – especially all of the St. John of Rochester alums!
    I very much appreciated you going out of your way to make me feel apart of the team my first year with the Wings.
    If you ever need a bullpen catcher – please let me know.
    Take care and enjoy your time with your family!

    • Kevin Slowey

      Great to hear from you, and thank you very much for keeping up..Hope all is well with you and your family in Rochester

  42. stcloudfan


    As a steelers fan I was pleased to see your comment on the Steelers – It is hard being a Steelers fan in Minnesota when they are rarely on tv and everyone here is a die hard vikings or packers fan. Anyways I have read that you are pretty tight with all the other starting pitchers. With all the talks of the twins trying get a big bat this offseason are you concerned that one of you may get traded? I hope that doesn’t happen – i look for all our young guns to dominate for years to come.


    • Kevin Slowey

      As a Steelers fan and fellow Minnesotan ( 8 months out of the year) I can empathize with the lack of Steelers media coverage…but even so, it can’t really be hard to be a Steelers fan. After all, they are the greatest organization in the history of football. It’s not as if you have to cheer for the Browns every week.. imagine that.
      I am pretty close with the other starters , and I don’t think any one of us is overly concerned with trade rumors or conjecture. We know that baseball is a business like any other, and our front office is going to do whatever it takes to put the best team on the field…

      -get out your terrible towel on Sunday

  43. weregonnawintwins

    Hey Kevin,
    I was jut wondering what it was like coming up with being called the new Brad Radke. I do realize that you two are some what similar in some ways but very different in others. I was just wondering if you thought that because of your similarities with Radke that you were at the begining treated differently because of the connections to Radke that people inside and outside of the organization put on you. Do you think that this may have slowed your upcoming some, seeing as you were being mirrored after someone else? I am really just interested in hearing how you handled the whole situation. And whatever you did this last year, keep it up because you did a great job. Just don’t try to over throw the ball this spring. JK

    • Kevin Slowey

      Being the next ‘Brad Radke’ is a pretty tall order. I think writers and fans, in an attempt to describe a player to readers or friends, use previous players because everybody knows who they are. Player X is ” just like Joe Carter” and player Y ” reminds me a lot of Andy Van Slyke”.. somehow these descriptions are simpler and easier to understand…

      For me, just being mentioned in the same sentence as Brad Radke is an honor..We may have similar pitching styles, but as much as I wish I had his changeup, I just don’t. I pitch with the abilities I have, and I?m fine with that. The neatest thing about Brad is the way he competed on the field, and carried himself off of it. He was a fan favorite in the Major Leagues for years, and I doubt you could find anyone in Minnesota that doesn’t have a good thing to say about him. I’ll be thrilled if people can say the same thing about me at the end of my career.

  44. casey_from_mo


    First off, Congratulations on a great ’08 season! It was sad to see it end so soon but I’m really looking forward to the ’09 season.

    Second, I just wanted to let you know the Twins have a few huge fans in Missouri. It’s sad that you wont be coming our way until June. But don’t worry, we will be there cheering for you and the rest of the Twins in St. Louis & Kansas City.

    The one question I have is… are you excited about playing at Busch Stadium?

    Well, enjoy the off season & best of luck in ’09!

    – Casey

    • Kevin Slowey

      Casey- Thank you very much..I am very much excited about playing in Busch Stadium…anytime you get to play at a new stadium it’s a neat experience…especially somewhere like St. Louis

  45. Lily Maria

    Cool…me 2! Not like I have anywhere else to go… :p
    jw…but when you’re not playing in games or outside of your baseball lives…do you hang out witht he rest of the team?

    -Libby (for like the 7th time)

    • Kevin Slowey

      Libby, I do hang out with teammates when i get the chance, but in the offseason, we live all over the map.. which doesn’t facilitate a lot of hanging out..



    1. Is it true that your favorite place to enjoy lunch is BurgerTown?

    2. Have you ever grown a mustache before?

    • Kevin Slowey

      jkramer –
      1. That is absolutely true, I enjoy lunch at Burger Town as often as I can.
      2. I have tried to grow a mustache before, but it didn’t work out like I had hoped.

  47. stcloudfan


    Thanks for the reply – and yes the steelers organization is pretty historic – i remember growing up watching Neil O’Donnell, Barry Foster, Kevin Greene and Greg Lloyd. You didnt have money on that game the other week when they took that TD away from Polamalu??? I’m sure you have all kinds of nicknames floating around the clubhouse. I laughed so hard when i hard Cuddyer drop a Delmon “First Pitch” Young line on a Fox saturday game once. He has gotta know everyone in the league knows he swings at the first pitch 95% of the time.

    Hope you had a good turkey day – thanks again for the reply.


    • Kevin Slowey

      Nathan – If I only had the temerity to bet on the Steelers I would be a billionaire by now…but I’m content to just watch and cheer my team on to a 6th Super Bowl…

  48. Lily Maria

    Sweet! Thanks for answering! My friend, Tori wants you to say hi to Mauer for her…she’s in LOVE with him! thanks!


  49. rhielm

    I just wanted to say that I really respect the way you play the game. Its always a joy to watch you on the mound. Enjoy the offseason and stay healthy, I look foreword to seeing you pitch for the Twins for a long time, and hopefully you will.

    Here’s to you having your first 20 win season in ’09! And following that up with several more (all in a Twins uniform).


  50. chermesz

    Hey Kevin,

    I just wanted to write that I have enjoyed following your ascent through the minors to the major leagues. When I first saw your name drafted, I thought ‘that is a sweet name for a pitcher’ and I thought I would follow your minor league career, which turned out to be pretty good. Anyway, first of all I want to say congrats on a great season last year, and ask you this question:

    How has your faith helped you through your career thus far?

    Thank you!

    • Kevin Slowey

      chermesz – thank you very much for keeping up.. as for your question, my faith has always been there to remind me that baseball is not the most important thing in my life.. baseball has its ups and downs, but having a steady faith keeps things in the right perspective.


    I don’t really have a question, I just wanted to say that you’re a fantastic pitcher and I enjoy watching you play! I like your blog, it really shows your personality. I’m so proud to be a Twins fan; our team is so great! Also, I’m glad to hear that you want to stay in Minnesota for the long haul! That’s good news for many of us! You had an awesome season, good luck next season…but you don’t need it. :] And I know that you’ve had to pass on a lot of messages to some other players, but can I add another to the list? Could you say hey to Joe Mauer, and also thank him for thinking of Taylor Strand? Thanks! By the way, how often do you talk to the other players? So I guess I had a question after all…

    • Kevin Slowey

      sarah, thank you.. my message list is getting long, but ill do my the off season, we all stay in touch as best we can…and we see each other at Twins Fest, Caravan, etc…

  52. Lily Maria

    Kay, I have one more question…when and if your baseball career ends…what path are you going to take, career wise?

    And my friend just wanted to know if you remembered who we were…it was after the game on a friday I think…and you came out by gate D and we were like pretty much screaming our heads off and I think your were with Baker, and so before you left you stopped got out of your car and signed my baseball and her shirt…we were just wondering if you remembered. Thanks!



    Hey again,
    I have another question for you. I was just wondering what your favorite song is right now, or what was the last song you listened to on your iPod or radio? Its kind of random, but i thought I would ask anyway. I’m trying not to ask too many questions, but its so awesome that I’m asking questions to Kevin Slowey! Its not very often people get the chance, so I’m trying to take advantage. Here’s another question: Have you ever had an encounter with a fan that stood out in some way, that you won’t forget? One more, I promise (at least until I think of another for a later comment), If a fan were to recognize you were out doing whatever, would you sign something or would it bother you if they tried to come up to you say hi?
    Thanks again for your time,
    Stephanie S.
    P.S. My favorite song right now is Paint Me a Birmingham, the one by Craig Morgan. I really like Craig Morgan. I have a new favorite song like every couple weeks. Bye!

    • Kevin Slowey

      ss – anything by eric clapton, a little kid in Beloit came to all of our games with his parents and always brought us homemade cookies.. he was awesome, I would sign something for them.

  54. Lily Maria

    okay..thanks! don’t forget by demi lovato…sorry I was reading your conversation, lol! Have a great winter and christmas, and I’ll be checking your blog as soon as possible.


    P.S. How long does spring training last? And did the twins really trade Delmon Young?

    • Kevin Slowey

      LM – pitchers and catchers report feb 15th, position players usually report about a week after that…and I don’t think we traded Delmon Young..


    I just love reading these comments! They’re all so interesting : ) Anyway, to my comment… Great job this season to you and the rest of the guys. I love baseball and love getting to watch you guys play! I wasn’t really a fan until a few years ago but now am. Hope you are enjoying your time off; if there really is such a thing as a time off : ) I’m in sports and know what it’s like… you’re busy a lot but it’s so worth it! If you remember the Morton’s Charity dinner this past summer, I wanted to let you know I thought it was so cute when you helped the little boy at our table cut his steak! Too funny! I know he thought it was so cool that Kevin Slowey cut his meat : )

    • Kevin Slowey

      Brittany – Thanks for the note…I do remember that little boy at Morton’s…He was violating the “never eat anything bigger than your head” rule…thanks again for the support


    Kevin- No problem! Hope you enjoyed watching your Steelers win again… : ) Maybe they’ll meet up with the Vikings in the Super Bowl… ??


    Kevin- we’ll see.. but if the Vikings can only win by a couple points against the Lions.. ?? kind of scary

  58. bxbfan

    Great job last season. I hope you can propel my fantasy team to victory in 09. Please keep the ball down and work the edges–especially with that great two seamer you’ve got. Maddux has got nothing on you. I’ll be pulling for you, buddy!


    Hi Kevin,

    Congrats on a solid season last year. Keep up the hard work and the progress. Anyways, I was reading some of the questions people have asked and your subsequent responses, and I saw one answer that caught my eye. It was a question about music and two artists you mentioned were Mathew West and Chris Tomlin. So, my question I guess is, are you a Christian? I am assuming so based on the artists, and if so, that is awesome!


    Hi Kevin,
    Last year was the first time I really got to go to live baseball games at “The Dome.” I work as a nurse and have goofy hours and wasn’t able to go much until then. Man, what fun! I have no question, really. I just wanted to say I think you are a classy, nice bunch of guys and I’m proud to have y’all represent Minnesota. If memory serves me correctly, I think I was at a game you pitched and it was a shut-out. Either way, you guys are great. Thanks for an awesome season last year and I’m literally counting the days to Spring Traing when pitchers and catchers report. I announce the number of days daily at work. The nurses are sick of my “baseball banter.” Have a lovely Christmas, Kevin.


    PS: I have to admit my favorite game was on July 31, 2008. Twins vs. White Sox: Gardy’s infamous ‘hat kick’ and Ozzie Guillen cleared his guys from the field. I was in the middle of the “hooligans” that were throwing the hats & balls onto the field seated in section 131 above the dugout. Best dang game. EVER…Thanks again for some great memories!


    I just wanted to say hello & Merry Christmas. This is the first time I have been on this. You do a great job of keeping up with the comments. I HAVE to mention the fact that I met you this summer, July, in New York at the Hilton. (vaca from Minneapolis) I still have your picture in my files on my cell! Im sure you don’t remember, there are so many people you meet Im sure. Well, take care.
    p.s. Im really stoked for the Christmas Story Marathon tomorrow!!!!

    • Kevin Slowey

      haha- thank you and i do remember you…but im glad you kept the picture as proof…also, seeing ralphie in ELF was a great spot..see you in ’09

  63. htalpo

    Hey Kevin I hope the off-season is going well for you.

    1. I’m just wondering from a pitcher’s perspective how long do you usually spend on watching video’s of the opponent you’ll be facing next.

    2. Also, does your routine change at all through the season, based on how your arm feels or is better to stay with what you started with in the beginning of the season?


    Wow! Impressive. I never would have thought you would remember! I could e-mail you some great pics from that trip! Hope you had a great new year.



    We root for the White Sox here in Chicago, but I wanted to let you know what a positive and lasting impression you left on my now 7 year old son after a Sox – Twins game in September 2007. After the game we milled around the Twins dugout and you stayed around to talk to your cousins . We just hung around and you did nothing more than nod and say “hi” to Owen, then 5. Since that time we’ve followed your career and rooted for your success.

    On Saturday April 11 we’re going to the Sox-Twins game. It’s Cub Scout Day so we get to parade around the field before the game. If you happen to see the scouts, come on over. We’ll keep an eye out for you and would love to say hello again.


    Paul and Owen

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