amazingly, it appears that we have made it all the way back to the offseason..and this blog will commence operations accordingly..


as i did last year, i would like to extend an invitation to my main blog reader guy (or girl) to ask questions about whatever he or she would like to know about..and i’ll get to answering them in the most expedient fashion possible..that seems like the best plan for now..further plans will be made at a further date, furtherly.


  1. kbrown113@msn.com

    Hi Kevin,

    Glad to have you back to blogging. Since it’s an off-season blog, I kind of wish you were starting up a couple weeks from now — I bet you do too.

    Anyway, how’s the arm feel? How’s rehab coming along?

    • Kevin Slowey

      kb- i do wish i was starting this in a couple weeks, and if only a couple of things had gone differently maybe i would be..but the arm feels great thanks, rehab is coming along and ill begin a throwing program the first of november..

  2. forttheloveofthegame

    Hey Kevin,

    Nice to see you back blogging, but I agree, it would be nice to see this later rather than this early. You guys gave all of us Twins fans a reason to be proud this season. Did you get a chance to take anything from the Dome as a keepsake of your time there?

    Looking forward to next year at Target Field!


    • Kevin Slowey

      katie- im glad you had fun cheering us on this year..being outside at target field next year will be even better (colder)..as far as petty thefts are concerned, i took my nameplate from the locker room..which was all i really wanted..

  3. jenardenkelly@yahoo.com

    Here’s something I’ve wanted to know since Spring Training… You said if you had to change your name, you would change it to Harold!! Haha…why Harold??


    • Kevin Slowey

      jen- harold is a name that one of my college teammates used to call everyone, including our strength coaches and a couple of the teachers…for some reason i found it hilarious and it just stuck with me..

    • Kevin Slowey

      chris, im veryexcited to move outside, and i think all of my teammates would say the same thing..baseball is an outside game, and even though it will be cold early in the season..summer in minnesota is perfect baseball weather…i don’t think we’ll have to change much in our game other than maybe keep our jackets handy..

  4. kate-tWINs

    Hey Kevin! Glad you’ve returned to blogging (even if it is a tangible sign that the season is over and I have to start rooting for football). Good to see you in Chicago at the last White Sox Series (the sweep was so worth the trip to the Southside even if it’s not my favorite crowd to cheer amongst).
    For me the off season is just a long countdown to spring training, but do you give yourself a break from baseball? Do you stay in touch with your team mates or does everyone move onto their ‘civilian’ lives?

    • Kevin Slowey

      kate- i do get a break from baseball..for at least a couple of weeks..ill usually take a few trips to see friends and family and then get back into baseball gear around the middle of november..as for my teammates, we keep in touch over the offseason, but guys live all over the map, so everyone is mostly on their own schedule..

  5. nymetsgrrl94

    YAY! The blog is back!!!!! How has rehab been going? I couldn’t wait for the 2010 season to start until I remembered the offseason means this blog is back. Are you watching the playoffs? I was sad when the Twins lost. Especially seeing half of my house celebrate the Yankee win.

  6. lizzieharold@gmail.com

    I’m so glad the blog is back! Here’s my question(s): Do you have a favorite sing-along song that they play at the Dome? Are there any that you find really annoying? Do the guys in the dugout ever sing along?

  7. palomita0923@gmail.com

    So, who are you rooting for to win the W.S?? If I had to choose, I’d go with the Dodgers for no other reason than the fact that I think their jersey’s are a pretty blue AND they played some exciting games.

    BTW, your friends, the steelers, are off to kinda a rocky start…ahhh that’s to bad πŸ™‚

  8. _twins.08_

    Hey Kevin,
    Glad to see the blog back. I have been checking for it…and I am glad i finally get to comment. Question…Even though you weren’t apart of the ‘game,’ did you have fun cheering for the team as they made the best run in years?? (oh and did you and Morneau get together to come up with cheers??!!) lol
    Hope your arm gets better…

    • Kevin Slowey

      _steph- it was definitely tough to have to sit back and watch..but i had a lot to cheer about..it wouldve been a lot more difficult to watch if we had really struggled…Morneau makes up cheers and rally rules at least once a game, and i was subjected to all of them..

  9. Greg


    Congrats on a nice season. Sorry that your team suffered the same as the Red Sox. I was really rooting for you guys to punch the Yanks in the face and knock them out.

    Will you watch the remainder of the playoffs and World Series? Or, do you not watch after coming some close?

    Red Sox Ramblings: http://thevendahh.mlblogs.com

  10. autosave36autohit7

    Hey Kevin,

    Thanks for your time, it’s awesome that you answer questions for the fans. I’ll try to keep mine short

    1. What is your best pitch, and if your best pitch is your fastball, what is your second best pitch

    2. When they play Slow Ride by Foghat before every game you pitch, is that your idea, and i guess if not, how do you feel about having your “own personal song”

    and 3, who’d win in a race Mike Redmond or Ron Gardenhire?


    • Kevin Slowey

      36&7- to be honest, i don’t really have a best pitch..which is just fine by me..i dont throw 98, or have a barry zito burveball or a johan santana changeup..my best pitch depends on the night, some nights it’s a fastball, others it’s a slider..as for foghat, it wasn’t my idea, i think the name was just too good for them to pass up…and mike redmond, hands down.

  11. mklueck@embarqmail.com

    Hi Kevin!

    How is your arm? I can’t wait for next year. Outdoor baseball!! I bet you will enjoy it as well..Hope you are doing good and be ready (no injuries!!) for next season!


  12. laurallaux@aol.com

    I think it’s pretty neat that you take the time, and mental patience to keep up with and answer your blog. It can take me a half hour sometimes just to respond to a single email, because I’ll over think my response to death.
    I can’t dig up any intelligent questions about baseball at the moment, so what I would like to know is what you think you would you be doing if were not pitching in the MLB?

    • Kevin Slowey

      laura- if i wasnt playing baseball, i would probably be back at school finishing up my education..i was majoring in international business, and would love to get a chance to live and work abroad someday..

  13. crazydreamer1025@comcast.net

    Hey Kevin,

    First, thanks for taking the time to read AND answer these questions. It’s awesome of you to do that! πŸ™‚ Second, I remember reading in one of the year books (last year’s, I think) that you were a fan of Flight of the Conchords. What’s your favorite episode and/or song? I am pretty partial to Hiphopopotamus Vs. Rhymenoceros, because you know there ain’t not party like my nana’s tea party.

    Thanks again!

  14. hope.marie7@gmail.com

    Do you every have those days where you just do not want to go to work?? Like if its game 122 of the season…and its a day game…and you’re pitching…and you’re playing chicago…do you wish you could just call in sick??

    • Kevin Slowey

      hm7- definitely..there are days where calling in sick would be awesome..mostly after night getaway games when our flight ends up getting in at 4 in the morning..those days would be nice to skip..

    • Kevin Slowey

      alyray – as much as i love minnesota, and snow..i just can;t bring myself to stay there year-round..ive lived in atlanta the last two winters and will be spending the majority of this offseason in san diego..

  15. bettencourt

    have you been to the new stadium? if so what is your favorite part of it?, very cool how you answer all the questions on here.

    • Kevin Slowey

      bettencourt- i have not been to the new stadium yet..in fact, i might be the only player not to have visited..but from what i hear, the look and feel of the building is awesome, and im sure the clubhouses will be mint..

  16. mrsmorneau@yahoo.com

    Hey Kevin! My family and I are heading down to Fort Myers for Spring Training next spring and we’re wondering if you have any personal recommendations for food/entertainment that you enjoy?

    • Kevin Slowey

      mrsmorneau- i live in bonita springs during spring training, and spent a lot of time in the coconut pointe area..blu sushi is great, and they have live entertainment on the plaza just about every night..

  17. sloweyfan59@yahoo.com

    hey kevin!
    i am glad to hear that your arm is feeling good. you pitched awesome this year and i can’t wait to see you pitch next year!
    i just wanted to say that you guys were great this year! i was at game 163 and it was simply the best game i have ever been too! i was so tired afterwards, but it was totally worth it! you all worked so hard this season, and i just wanted to thank you and everyone else on the team for playing hard and never giving up! there were so many great memories this year, and i can’t wait to have some new ones at target field! i’ll come back to read your blog, so ttyl! ~jess

  18. lcjcarpenter

    kevin, i see you said you’ll be in san diego for the offseason, what makes you stay there? it’s kind of a stretch from minnesota and atlanta, hah-do you have a place there or something?

    • Kevin Slowey

      lcj- i really liked san diego when we were out there last year to play the padres, and a couple teammates actually live out there..so when a chance came up to spend the offseason in la jolla, i figured i should at least try it on..

  19. travels

    what is your favorite offseason activity or what are you most looking forward to being able to do this offseason?
    favorite winter activity involving snow or because of snow?

    and the most trivial… favorite color?

  20. sloweyfan59@yahoo.com

    hey again, what kind of tv shows do you like? i love the mentalist and csi, love figuring out the whodunit. and for a good laugh… i watch the golden girls. later! ~jess

  21. jljacksonmn@yahoo.com

    Hey, I am going to need your steelers to beat the vikings next week. If they go 7-0 I am moving…I am all for Minnesota sports (twins, gophers, wild etc) but there is something about the vikings that just screams evil! Sorry thats not really a question…more a desperate plea for help.


  22. kate-tWINs

    Hey Kevin, I saw earlier you said you would like to live and work abroad someday with your major in international business. I just returned from studying abroad last semester myself in Italy and have nothing but positive/amazing things to say about it (I can?t wait till I can go back). Where would you like to travel/live abroad? (If it?s Rome, I can tell you where a fantastic Steelers bar is where I caught the Superbowl last year!) -Kate

    • Kevin Slowey

      kate- id like to travel all over the place, including italy..but, it would be neat to live and work somewhere i could work on my spanish too..so maybe id start in spain and go from there..

  23. mellx018@umn.edu

    so something that I’ve been wondering about for a while is what you and the guys talk about while sitting in the dugout–is it strictly about the game all the time or are you discussing the latest episode of your favorite TV show? my friends and I have often made up conversations for you-it’s extremely entertaining for us, but i’m sure it’s not accurate πŸ™‚
    I hope your rehab goes well. I’m really looking forward to seeing you pitch at Target Field.

    • Kevin Slowey

      megan – hah, we talk about all sorts of things..it’s baseball related a lot of the time, but we also talk about tv, books, family, cars, and that older gentleman who sits above the visitor’s on deck circle and looks exactly like santa.

  24. jessnicholas

    You’re going to live in California all by yourself!
    Rent a condo on the beach in La Jolla Shores or La Jolla Cove and just, read…?
    I’d like to know more about these rally rules, too Kristin..

  25. kristin_holtz@hotmail.com

    Megan, I’ve always wondered that, too, since the pitchers are always deep conversation when the FSN cameras flash on them. Plus, it’s good to know Santa loves baseball.

    Now, I’m just trying to imagine what kind of rally rules Morneau subjected the bench to. That sounds like a superstitious hockey player.

  26. iamacatch25@yahoo.com

    Now that we know you’re single, would you like a suggestion about who you should date?
    I know the perfect girl for you, and you know her too!

  27. mellx018@umn.edu

    wow, i must say that i am very impressed, mr. slowey, at how fast you respond to our questions… it’s nice to see that our devotion as fans isn’t unwarranted (and when using the word devotion, i totally don’t mean it in a creepy way…even though i’m sure you do wonder about some of us haha)

    • Kevin Slowey

      mellx- i appreciate your appreciation..also in a non creepy way…fans deserve a lot of credit for the time and energy they devote to their teams (and pitching staffs) every year..an expedient response is the least i can do..

  28. travels

    hockey very much qualifies as a winter activity, solid choice. same with the blue… for the color, in case there was any confusion. …and thanksgiving, so as not to leave it out.
    enjoy the offseason!

  29. laurallaux@aol.com

    If your curious, santa’s name is Tom. I sat next to him once and he told me his life’s story in about four innings. He claims he’s been to all but one twins game at the metrodome. He’s a sweetheart but it was a little odd how he kept asking me to put my finger in the worn out hole of his glove. Anyways Kevin I was curious who your favorite baseball team is (besides the Twins of course) and also your all-time favorite pitcher.

    • Kevin Slowey

      laura – tom must be saint nick’s middle name..as for my favorite team, growing up in pittsburgh meant it was always the pirates..and my favorite all time pitcher is greg maddux..

  30. swimmerchick05@aol.com

    Hey Kevin-

    This is the first time commenting on a blog, let alone a MLB blog. Haven’t always like baseball until this year when my friends and I developed a game to play while at baseball games. It definitely keeps things more interesting not to mention the old ladies that have the season tickets next my families season tickets, are the most wonderful old ladies. The best part about this season was being able to go to the “Final Game” of the season. To tell you how wonderful the old ladies were, they wore the shirts I made for them. We had shirts on that said ” GO TWINS” in red sparkly letters. It was so cute the old ladies were ecstatic that we would make them shirts. That made the already great game even greater. Wish you guys would have made it further.

    But anyways.. my question is what’s your favorite bible verus?

  31. bphewitt21@yahoo.com


    Just wanted to share with you that I went to my first ever MLB game with your dad and you or at least 2 of your brothers. I can’t remember if you were there. It was at Three Rivers years ago with Bonds. My dad and your dad used to work together in Rochester NY. We even stayed at your house that weekend. Glad to hear your arm is feeling good. Looking forward to watching you next season.

  32. sloweyfan59@yahoo.com

    hey kevin,
    did you watch the phillies and dodgers game last night? cliff lee was absolutely amazing! i was sort of surprised that they didn’t let him finish the game, but they were up by a lot and he was over a 100 pitches. i would really like to see the phillies and the angels at the world series, they both are very good teams so it wouldn’t really matter to me who won. anyway, it was a great game. ~jess

  33. jsmith3

    hey kevin! how long did it take to be able to finally use your wrist after surgery?? i bet that sucked since youre righthanded.. LA JOLLA–lucky duck…i went there for vacation with my family and we went to a beach where seals were just hanging out in the sand..what part of la jolla are you staying?

    • Kevin Slowey

      jsmith- about 2 weeks before i could start movement again and 12 before ill be all the way back…im not sure of the exact place of residence, one of the other roommates picked it out with the help of his girlfriend.

  34. mnwild07@ymail.com

    Kevin –

    Will you marry me?
    Haha. Just kidding.
    Have you seen any good movies recently?
    Go Phillies!

    ~ Heidi

  35. lizzieharold@gmail.com

    Hi! To get us through the long offseason, I’ve instituted Baseball Movie Monday at our house. Do you have any favorites that you’d recommend?

  36. mnwild07@ymail.com

    Sweet. I’ll have to see that.
    Sorry for the pointless questions. Haha, but I have one more:
    Are you a cat person or a dog person? :]

  37. swimmerchick05@aol.com

    Thanks Kevin. I love Isaiah 40:31. Here are two of my favorites Matthew 11:28 and John 15:16-17.

    Moving on to another question… what do you think would win a BMW M5 or a Cadillac CTS Supercharged V?

    • Kevin Slowey

      swimmer-haha, i think the new CTS-V is a little faster, depends on what modifications you make though..the M is still the 2007 style, the next M will blow it out of the water.

  38. jlbpackerfan1@yahoo.com

    Over the past few years a lot of great players have been experiencing sports related anxiety. I don’t know if it was just a taboo in the past, or if it is actually becoming more prevalent, however, this year it seemed to be a big topic in baseball. As a player, what do you do to stay calm and not let the pressure get to you when you are out there on the mound?? As one of only a few 10 game winners early in the season did you feel increased pressure to have quality starts, and get the W for your team?

    Thanks, Jack

    • Kevin Slowey

      jack -anxiety was a big story in baseball this year, and it is something that im sure every person (baseball player or otherwise) has dealt with at some point in his/her life..as for me, the best way to battle anxiety is simply remembering that baseball is not the most important thing in my life..and a tough inning, outing, or month may not be what i hope for, but it certainly isn’t of any eternal consequence..

  39. ev3lisa0215@aim.com

    Hi Kevin,
    I must say this is my first time ever commenting on an MLB blog, and I find it really awesome that you take the time out to read and response to your fans comments I hope your arm’s getting better. As for the movie recommendations I unfortunately don’t have any baseball movies to recommend but I do have other ones two of my favorites are Platoon and Dirty Harry the first movie of the Dirty Harry series sorry these aren’t really baseball movies but they are great movies nonetheless, I promise. Do you have any favorite movies that you recommend?


    • Kevin Slowey

      ev3- those arent baseball movies at all.. but we have plenty of flexibility in that area, good movies are good movies, period..if you havent seen them, i recommend ‘stranger than fiction’, ‘slumdog millionaire’ and ‘wordplay’

  40. swimmerchick05@aol.com

    After look at your response I had to go look up the new BMW. It is GOING TO SMOKE the CTS-V. M5 will have a 5.5L V10 550 hp turbo, it is going the haul! That will be one worth test driving but I have a feeling that is one they won’t let you test drive unless you are older (not 22 years old).

  41. jessnicholas

    Kevin, I’ve always wondered what pitching coaches say exactly when they visit the mound during a game… The same goes for catchers, too; what does Mauer say at the mound when you’re pitching?

    • Kevin Slowey

      abj – what the coaches or catchers say really depends on the situation…sometimes it is a word of specific advice ‘ this guy is really opening up, lets go with sinkers until he rolls over’..and other times it’s just a chance to slow the game down, or ask how we are feeling..

  42. laurallaux@aol.com

    I gotta know who your favorite scrubs character is. I love Dr.Cox.
    Don’t you think he looks a little bit like Mike Redmond?
    Oh by the way, your awesome.

    • Kevin Slowey

      laura- im partial to the surgery sector..turk and the todd..and yes, perry cox as mike redmond is a very good call..he would also play a great joe nathan..and thank you

  43. ev3lisa0215@aim.com

    lol yes, but like you said good movies are good movies and those are two of my all time favorites as for your recommendations I haven’t gotten around to seeing ‘slumdog millionaire’ but from what I’m hearing I think I shoud give it a shot. I definitely liked ‘stranger than fiction’ I loved Will Ferrell in it. Ooo and as for an actual baseball movie that I’d recommend it would be ‘Fever Pitch’ I can definitely relate to Jimmy Fallon’s character and his devotion to his sports team, but besides that I honestly haven’t seen any other baseball movies which is weird. Idk let me know what you think if you ever get around to seeing the movie or if you’ve seen it already.
    Also, a little fact for you, did you know that Platoon was base on Oliver Stone’s first hand experience in Vietnam.

  44. twins_girl

    Hey Kevin!
    Awesome of you to keep a blog, its a lot of fun for us fans to get to interact with you! You should try and get some of the other guys to do it too. Do you have any super fans?
    Do any of the other guys ever talk about their crazy, super fans (specifically Harris)?
    Thank you!!

    • Kevin Slowey

      twinsgirl -i can’t say that i know of any super fans to be honest..although last year there were rumors of a “marry me slowey sign”, which i never saw…guys definitely share super fan stories if they have them..but other than joe, justin, and joe, we seem to be a pretty low profile team..

  45. dottiehinson8@gmail.com

    Careful, there are people out there who may take that as a challenge. And, I’m hoping this doesn’t imply that you also discuss chicks who may or may not have been overserved at charity events. Because that would be no good.

    But on to serious business:

    If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

    Why can’t Big Ben throw a few more TD passes to Holmes, who somehow ended up on all three of my fantasy teams?

    How could a pitcher not mention For Love of the Game? Or is it just implied?

    OK, maybe only two of those are serious. Which two, well, that will remain a mystery.

    Glad to see you back at this. Hope the offseason is treating you well!

    • Kevin Slowey

      dh8- ha, of course not, charity events are off limits…big ben is spreading the wealth, mostly to hines ward, but dont worry, santonio will get his tds…and on the movie front, i thought for love of the game was only ok, but i will sign off on bull durham..

  46. smilebehappy4690

    whaaat? evil purple costumes…no such thing…haha they’re pretty awesome…but i guess the steelers are okay (i mean, only because mike tomlin used to be the vikings’ defensive coordinator)..but this weekend should be a good game! anyways, i’m really excited for next season at target field! unfortunately, i’ll be going through withdrawal during the month of april, being in wisconsin for school and being solely subjected to brewers games 😦 but i was wondering, is there anyone on the team that you’re particularly close with (i thought i might have heard that you were roommates with matt tolbert..but of course that could have been a complete fabrication)? do you tend to bond more with other pitchers, or does everyone kind of hang out together?

    • Kevin Slowey

      smile- i hang out with everyone really, but i did live with tolbert last year, and he and i are good friends..as a pitcher you tend to spend more time with other pitchers during the game because you have the same basic schedule

  47. troscoe25@yahoo.com

    Hey Kevin,

    Thanks for answering these questions! Two questions. First, any good reads lately? Texts books aren’t cutting it for me and need something that actually has a plot. I’m pretty open to anything at this point. Second, Mac or PC? It’s a vital question.

    Peace, Love, and baseball,

  48. jenardenkelly@yahoo.com

    Oh Slowey, what are you doing to me? I finally got my facebook addiction under control and now it’s just been replaced by your blog!! You may or may not remember me, I’m always surprised when you do! But I was there on media day and then I ran into you at that pretty mall in Naples, but basically I was just taking in as much sunshine and baseball as I could at spring training so I was around a lot… Remember me?? Anyway, here’s my question… Are you superstitious? If so, you’re welcome and I’m sooo sorry…in that order.


    • Kevin Slowey

      jen- haha, i do remember you, and i remember seeing you in naples..there were a handful of us wandering around the mall that day..and im not particularly superstitious, but thank you and don’t worry about it just the same..

  49. mndabey3

    Hey Kevin! Glad to see you’re blogging again!! Seeing as I’ve all but exhausted any sort of intelligent thoughts on research papers, I’ll just ask you something that a friend of mine asked the other day… Dome Dogs… Are they going to remain Dome Dogs now that the Dome is no longer? Off the top of your head, can you think of anything clever to rename them?

    (p.s. looking forward to seeing you pitch again next season!)

  50. sodevine229@yahoo.com

    Hey Kevin
    Just wondering how old were you when you started playing baseball and at what age did you or your coaches know you had a chance to be a special player?
    Looking foward to seeing you guys next year in the new stadium.
    Thanks and good luck with rehab!

    • Kevin Slowey

      sodevine – i started playing baseball at around age 8 (unless you count tball as competitive, which it may be nowadays)..but it wasnt until my sophomore year at college that i really started to think that i had a chance continue on professionally..

  51. hanako.noriko@gmail.com

    Hi Kevin,

    I think I remember hearing/reading/seeing somewhere that you were learning to play the guitar in the offseasons. Is that right? If so, how’s it going? What’s your favorite song to play? Which one are you most proud of learning?

    I play bass, so I’m always interested in what other folks are trying to learn!

    Thanks for taking time to answer our questions. I’m glad you’re back to blogging, but counting the weeks until the season starts again. Thanks for an awesome season!

    • Kevin Slowey

      hanako- at the beginning of the year i was rooming with craig breslow, who was learning how to play and really wanted me to learn as well..so i strummed for a while but not enough to play anything significant (ie: a whole song)..and you’re very welcome for blogging.. thank you for reading..

  52. bphewitt21@yahoo.com


    Was wondering if you’ve been watching any of the remaining playoff games? If so what’s your opinion on the umpires and instant replay? Any ideas from a players perspective on how to better the game in terms of blown calls?

    – Brad

    • Kevin Slowey

      brad – ive watched them on and off..as far as umpires go, i feel like they are doing the best job they can..they certainly arent trying to get calls wrong, and im not really a big fan of the instant replay idea; it just seems too mechanical..

  53. sloweyfan59@yahoo.com

    hey kevin,
    growing up playing baseball, were you always a pitcher, or did you play other positions? if you wanted to, is there any other position you would like to try or enjoy playing? in my opinion, field of dreams is the best baseball movie! i still tear up if not cry every time i see it.. thanks! ~jess

    • Kevin Slowey

      jess- i played all over the field growing up, and even played third base my freshman year at college..but i realized my only real chance at continuing on would be on the mound..with that said, if we were shorthanded somehow id love to play the outfield ( my extensive batting practice shagging should have me prepared)

  54. clemenma@uwec.edu

    Hey Kevin!
    I think it’s great that you do this Q & A, even though it means dealing with awkward questions…here goes mine. Do you and teammates ever discuss local Twins media coverage? Do you guys concern yourselves with what is being said or do you try to ignore it? If so, who is your favorite clubhouse reporter/writer/blogger? Thanks!

    • Kevin Slowey

      clemenma- occasionally we will discuss media stuff..but usually we just leave it be..just going on what ive heard from guys in other organizations, our media in minnesota is hardly worth complaining about

  55. laurallaux@aol.com

    High five.. Kevin you appear to be a laid back peaceful individual. Therefore I challenge you to name one thing that annoys you.
    Also if I may respond to an earlier post about super fans. Although I hold no super powers I feel that until proven otherwise I could be Kevin’s #1 fan.

  56. babb0336@stthomas.edu

    Hi Kevin,
    Id like to welcome you back and I hope the wrist is doing great! I def represented your number all season long πŸ™‚ One of the games i attended was with the jars of clay concert. I enjoyed the music and hearing you speak very much. I was wondering what other bands/singers you enjoy of that genre? My fav would have to be mark schultz, have you heard his music? Also, what would you say is your favorite animal?
    -Kate πŸ™‚

    • Kevin Slowey

      kate- thanks for the main representation..i enjoy listening to matthew west…i met him a couple years ago and he’s a good music dude…i havent heard any mark schultz, and i dont know if i have a favorite animal..but i got a chance to see some bald eagles up close two caravans ago and they were awesome

  57. mklueck@embarqmail.com


    I was curious…why did you pick the #59 for your jersey? Is it a favorite number? Also, I was reading, and saw that you would perfer macs over pcs. why? Personally I like macs too but pcs are ok. oh and thanks for answering all of our quesitions!! its really nice that you take the time. πŸ™‚


    • Kevin Slowey

      mariah- i actually didnt pick 59, it was the number assigned to me in my first major league spring training and ive kept it ever since..and i just find macs to be more streamlined and easier to use..

  58. smilebehappy4690

    i don’t think i’ve had the opportunity to see you pitch during interleague play this season, but i was wondering, how do you tend to do at bat and do you like that pitchers have to hit aspect of the national league?

    • Kevin Slowey

      carolyn – i like the idea of pitchers getting the chance to hit..i understand that we really arent that good, but still, it helps keep you in the game..plus, who really wants to face jim thome 4 times a game?…also, im an ok hitter, but don’t expect me to hit .300 any time soon, or .200 for that matter.

  59. babb0336@stthomas.edu

    hey kevin, ooh matthew west is good i am jealous you got to meet him! also seeing bald egles up close must have been amazing. what do you like to do in your free time/off season?

  60. swimmerchick05@aol.com

    Kevin (offseason) Slowey-
    I was reading an earlier post about super fans and a rumored “will you marry me slowey” poster…

    Do you remember at the “Final Game” and you are exiting the dome heading to your car. As usual there are fans asking for autographs and what not. This particular day was an extraordinary one, you were headed to your car and there were girls screaming at you. You finally look to notice girls pointing at a shirt that said ?Marry me Slowey?? You come over and give this girl a hug and take a picture with her. Then you head back to your car and speed away. Do you happen to remember that?

  61. jstuam

    this isn’t a ‘favorite color’ question or anything. i need to give you a thinker one. does age matter? my girlfriend and i have been dating for like around seven months…she’s going to be twenty next month and i recently turned twenty-five…you wouldn’t know her age unless asked…her maturity level is certainly higher than mine…your input?
    ps. macs are practically virus-immune

  62. _twins.08_

    Hey Kevin,
    I love to read all these posts…and its so kind that you take the time. You are so nice!!! I was wondering..when you or other starters start to struggle on the mound..does Mauer (or Redmond) go out to just calm you down and give you help on what to throw, or do they try to loosen you up by joking around a bit?!? If they joke, is it a ‘haha’ joke or something that is a little more serious and game related?!
    (oh and thank you so much for taking a picture with me at the Twins Fest 2009..even though the security guard was yelling at you because you were running behind!)

    • Kevin Slowey

      steph- when the catcher comes out to the mound it’s almost always with a baseball game plan, but occasionally they will come out just to ask how we are feeling, or to give us a breather after a long at bat..and you’re very welcome..

    • Kevin Slowey

      iam- haha, i can cook, and i make all sorts of things..stuffed pork chops, crusted chicken, et al..i had a facebook account when i was in college, but it doesnt get any use anymore..

  63. heidi579@hotmail.com

    Hi Kevin,
    Thank you for taking the time to answer questions! I was just wondering if there is a pitcher who’s pitching style you try to emulate? I was also wondering why you never seem to smile for pictures? You should, you have a nice smile!
    Thanks and enjoy your winter break!

    • Kevin Slowey

      heidi579- i definitely watch how other right handed pitchers throw (guys like micah owings and gavin floyd), but in order to be successful i have to stick with my own style..haha, ill have to try and mix in a smile next time, thank you

  64. swimmerchick05@aol.com

    Which of the following would you pick as a topic for an informational speech?
    1. Kevin Slowey
    2. The truth behind those dome dogs
    3. Cars which one is really the best for the environment


    PSS. OH YA, I did just go there πŸ˜‰

  65. swimmerchick05@aol.com

    I hope you have your game face on because this is WAR now!! We have Jared “the animal” allen (ps have you gotten to meet him?). Then there is favre and peterson, not to mention the viking are 6-0 and the steelers are…..

  66. laurallaux@aol.com

    Wait a second, are you the same guy I met on the enterprise?
    So Kevin how many questions am I allowed? I have at least 57 more but I don’t want to be a blog hog.

  67. jrclark0717@yahoo.com

    Hey Kevin!
    I’m a junior Indiana University and I was very happy to see my fellow Hoosier Matt Bashore go to the Twins 46th overall in the most recent draft. I hope that he has the chance to succeed that you have had.
    You’re a great pitcher and a great person!
    Good luck next year and Go Sanford Mainers!!

  68. smilebehappy4690

    hmm..kinda random but i was curious…we all know you can pitch, but can you sing? i remember that twins commercial last year with the pitching staff and i vaguely remember you in it…you didn’t opt for a solo? haha

  69. sparkles_202@hotmail.com

    Hey Kevin-
    I just want to say thank you for being a man of God and open about that. Thank you answering the question of your fans on this blog. It really shows that you care about your fans. I?m not speaking for everyone but I have to image that it makes there days that you answer their questions.

    Instead of having a question, I have more of a request. I am hoping that as a man of God you will pray me. That is all I ask. I?ve been sick for four years now and I?ve been to a dozen different doctors and all of the same come out of it. We can?t find anything wrong with you. It gets really frustrating not getting answers. I just keep holding on to the promise that God won?t give you more than you can handle. Someday when God heals me, I will be able to encourage people who go through the same thing. There is a reason for everything that God puts you through. I don?t know what mine is but I have to believe that God wouldn?t just put me through what I?m going through for the heck of it. This is the verse I hold on to ?For the plans, I have for you declares the Lord??- Jeremiah 29:11.

    There is something comforting writing this on your blog. I think it is the fact that there is a rare chance you will actually meet me. But if we do get the opportunity to meet I hope that I will good things to report. I will continue to pray for a full recovery with your wrist and that when you do start to pitch your arm/ wrist will have more power and strength then before the surgery. If you need any other prayer or for anyone reading this post and wants pray for anything at all. Shoot me and email at sparkles_202@hotmail.com.

    God Bless, Elle

  70. jenardenkelly@yahoo.com

    Well I can tell that this blog is quickly going to shift from Q&A, aka “could kevin slowey be any more perfect?” to football, books and life in general…all of which are interesting but not quite the same! So I’ll just say, I hope you have an amazing time in california and maybe I’ll see you in florida again… Keep in touch!!


  71. jenardenkelly@yahoo.com

    On a side note: Sparkles, I’m sure we can all take a minute or two to say a prayer for you… Good luck and take care!!!

  72. ev3lisa0215@aim.com

    Sparkles, I hope you don’t think me noisy but I truly wish for you to get better. Don’t give up and keep having faith. God doen’t abandon anyone.
    I speak from experience because my father is very sick right now and for me it is extremely difficult to see him suffer the way he does. You see my father is a tough man that doesn’t like to let anyone know when he isn’t feeling his best, but we can only imagine how he is truly feeling. He is pretty much the sole provider in our family and is working very hard to pay for my college education because he says that the best gift I can give him is showing him my MBA degree in Sales & Marketing when I finally graduated in 2 years. So I tell you this to let you know that you are not alone and I will definitely pray for you because trust me, I can definitely relate to how you must be feeling not knowing what is wrong with you.
    I’m sure that with God’s help you and my father will get better soon and you both will come out a stronger because it is not in God to his children suffer although at times it may seems hard to keep the faith and remember he loves. You’ll be in my prayers.

  73. abbystl002@hotmail.com

    I agree with the previous comments that it’s extremely kind of you to answer fans’ questions; it really shows your character by being so open and responding to every one… Hope you have a fantastic time in California- Maybe you’ll love it so much you’ll want to live there someday? I remember hearing that there’s this fantastic, annual event that happens in San Diego, but I really can’t remember right now the dates it goes on… So when are you planning on being in that beautiful city?

  74. realityfishdotcom

    Rats. Looks like I might have missed the Q&A… this’ll teach me to go out of town.

    If you’re still answering, would you mind answering a question I’ve always wondered about? Did you choose “Slow Ride” as the song to be played on your starts, or is that a decision someone else made? Do the players get to make their own choices about their pitching/walkup music? And if so… can you please, please, please tell me how Matt Tolbert’s walkup music wound up being “Zombie” by the Cranberries during the middle part of the year? The mystery has been driving us crazy around here.

    • Kevin Slowey

      rfdt- ha, no problem on the tardiness..’slow ride’ was my college song, but i never requested it to be played in minnesota..i think the it was just too good for them to pass up..yes, all the players have an option of choosing their walkup song..and as for tolbert, i guess it was just something he liked, but then thought better of by midseason..

  75. a_musing_1@ymail.com

    You seem like such a genuinely good guy, so how is it that you?re single? If someone asked me that, I?d probably ignore it, so I?ll understand if you don?t answer?.I?m just curious. You?re smart, nice, and good-looking, and you have good grammar too (despite the aversion to using capital letters!). I?m sure you get this a lot?I hope I don?t sound like one of those giggling and squealing girls; I?ve been talking myself out of posting this at all because I don?t want to sound like that, but if you?re reading it, I guess I went ahead and said, ?What the hey.? Hope you have a nice off season.

    P.S. ? You?re funny? ?mnt11- the ‘already been together 7 months’ is a pretty significant addendum?

  76. funkmarg@gmail.com

    Hey Realityfish, just in case Mr. Slowey is done answering questions as you fear, I remember him saying at a twinsfest that he didn’t request Slow Ride. But I, as well, would like to know how Tolbert got Zombie’d up. (I mean, other than the fact that it’s a pretty awesome song. Have you seen the music video? That’s a whole lotta gold paint and Mardi Gras beads. Epic.) Kevin–best of luck with your continued recovery. I remind my bones every day (verbally, and occasionally with diagrams) that they are not cowboy boots, and do not require spurs for everyday activities. So far that seems to have kept them sedate, but then again, I’m not an MLB player. Looking forward to seeing everyone at their best next season at the new stadium!

  77. ev3lisa0215@aim.com

    Thank you for recommending ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ I finally had a break and a chance to relax for once and watched it. I have to say it was great and definitely got on my top favorite movies list which is kind of hard to do because I tend to like watching older movies.lol (I probably sound like an old lady saying that). It actually got me thinking that maybe I am in the wrong major major, I’d like a chance to help people and I honestly don’t know whether I’m going to be able to do that in business. It was pretty eye opening and I absolutely loved the little boys who played the characters they were fantastic. Once again, thanks.
    P.S. If you have anymore movie suggestion please, let me know.

  78. jljacksonmn@yahoo.com

    Thank you Pittsburgh! I don’t even like the steelers but I am SOOOO happy that they beat the Vikings…everyone here in MN is crying over bad calls…it definitely wasn’t the prettiest game but I like it!


  79. bjjvolleyball11@hotmail.com

    hey kevin! i just wanted to say that you are my favorite pitcher!! i hope your arm gets better soon we need you for next year! oh and its cool that your a steelers fan and all but i personally was rooting for the VIKES!! haha

  80. megan_zetah08@hotmail.com

    Hey Kevin, I read the previous comments and I’m glad to hear that your wrist is better! You maybe don’t know this yet but I was wondering are you guys doing the winter caravan again? I wish I would have got the chance to meet you at the last one. Maybe another time. But can’t wait for the 2010 season!! πŸ™‚


  81. dottiehinson8@gmail.com

    I’m going to go ahead and believe that you thought of me after that Holmes TD got overturned. What was it again? Offensive pass interference? I still dominated though. I’m considering offering consulting services.

    I’m also going to go ahead and believe that you were being serious about charity events being off limits for discussion afterwards. And, erm, sorry just in case. Ha ha!

    Guess I didn’t have a question. Though I’m kind of intrigued about the tree thing at this point.

  82. laurallaux@aol.com

    That was a suspenseful Sunday. Each time I thought the queens had the game they would literally throw it back to the steelers.
    As a side note; I don’t know if it’s just me but I could do without the jump roping guitar playing robot during the commercial breaks. Someone needs to tell FOX to cut that out.
    Kevin if you have a minute, check out todays post here and let me know what you think. It’s pretty silly. You are the best!
    – Laura

  83. mklueck@embarqmail.com

    Hello Again!

    Speaking of the winter caravan..

    When and where are TwinsFest tickets going to be sold? Somewhere on the Twins website I saw the dates, but didn’t see anywhere to buy tickets.. This would be my first time going and I can’t wait!

  84. lamb26

    Nice to see you posting again! Looking forward to seeing you pitch next season-maybe even in Arlington? πŸ™‚ You’re always on the DL when y’all come to Texas!
    I don’t really have a question right now, but yes, please drag Joe Dude to Cali…maybe someone out there can fix his back/arms/whatever other problem he might have. The flight might be a killer though.
    ::psst, oh, and can you take a razor to the rabbi’s beard? It’s starting to freak me out a little. Thanks!::

  85. knparadise10@yahoo.com

    Hello Kevin! Looks like Im a little late. You’ve been on here a couple weeks now! Still doing an awesome job answering everyones questions I see. Did you ever look back at “The End”? Some of us loyal friends of yours wrote over the summer. πŸ™‚ I hope you are enjoying the warm weather in SD. It sucks here. Take care.

  86. Lily Maria

    Whoa…wait. You’re in SD now?? Well anyway.. I hope your arm is feeling better, is it your arm or your wrist? Do you remember your nickname? πŸ™‚ And I was on facebook the other day, and I noticed that you had an account. Is that really you? I’m not asking for your address or anything.. haha! But during the season do actually LIVE in Minnesota? And that was alot to fit in to one paragraph! lol Well thanks slow throw!


    • Kevin Slowey

      libby- i most certainly am..and it was my wrist, but no worries, it’s almost all the way healed..as for facebook, no that is not my account..and last but not least, i do live in minnesota during the season, st paul to be exact…you are very welcome

  87. ellalumalee@gmail.com

    AHH SAN DIEGO? I’m so jealous…… It really is not fair for dreamers in Minn. …I hope your wrist is better…….grr
    πŸ™‚ So what’s your favorite hang out spot so far?
    Ps, wear sunscreen, mr.

  88. meyejo02@luther.edu

    Hey Kevin,

    Great to see you back here and blogging. Excited to follow. Also good to hear the wrist is healing.

    You probably don’t remember this from last spring training, but wanted to show you my blog… http://www.twinsmvb.com

    John Meyer

  89. Lily Maria

    Haha! You better be playing in the 2010 season, no hurting yourself! jk Last season, one of the only reasons I watched was to see you on the bench, not to be creepy.. :/ And this is very random, but do you like horses?? Barrel racing to be exact? I hope this winter goes fast and the season comes back! Thanks for always replying by the way.. My dad is always amazed to hear that you talk to your fans on here. πŸ™‚

    Thanks ~Libby

  90. jd04

    Hey Kevin!
    I did a drive-by of the new ballpark this morning.. I hope you had a chance to check things out before you left town! It is going to be a sweeeet setup, so I hope you’re excited!
    On another note, be sure to remember we Midwest people while you’re laying on the beaches of CA. We’ll still be here, shoveling our sidewalks, waiting for summer baseball.
    My question/dilemma: Now that there’s no dome, what should we call our hot dogs?


    • Kevin Slowey

      jd04- i am very excited about it..and the beaches here are still a little on the cool side..75 and sunny is the best they have to offer…a very good dilemma, and my answer would be ‘target field franks’..thank you very much

  91. dottiehinson8@gmail.com

    Well, I don’t like to brag or anything, but the Superbowl last year? That was me. Every time I started waving my terrible towel, good things happened for the Steelers. (Sad to say, my arm was pretty sore the next day…I’m not much of an athlete as I turns out.) I’m still patiently waiting for my official thank you letter. I’m thinking they just lost my address. But week 17, I’m afraid I will be cheering for them to lose bigtime.

    And since people keep mentioning Dome Dogs, I’d like to offer my $.02. No matter what they call them, they’d better use the exact same hotdogs and buns. Those things are like crack. A friend suggested they put little domes on top of the heating trays and still call them Dome Dogs. Seems like the perfect solution. I only need partial credit and a small cut of the revenue if you suggest that to the powers that be and they go with it. Ha ha!

  92. georgiana.stocks@gmail.com

    Hi Kevin,
    Hope the healing is going well! I was an intern this summer for Fox Sports North and loved being on the field/in the truck watching you guys play! It was an opportunity I could dream of and am hoping that I’ll be able to do it again this summer in the new ballpark. Hope San Diego is treating you well and Minnesota misses you (even in the off-season). Can’t wait to watch you back in action in Ft. Myers!
    – Georgie

  93. _twins.08_

    Hey Kevin,
    Do you know if the Twins are having the TwinsFest this year?? and will it be at the Dome??!! Because the offseason is way too long and us fans need our baseball fix…Plus my friend and I are big fans of yours…and for the past few years i have gone I have waited in your line to get yet another autograph. I don’t mind paying for yours!! πŸ™‚ and this year she really wants one so i said i would try my best to get her one of your autographs. I hope they have it and that you will be there…so yet again I can stand in your line and meet you again. (oh and thanks for taking a picture with me at the last TwinsFest…and oh my you are tall (well it helps that im kinda short))

    • Kevin Slowey

      stephanie – i believe the twins are planning on having twinsfest again this year, but im not sure where it will be..i hope it’s back in the dome..and thank you very much for waiting in line..and also, you’re welcome..and finally, thank you

  94. laurallaux@aol.com

    Kevin, are you happy, upset or indifferent about the Yankees winning the world series? Also is there one world series that is the most memorable to you?

  95. big slow

    Hey there K-Slow, say hello to Freak, Bobby, and Lil Paddy Boy. You have your Mom’s sense of humor, no doubt. lya, BigSlow.

  96. twinstaff9

    Hi, thanks for doing this. It’s fun. My questions:

    Along the lines of the previous post, I’m assuming, I wonder how many games your family members can make it to during the season. Do they watch the games together as Slowey Family Fun, talk to you after your starts, etc.?

    Do you speak any Pittsburghese? Have traces of Minnesotan sneaked into your dialect?

    You mentioned working on your Spanish before, do you ever practice with your Spanish-speaking teammates?

    I don’t at all mean to offend the creatives behind them, but your “pitching for J.B. Hudson Jewelers” radio ads always made me laugh. Your thoughts?

    • Kevin Slowey

      twinsstaff9 – my family makes it to quite a few games..last year they came to seattle, cleveland, minnesota, and baltimore..they watch the games together, and we usually hang out after and/or grab breakfast the next morning..i do, but only on occasion, i try to avoid saying ‘yinz’ at all costs..haha, not really on the minnesotan, but only because ive been very dedicated to keeping my northeastern accent..i do practice spanish, all the time with liriano, casilla, and gomez…and no offense at all ( i dont think ), and i think those ads could be altered to de-robotize me, just a little bit..

  97. bmoorespecific@yahoo.com


    By chance, I was in Oakland in 2007 and saw your debut! I met your brother Dan (as well as some other family members), and read his blog (as well as yours) from time to time. I would love to know where the wittiness, ?dry? sense of humor, and creative writing skills come from? It must be a family trait!

    Also, have you ever met a girl who could hit off of you? I mean since you graduated little league?Well I would love to give it a shot. As long as you go easy, stay away from the curve, and stick to the heat.

    • Kevin Slowey

      bmoore- ha, i believe the sense of humor comes from my mom and her side of the family..and i have not met a girl like that in a while..when i was in little league there was a girl on one of the teams though..and she was really good, and i think most of the boys had a crush on her..

  98. jessnicholas

    Well hello Kevin. I just wanted to drop by and say I hope your recovery from surgery is going well and problem-free. Have a great time off before spring training starts up. I see you’re spending that time off in San Diego…I have relatives that just got back from a three-week stay. I guess they got a condo in La Jolla pretty close to the beach…I believe it was next to Scripps Pier, by the oceanography place…Are you in a residential or vacationy area…hopefully near the beach..? :)That’s the way to go, even though the weather gets a bit cooler this time of year (a decent problem to have vs. the cities weather right about now)

  99. farmchick636@yahoo.com

    Just had to say that barrel racing is one of the best events ever πŸ™‚ Also, have you ever listened to the band Skillet? Pretty good christian rock band πŸ™‚

  100. gc_punkchick04@yahoo.com

    Hello first off I just want to say that I flippen love you!! and the whole Minnesota Twins Team!! But my question is when your contract is up do you plan on stayibg here in Minesota again or if the offer is just right you would move to another team? And do you live in minnesota in the off season or do u go back to Texas where it is so much warmer lol.
    Thanks Nikki James!!

    • Kevin Slowey

      nikki- thank you very much..as for my contract, id love to stay in minnesota forever, but thats mostly out of my hands for a little while..and as much as i love the cities, i just cant stay there in the offseason..so la jolla it is..

  101. gc_punkchick04@yahoo.com

    LOL sorry I should have read the above comments so scratch that question bout if you live in Minnesota in the offseason lol, Do you like Bonita Springs and Florida? I have so much family around that area and love to go, Do you like being so close to the Fans in Fort Meyers and do u think you will like the fans being so close in the Target field? and I have to ask do U like the Twilight movie?

    • Kevin Slowey

      nikki- i really like bonita springs and the surrounding area…its a perfect place for spring training..and yes, our spring interaction with the fans is great, and gives us an opportunity to say thanks for the support they give us all year long..im not sure how it will be at target field, but it’s going to be a great place for baseball..as for twilight, i must admit ive never seen it.

  102. whoophoop@hotmail.com

    I just wanted to say that my nephew (he’s 3) absolutely loves you (and Joe Mauer, Michael Cuddyer, Carlos Gomez, Mike Redmond, and Justin Morneau). I had season tickets at the dome in front row by the bullpen, and everytime I, or my parents, took him to a game he just sat and soaked it up. All of the players are always so nice to him with the high-fives and giving him baseballs. Thank you!

    Ok, Funny story… you and his other favorite players have become his imaginary friends. He plays baseball with you all the time. One day his mom called him in for lunch and as she began to shut the door he stopped her and said, “Mom, don’t close the door on the guys. Come on’ Justin Forneau, Joey Hour, Kevin Sowey, Go-go Gomez, and Red dog.” He was later sitting down at the table for lunch, and he said, “Mom, where’s the guys’s lunch.” She said that she couldn’t afford to feed the whole Twins baseball team, and he replied, “Ok guys, you are going to have to eat at the neighbor’s.”

    • Kevin Slowey

      whoop whoop – im glad to hear i made the cut for his baseball team…but i understand if we have to go to neighbors for an occasional meal…please tell him i say hello..as do the rest of his un-imaginary friends..

  103. gc_punkchick04@yahoo.com

    What is your favorite Holiday? And do u love to read and if so what is your favorite type of book to read? —-NJ

  104. jessnicholas

    my sister lives in la jolla! it’s way more fun to say it like it’s spelled instead of it’s actual pronunciation-it throws off the natives..haha..where’s your place?

  105. sgnobekoms024@yahoo.com

    Hey Kevin! My name is John and I am from Mankato, Minnesota. Gotta couple questions for ya. Firstly, I was wondering who on the team that you hang out with outside of baseball the most. And secondly, I started calling you K-Slow during this season and I really think it’s a great nickname for you. My buddy even put it on Wikipedia but they removed it because it technically isn’t true. Just wondering if you like that nickname and would promote its use in the future. Thanks in advance! And Go Twins!!!

    • Kevin Slowey

      john – im spending this offseason with former teammate bobby korecky, so he would be the defacto winner in the hang out race…hah, and k-slow is just fine by me, but it does make it seem like there is some other ‘slow’ out there..maybe a p-slow or a b-slow..go twins

  106. midgyy

    I was wondering if you having anything that you do before you pitch. I just wanted to know because while I am watching a game I never notice but when you watch like joe nathan he does the thing with his mouth like horses do and if you do do something is it something you know you are doing or not. Also if you could play any other sport professionally what would it be and why? Thanks so much πŸ™‚
    P.S. Merry Christmas!

  107. geraldderec@gmail.com

    hey Kevin,
    great posting of the Banksy painting on the Gaza wall. I’m hoping to take my vacation bible school out there someday, to learn more about the conflict, and be more informed on the most sensitive world issues, relative to religion. Great to see a baseball player with such awareness!!
    good luck!!

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