how about a best friend.

     Some baseball types think a double play is a pitcher’s best friend. I respectfully disagree. Having Nick Punto on your team, making highlight reel plays everyday is a pitcher’s best friend. How’s that.



    I loved it during one game where Punto rolled the ball to Casilla to get the guy out at second. That was an unbelievable play!

  2. _twins.08_

    I luv punto..It seems like the Twins have the best connection..wether it is true or not…it is like they are all good or even BEST friends…and that’s way they can play well!! -steph

  3. tallguy1982

    Hey Kevin, I read a lot of comments from Twins fans on the local blogs after the Punto deal, and it sounded like the vast majority of fans were upset by the deal, probably because everyone is expecting the team to add a power hitting infielder. Do you feel comfortable with the team that will take the field in 2009 or are you also hoping we add that right-handed power bat behind Morneau?

    • Kevin Slowey

      tg- i feel very comfortable where we are right now.. and im sure that our front office will do everything it can to improve the team before we head down to spring training..

  4. nagemneirbo

    Sometime last season on Baseball Tonight during Web Gems I believe one of the commentators proclaimed: “Nick Punto is to Web Gems like Peanut Butter is to Jelly.”

  5. mvpmorneau

    I agree. How does he even do all that amazing stuff? You watch the replays and sit there with your mouth open thinking ‘How in the world…???’ I am so glad we have him for at least 2 more years!!
    ~Sarah from Minnesota


    Great news about re-signing Punto! Whether he ends up as the everyday shortstop, 3rd basemen, or the ‘I’ll play wherever you need me whenever you need me to’ utlity guy, you know he’ll always play balls to the wall. Now, let’s add some power to the infield lineup, get another arm for the bullpen, and figure out what to do with the surplus in the outfield. Oh, and btw Kevin…the friggin’ Steelers?? 🙂

    Go Twins!

  7. rhielm

    to tallguy1982

    all those guys that talk trash about LNP (little nicky punto if you use to read bat-girl’s blog) don’t appreciate him because they don’t understand the Twins way and Gardy’s way of doing things. In my opinoin, those people power over defense and speed and they should be White Sox fans if thats how they see baseball. And they can’t look past Nicky’s rough 2007 season, but look, he bounced back to hit .284 in ’08! He is the definition of what a starting shortstop/super utility player is supposed to be. A versatile, fast, hard-nosed, defensive wiz that can pinch-hit OR pinch-run at any point when need be. In the old days, short stops were a defensive-only position. (where do you think the phrase “mendoza line” came from?) Re-signing Punto was a no-brainer! Way to go Billy Smith!

    You rock my world, K-Slow!!!! You’ll have 20 wins and an ERA under 3.70 in ’09, I just know it! (15 wins at the very least)

  8. bball1986

    I’m so glad Punto signed with the Twins again. I get some people are upset because they think we need to add more power to the line up and while Punto doesn’t add any real power, he adds something that not many players in the major league do. He’s our little pirana. He fights hard all game long and he makes some seriously mind boggling plays in the infield. Some of the outs he’s helped to get have left me speechless (rolling the ball to Casilla at 2nd base was probably one of the biggest). I was curious when I heard the news what the reactions was going to be because it really seems like Punto is a favorite among his teammates. I’m sure you guys were all happy to hear he’s returning to the club.


    Hi Kevin. First, I would just like to say I enjoy your blog page a lot. You seen like such a nice person and it’s so cool that you take the time to personally respnd to everyone’s comments. You have great comments and recommendations (and I even went to my library and checked out “The Road” to see if it’s as good as you say). Have you ever read “Into Thin Air” by John Krakauer? Just wondering since you seen to have a diverse reading agenda. I’m also pumped that Nick-Nick is going to be around for two more years! Go Twins!


    I’m glad you said this, Kevin. The Punto signing has received a lot of negativity from the fans, but something that can’t be seen on a stat sheet is that he can help the pitchers perform better by relaxing from knowing that he’s back there in defense. Great to hear one of the pitchers speak out and give their support for Punto.

    Josh Johnson


    I have to agree. I love watching Punto play. And I am so happy that the Twins brought him back. Good to hear that you support your teamate and the decision.

  12. jonelliot

    hey kevin, you forgot about this one. i’m looking forward to more little nicky punto few more years as well. i’m also looking forward to your xmas card. good luck next year!


    Kevin: I live in Des Moines, IA and am a huge Twins fan, I was happy to see that we resigned Nicky, what are your thoughts coming into the next season with all the improvements the Royals have made and where do you think they will wind up in the standings next year? Also do you play any game consoles like Xbox or Playstation and if so why one over the other?

    • Kevin Slowey

      adam – the royals will be good again this year. they have a lot of good young hitters in that lineup, and a pretty talented rotation when you get down to it.. and they only continue to add pieces to improve the team. I don’t play a whole lot of video games really.. when I do, I stick with quick and easy games on the Wii..

  14. twinsfan228

    Hey Kevin,
    It’s great to hear you appreciate Nicky! He’s not only an awesome player, but he’s so nice to fans like me. I’m so happy that he decided to stay in Minnesota! I’m cheering for the Steelers for you (I grew up in Pennsylvania)

  15. twinsnut

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for verifying what I have always felt about Nick Punto—his defense makes up for those times when his offense slumps a bit. When I watched nationally televised games where Nick played, the announcers constantly raved about his plays. No wonder other teams had an interest in him.


    P.S. How closely do you follow all of the trade talks? I was at a complete loss the entire week of the GM meetings in Las Vegas as my computer died. I was so glad to get my new computer so I can check out what is going on. I also missed reading your Blog for a week!

    • Kevin Slowey

      tf77- I don’t follow the trade talks all that closely to be honest. Some things, like trades, you really have no control over.. and it’s best to just prepare for the things you can control instead of worrying about the things you can’t….also, congrats on the new computer..

  16. thepuck

    First, let me say I’ve been a fan, and strong defender of your abilites, for a couple years now. Loved your 2008 campaign, and can’t wait to see you get even better as the years go by.

    Having said that, Punto’s signing was horrible. First, they paid WAY too much for him. No indication anyone else was offering him a starting job, much less anywhere near 4.25 million a year. Second, he’s not suited to starting. His 2007 wasn’t a fluke, look at his 2005 season. 2007 was his first shot at starting and he had a historically poor season. Even in his rebound season, his BA with RiSP and two outs was below .200, as was his BA with men on and 2 outs, and his BA with men on 2nd and 3rd was .111!

    I commend you for defending your teamate and understand your need to back management’s play, but while you may enjoy his defense behind you, as does the rest of the staff, how do they feel when they lose games by 1, 2 runs and Punto has left a ton of runners on?

    Good luck this season, I’ll be rooting for you and the rest of your team

    Go Twins!

    • Kevin Slowey

      pf- thanks for your support… with respect to punto, i appreciate your stance, but i would warn you that numbers can always be isolated to make a player look especially over or underrated. when it comes down to it, do you think we will win more games with this player than we would without him.. i say undoubtedly yes…go twins it is..


    Classy response to Pucketfan’s post, Kevin. I agree with you about the numbers and know we can trust Nick behind you! I’m proud to be a member of the Twins front office staff when we have such great leaders on the team. See you next month for Caravan and TwinsFest. Merry Christmas! – Laura

  18. thepuck


    I apologize if my post seemed harsh, it wasn’t intended to be that way. By Laura’s post, she infers that my post was less than classy without actually saying it; however, at the same time, nothing I said was refutted. The thing is, I’m very direct. I find you get truer responses when you take that approach.

    The front office told the Twins fans that their priority was to improve at SS and 3B, and so far we haven’t seen it. After awhile, even the most tolerant fans get frustrated with being promised something over and over, only to be disappointed time and time again. Many fans like the Punto signing. They love his hustle and all the ‘intangibles’ and so on, but many others would actually like to see more production to go along with his other attributes. Now that he’s a Twin again, I certainly hope he works out well for them.

    As far as whether or not the team will win more game with Punto or without, that’s debatable. I completely respect your opinion when you say you’ll win more with him; however, with an offensive improvement at SS, without sacrificing too much on defense, you’d most likely win even more games than you’d lose due to your SS…even if it was 2, 3 games. As we saw last season, that could make all the difference.

    All this is moot though. At this point, the play has been made and here’s to hoping he and the rest of the team continue on the path they started on in 2008.

    Here’s to a great 2009 season and beyond. Go Twins!


    • Kevin Slowey

      pf- no need to apologize. as a fan, and a very supportive one it seems, you are most certainly entitled to your own opinion when it comes to decisions such as these. every fan deserves a competitive team to cheer for, and it seems that the Twins have provided exactly that over the last 10 years…thanks again for sharing your opinions and your support..see you in ’09

  19. bravesgmoffuture

    Hey Kevin,

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    What up Kevin,
    I just wanted to let ya know I thinks it?s great how responsive you are to all your fans, you should try to keep this up through the 09 season! I love watching you pitch..keep up the good work =) I was just wondering what, besides sports, are you into? (like what do you do in your free time) Well take care and Happy Holidays!!

  21. _twins.08_

    Hey Kevin….
    I hope you are enjoying the offseason so far…can’t wait to see all the players at TwinsFest 2009! DO you know how Cuddyer is doing with all his wonderful injuries?…poor guy!
    And I hope you have a great Christmas!
    See ya soon…Merry Christmas!

  22. Lily Maria

    Just a question…but this is my first time going to twinsfest…so is the whole team going to be there or what? Or is that the winter caravan? I’m way to confused…and last…is there going to be a time to get autographs?


    • Kevin Slowey

      LM – you’ll like it. as far as i know, the entire team will be is a separate entity altogether. lastly.. there will be time for autographs, im sure the times and places will be posted in the dome..

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