..ready.. set.. offseason..


well, something like that at least…now that ive successfully completed another year of 3 edifice monte (with apartments in florida, st paul, and now charotte)..it’s officially the offseason once again..

and so, to those (two or three) of you who are still checking the blog, despite its 9 month recess, feel free to ask whatever questions you may have…ill get to back to you as quickly as possible (around steelers and penguins games of course)..


  1. nymetsgrrl94

    YAY for being back! Are you planning on going to any Penguins games? (Maybe they’ll win when you’re there, as long as they aren’t playing the Rangers because the Rangers will always win.) I’ll probably think of something more interesting later, but that’s all I’ve got for now.
    The only happy part of the offseason is your blog!


  2. mchokozie

    Hellooo…welcome to the offseason! So. I do have a question I must ask. What is with the hugging in the dugout amongst the pitchers? How did that come about? I mean, I love it, and I think it’s great. But I’m curious how it got started. Also. I heard that you were roommates with Drew Butera. How was that for you? What did the two of you do for fun? Thanks for any possible response, you are one of my faves to watch and you were super nice when I got your autograph this year, so, yay!

    • Kevin Slowey

      mchokozie – thank you for having me…haha, i think the hugging actually came about a couple years ago (maybe 2008 in the dome?)…and i dont know that there was any specific reason we started doing it other than high fives and fist bumps seemed a little lame..plus, the pitching staff is a really close knit group, hugs just seemed like a good idea…

      you heard right, i was roommates with drew this year, and we had a good time…mostly just hanging out at our place in st paul and enjoying a little downtime on grand ave..

  3. jessnicholas

    What are your plans for the offseason – any spectacular getaway planned, fit for a pitcher? Perhaps including any (or all) the locations of Charlotte… Penguins seats… the Cities… or another sunny locale of San Diego – ?

  4. indians

    Kevin, this is awesome that you answer the fan’s questions! Are any of your family members professional athletes or are you the only one? Were you a fan of major league baseball (team? favorite player?) when you were growing up? Thanks.

    • Kevin Slowey

      indians – this is also awesome that fans have questions…my other family members arent professional athletes…but they are pretty great just the same…i grew up in pittsburgh, so i was always a huge pirates (and andy fan slyke) fan…

  5. travels

    congratulations on the inaugural season at target field! an unforgettable and enjoyable year as a fan. a few questions for you…
    what activities aside from baseball were you involved in growing up? what college football teams do you follow/root for? college basketball? rangers or giants? car, suv, or truck? that pretty much rounds it out… enjoy your offseason!

    • Kevin Slowey

      travels- thanks and agreed on all counts…i played all sorts of sports growing up, with varying degrees of success, but baseball was my favorite, and the one that took up the most of my time…i follow and root for University of Pittsburgh in football, and my own Winthrop Eagles in basketball…im going to say giants, seeing as they are up 2-1…i own a car, but would like an SUV someday..

  6. twinsgirl59

    Glad you are back to your blog! It is always a great read! I must say I hope the Steelers make it to the Super Bowl this year! (this coming from a Steelers fan in Vikings territory) They are playing good this year and hope they keep on that track! A quick question for you, who picks out the jerseys for each game?…because it seems like you always wear the blue ones when you pitch (not that I am complaining, the blue ones are my favorite). Anyways I hope you have a great offseason and can’t wait to read the blog through the winter!

    • Kevin Slowey

      nessa – thank you kindly, and so do i on the steelers…as for jerseys, the starting pitcher that day picks the jersey, unless the organization has a special jersey preference (like a retro day or something)…and i do almost always pick the blue ones, they’re made of lighter material and just seem less cumbersome..

  7. beth@thedugandesigngroup.com

    First off, thank you for doing this!!! I have so many questions I just don?t know were to begin. Anyways, I don?t want to sound like one of those attention seekers who asks you to remember a time you met them, but I will anyways. On the last game of the regular season my sister was at the game and she took my baseball with her and had you sign it to ?Beth?, she said that I was going to die [of excitement] but was worried later that you might think I was literally dieing. Well, I wasn?t and I?m not dead (yet). Moving on I will now put together a string of questions in no particular order. How sweet was it to have Thome on the team this year? When you?re in the dugout do you watch the antics on the jumbo tron in-between innings? What do you think of A-Rods so called ?600? homeruns? How on earth can you baseball players own/maintain a car?! Do you guys have a party for Bert on his birthday? What is the meaning of life? Do you really know the man behind (inside?) the TC costume? I was at the game in September when you guys clinched, and I was also there until midnight getting sprayed with beer by you guys and it was awesome. That wasn?t a question? How amazing was it to clinch again? Gardy is awesome? Are you coming back to the Twins next year? Why are all of the Twins so awesome? Are you really annoyed that I?m asking so many questions? Is Bert Blyleven as cool as he says he is? How about Robby Incmikoski? Do you prefer Mauer or Buttera to catch you? Should I stop asking questions now? I think I will. Don?t worry about answering all of them and THANKS!

    • Kevin Slowey

      beth – you’re welcome and im glad you arent dead yet…and in that same order…very sweet, sometimes (kansas city is the best), i think thats a lot of homeruns, thats actually the one thing we can maintain (houses are much more difficult), no party, im not really certain, i do and hes really awesome, no it wasnt, it was very amazing and the result of a lot of hard work, agreed, im planning on it, im not really sure, no way, i think so, and it looks like you have…

  8. agronlund08@winona.edu

    I’m so excited to see your blog is up and running again!

    What’s one thing you want to accomplish during the off-season?

    Also, you should get a Twitter so all of your fans can follow you and you can spread the word about this glorious blog!

    • Kevin Slowey

      08@winona- im not sure if there is just one thing id like to accomplish…every offseason is a chance to relax and catch up with family and friends..and then to get prepared for the next season..and ill look into a twitter account, but i can promise anything

  9. karleeee

    Glad the blog is back! I was lost without you (not really) and side note: I’m glad you picked living in St.Paul over Minneapolis (St.Paul is the better twin city, but don’t tell my hipster uptown friends that, they’ll kill me. Shhh)

    Questions, I have them.

    1. If stranded on a desert island with a TV and DVD player which TV show would you watch until you more than likely die from starvation? Flight of The Conchords, Arrested Development, Seinfeld, or The Simpsons.

    2. Who does THE BEST guitar licks, ever. Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, or Stevie Ray Vaughan. (my personal faves, if those three don’t strike a chord for you (haha, I made a joke) who else is worthy?)

    3. Chicken Picatta or Curry Chicken (torn with what I want to make for dinner tomorrow night.)

    4. I’m in need of more book recommendations, from people who seem smart and well rounded, So…what have you been reading lately?

    • Kevin Slowey

      karlee- side note: i like st paul too… 1. seinfeld has the most episodes, so im going with that 2. im not a guitar lick expert, but i think eric clapton is the main man 3. curry chicken sounds great 4. try out ‘the book thief’ and ‘the life of pi’

  10. katiedugan

    Welcome back to the offseason!, thanks for being a part of a team I respectfully root for with all my heart!, thanks for a great year!…blah blah blah…on the very important question I have for you based on your previous post. A question some (nerds [like me]) might even call “life defining”: What, sir, is your favorite episode of The Twilight Zone?

  11. karleeee

    PS: Nice Ren้ Magritte painting at the beginning, I kept looking at it knowing I’ve seen that surrealist type stuff before. My favorite of his is ‘The Treachery of Images’, mainly because I have one of my tattoos based on that scripture in the painting.

  12. karleeee

    PS: Nice Ren้ Magritte painting at the beginning, I kept looking at it knowing I’ve seen that surrealist type stuff before. My favorite of his is ‘The Treachery of Images’, mainly because I have one of my tattoos based on that scripture in the painting.

  13. jsouthjustin@aol.com

    *breaths heavaly* Am I dreaming? I found this blog midseason and have been dieing to see a blog be posted. I guess if you would have went farther in the playoffs though, I could have waited

    And about the steelers, they look epicly epic this year, what is it the average, their defence give up about one touchdown per game?

    Also I must thank you, I went to 5 twins games this year, they were 5-0 in those games, and you started 4 of them!

  14. fyeahtwins

    Do you plan on updating your blog regularly this off season? Also because I’m a nerd, what is your favorite movie?

    – Marie.

    • Kevin Slowey

      marie- i think i know what you are saying, and if you are saying that, youre right. i should do more posts. so this year, i will..i will do more posts. and because you are a nerd ill give you my top 3 (subject to change of course) – shawshank redemption, stranger than fiction, and good will hunting..

  15. ejs_lakers@hotmail.com

    Hey Kevin, you are my absolute favorite player and I wanted to ask you, Have you always loved to play baseball or did somebody else get you interested in it? What age were you when you started playing?
    Thanks so much for doing this blog! I think it’s awesome!

    • Kevin Slowey

      em- thank you very much…and ive always loved to play, so long as i can remember at least…and i first started playing when i was 5 i think..with my older brother dan in a local little league..

  16. theheirloom

    Kevin, thanks for one of the rare ballplayers to not only represent the Twins among the player blogs, but interact with those who follow your blog.

    BTW, like the photos in your travel piece a couple of entries down.

    You’ve given us in Twins Territory a real treat of a season inside Target Field – and that we will take from 2010! With that, I cannot thank you again for making this past season special for us who came and reveled in the new ballpark!

    Speaking of new new venues, when you went to the Pens game, what did you think of their new arena? Is it much better than the Igloo?

    Enjoy the offseason!

    – Randy

    • Kevin Slowey

      theheirloom – no doubt about it, and thank you, it was an awesome trip…the new consol energy arena is unbelievable..my older brother described it as ” watching in HD ” compared to the mellon arena (god rest her soul)..everything about that place is top notch, to be honest, it reminded me a lot of target field…done right..

  17. karleeee

    I’ll make sure to check out those books, I love books with a WWII setting. You should check out Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Modest Bestiary> Its warm hearted and witty, like all David Sedaris books,…kind of. (I’m obsessed with his work)

    Btw, sorry about the Steelers tonight, it was a painful day in football for me. Hope your fantasy football didn’t get too spanked today.

    Another question:
    Does the wave bother you? It seems like mostly everyone dislikes it, but it still happens. I always wondered if that effects pitchers. I know you’re all zoned in but you have to see that annoyance out of your perifial. Haha.

    • Kevin Slowey

      karlee – sounds like a winner, ill add it to the reading list…thanks for the condolences, it was a tough night for steelers fans..and no, the wave doesnt bother me, it does amaze me though…who came up with that thing and how is it still hanging around?

  18. inspectorswanson@comcast.net

    Kevin, first of all, I want to congratulate you on an amazing season and I’m really looking forward to watching you play another one. Since Halloween was yesterday, did you do anything special? If so, did you have a costume and what was it? Speaking of costumes, I heard you were in charge of the rookie dress-up this year, and I was wondering what exactly Drew Butera and Jeff Manship were suppose to be (not that the costumes weren’t great, I just don’t know if they were specifically supposed to be something). Anyways, have a great off season Kevin.

    • Kevin Slowey

      inspectorswanson- thanks for the congratulations…i didnt do anything yesterday, but i did hang out with a bunch of friends friday night in charlotte, and even caught a Cake concert (they are still ridiculous)…i did have a costume, ( a tulsa drillers uniform) borrowed from my college teammate (and current driller) matt repec…so i guess technically i was dressed up as him…and im not sure who told you i was in charge of anything, but when they said ‘kevin slowey’, they must have meant ‘matt guerrier’…

  19. rachelkarsjens@yahoo.com

    Charlotte, huh? I was just there for the first time last weekend. It was a great town–my friends and I found delicious food and loved heading to the mountains to check out the scenery. Along those lines, I’m always looking for new places to travel, so my question is what are your favorite cities to visit, or what cities have you not been to that are on your wish list? (By the way, excellent use of the word edifice!)


    • Kevin Slowey

      rachel – it is a very great town, as far as towns go….and in no particular order (visited) san diego, seattle, chicago, and denver…(would like to visit) anchorage, portland (Oregon), dallas, and charleston…(and thank you)

  20. frequently_amused@yahoo.com

    Hi Kevin,
    i’m glad to see your blog up and running again! (to get myself through the season, i followed your brother’s blog and i must say you both are vey amusing guys–must be your witty genes).
    a question i’ve got for you is: as you’re lucky enough to travel around the U.S. (and canada) for your day job, do you collect anything while on the road to commemorate your travels or do something specific each time you’re in a certain city? and what’s your favorite city (or stadium) to visit?

    p.s. i met you at Twins Fest this past January and I just wanted to say thank you for being so gracious and kind. I was shaking and hyperventilating upon meeting you (completely out of character i promise) and you took it all in stride. maybe it’s because multiple women approach you acting like 12 year olds meeting justin bieber or maybe it’s because you’re just a classy guy. i’m betting it’s the latter ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Kevin Slowey

      frequently_amused- thanks, and i count on blogonoscopy to get me through the season just the same…hes ridiculous and hilarious all at once..as for your question, there isnt anything i really collect from the road, or certain road cities, but what i enjoy doing is finding local breakfast restaurants to try out..so far The Classic Cup on the plaza in kansas city is on top of the list, followed closely by Sears in san fransisco..

      and im sure the shaking and hyperventilating was a reaction to the metrodome..happens to us all the time..

  21. amberhelbling@gmail.com

    1.) You have a lot of crazy fans (from the above posts). Good luck.
    2.) St. Paul? Really? Have you not been to Minneapolis? If you would like I can get you a list of reasons why to always chose Mpls over St. Paul.
    3.) What are you thoughts about cats? (true character test)
    4.) Your brother is hilarious if you can make your blog half as good as his I will continue to read yours.

    • Kevin Slowey

      amber- 1.) crazy is a fairly relative term…2.) yes really, its an awesome city, with all the awesome stuff cities have, minus all the bad stuff cities have, so mostly, its an awesome not-city 3.) cats are too smart for their own good 4.) if i can make my blog half as good as his id be overachieving by about 45%

  22. karleeee

    Supposedly it originated at a hockey game in Canada during the 1980’s. Those crazy Canadians and their silly arm/hand movements. I find it annoying, only because it disrupts my in-the-zone-stare I usually have going whilst watching the game. I think its sticking around because it does look cool, and its something to do to liven up the crowd.

  23. jsouthjustin@aol.com

    Kevin I have checked a few other mlblogs by players or managers and you are the only one that is awesome enough to comment in the coments to answer peoples questions. (No wonder you have so many loyal posters)

    And I thought of a question, what do players have to do during the season when they are not playing in games, and do you get much free time?

    • Kevin Slowey

      jsouth- hah, i just figure after a 9 month layoff its only fair…and during the season on non-starting days, pitchers and position players still have workouts to follow, whether in the gym, in the batting cage, or on the field…very rarely does anyone take a full day “off” (even on off days a lot of guys come into the field to keep up their respective routines)

  24. swimmerchick05@aol.com

    Woo Hoo OFFSEASON!! Gotta admit I was ready for the offseason, it was for total selfish reasons but truth non the less. It was just cause I couldn’t watch any of the post season games…Livin in Charlotte this year. Why Charlotte? Why not beautiful /snowy/ ice cold/ freeze the second you walk out the door Minnesota? Also next time you talk to you dad tell him the crazy Christian girls from Spring Training say hi… I know I don’t have to tell you this but seriously your dad is hilarious. He called Morgan’s (You know Morgan… North Central Chapel someone slipped you her phone number) bluff about just wanted your autograph after talking to her for 5 minutes. I wish you could have been there for the whole conversation because it was so incredibly funny… Have a great day!

  25. twinsgirl59

    Thanks for answering my question! Now I actually have a few more questions for you!

    1. Did you have a favorite baseball player growing up?
    2. Do you have a favorite song or song that gets you in a good mood?
    3. What is your favorite color? (a little nerdy i know)
    4. Did you have a favorite moment of the season other than when you guys clinched the division?

    By the way, I met you at Twinsfest in January and I was one of those that was in awe of your awesomeness so naturally I couldnt speak, but you were cool about it so thanks!

    • Kevin Slowey

      nessa- andy van slyke, it changes all the time but currently it would be “see the world” by gomez, green, and probably opening day….ha, im sure you were just as cool

  26. katiedugan

    Seeing as I just creeped on all your answers, I noticed you enjoy checking out local breakfast restaurants, & I couldn’t help but give a recommendation to you & all Question Askers: A person has not lived until they have had the chicken wild rice hash at Zumbro’s in Linden Hills (near lake Harriet). Website: http://www.thezumbro.com. I swear I don’t work there or own it, but I dream daily of this breakfast (did I mention add a side of their delicious delicious bacon?)

    Anyways, just for poops & giggles I’ll ask another question: Who is your BFF in the major leagues?

    • Kevin Slowey

      kdugan- thanks for the most main recommendation…ill be sure to check it out and report back..im not sure if ive got a true BFF, but im really close with guys like glen perkins, scott baker, nick blackburn, matt tolbert, and matt guerrier..

  27. lanac@bzw.blackberry.net


    Hey…want to start off with saying great inaugural season at Target Field!!
    We were just wondering what are some of your favorite places to go well in Fort Myers for Spring Training…we will be heading down there this year for some games…and can’t wait!!
    Steelers are looking real good this year…hopefully they will keep it up…they’re one of our favorite teams as well!
    Happy off season…oh and p.s. How bout that NEW Mercedes;-)
    Lana and Elissa

    • Kevin Slowey

      lana and elissa – thank you very much, and fort myers is a great place..id recommend checking out coconut point, as well as a trip to chicken grill, its right by the stadium and they have awesome food…the steelers are looking good (minus the stumble last week)……and the new mercedes is awesome, but im looking forward to the new m5 even more….

  28. beth@thedugandesigngroup.com

    So I’ve noticed that no one has mentioned your almost no-no. Is it taboo or something? Anyways, quick question, do you ever come up here to Minnesota during the offseason? And not to be political, but did you vote today?

    • Kevin Slowey

      beth- well noticed…and im not sure why, its very much over at this point (and we won the game)…and i do come up to minnesota on occassion to hunt, and always for twinsfest…and no i didnt vote, im registered in PA, but am living in charlotte…i should probably fix that huh?

  29. kfisher_328@hotmail.com

    Hey Kevin, congrats on an amazing season! I must confess that I stumbled across your blog during the season and have been secretly excited to see what the offseason brings. I do have one question along with the congrats, and confession and I’m hoping it has not already been asked/answered. I’m interesting in knowing how/why you picked the picture that goes along with this blog entry.

    Cheers, Kelsey

    • Kevin Slowey

      kelsey- cheers right back to you..and i hope i wont disappoint..im not sure which picture you are talking about but if it is the picture of me….it was just picked at random…if its the picture for this specific entry, i really like rene magritte’s work ( i had a picture of ‘the treachery of images’ in my dorm room in college)…and this one just seemed a good visual description of the offseason..but if the picture in question is an entirely different one, let me know and ill see if i can explain that one too..

  30. megan_zetah08@hotmail.com

    Hi Kevin! Happy Offseason! I hope its a good one for you! What do you think of Target Field? I made it to one game this year, sat right next to the dugout front row and you were our pitcher that day! Its an amazing place!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. babb0336@stthomas.edu

    Welcome back Kevin ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to congratulate you on your season and thanks for the return to your blog! I have a couple questions for you, first, what is your all-time favorite book? And second, I saw you at the dome last year at the jars of clay concert and was inspired by what you said. I was wondering how you get through challenges and are able to stay so strong as a person and athlete and also in your faith? I have been through many ups and downs the past couple years facing new challenges and have tried to remain constant in my own faith and I was just wondering how an amazing ball player such as yourself are able to get through major challenges?
    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ Kate b

  32. Kevin Slowey

    eric- thanks broham, haha, no one is too upset about the miss sc thing and im not sure that i have one favorite pitch, any pitch that results in an out is just fine by me…

  33. beaniebop2@yahoo.com

    Kevin I have a few question!
    1. Do you have any other siblings besides your older borther Dan?
    2. What kind of phone do you have?
    3. What kind of car do you have?
    4. Do you answer fan mail?
    Thanks for answering!

    • Kevin Slowey

      bb2-1. i do, a younger brother (Pat) and two younger sisters (Bridget and Maggie) 2. an iphone 3. i drive a bmw 4. i do answer fan mail (sometimes it takes a while, but i get to it)

  34. thisismycommentpostingemail@gmail.com

    As most have reiterated, thanks for the great season and giving so much back to the fans; it?s very, very cool. Now to the pressing questions, upon which our social, political, and economic integrity hang…
    1. If each member of the 2010 active roster (as listed currently on the Twins website) were to run the Chicago Marathon, who would finish (first)?
    2. If each member of the 2010 active roster were to be given the Thursday NY Times crossword puzzle, who would finish (first)? (not counting yourself)
    3. Can you pull some strings and get mlb to start using accents on the back of jerseys for guys? names that actually have accents?

    Que te vaya bien!

  35. thechosenone_07@hotmail.com

    You should see if you can bring back “Slow Ride” before you pitch at Target Field. Not gonna lie, playing that song was pretty sweet.

  36. ejs_lakers@hotmail.com

    Hey Kevin, I play softball and get nervous really easily, do have any suggestions on how to get rid of those nerves?
    Thanks, Em

  37. travels

    1. what are 3 things that are always in your refrigerator?
    2. would you go skydiving?
    3. bungee jumping?
    4. morning or night (person)?
    5. partly sunny or partly cloudy?
    6. can you make a (good) grilled cheese?

    • Kevin Slowey

      travels- 1. milk, eggs, and whatever i cooked for dinner the night before..2. yes 3. absolutely 4. morning 5. partly sunny 6. i most certainly can ( but i would need a cask iron skillet and a fresh tomato)

  38. karleeee

    Do you input being “GTL” in your daily life? I’m guessing you don’t tan (no offense) so the “T” can mean Theorize. Also, you don’t need to answer this, I’m just watching Jersey Shore right now and was curious. (I just admitted that I’m watching Jersey Shore, oh no.)

    • Kevin Slowey

      karlee- thanks for the breakfast spots….and i like all types of art, but magritte’s stuff just strikes me as really interesting..im not much of a GTL guy, but thats just me

  39. hc0667

    hi kevin! so glad to see you back…! lol
    although i just started going to the games this year, you are definitely one of my favorite players! i love the way you play!^ ^

    1. do you have a nickname? if not would you like to have one?
    2. if i see you at the stadium, are you more likely to respond to “kevin” or “mr. slowey”?
    3. if you could play a position other than the pitcher, what would you choose?

    Thank you so much for you time! ^ ^

  40. avtoskey@stthomas.edu

    Hi Kevin,

    1.) I work as an usher at Target Field (102-103 on the first base line) and you and the guys always look like you’re having fun before the game…I appreciate that ๐Ÿ™‚

    2.) since you live in my area of St. Paul (I’m a senior at St. Thomas and live on Dayton) what is your favorite restaurant/take out in that area? I am particular to pizza luce and cleveland wok

    3.) Favorite episode/part of arrested development? My favorites are the part’s with Ann (Annhog/egg/not pictured) and where Charlize Theoron guest stars (Mr. F, Don’t forget the poppins, etc.)

  41. mchokozie

    A couple of more questions…Do you read the Twins blogs or anything, see what people are saying about you/your teammates? Because I totally would.
    Also, going back to the rookie hazing (which was hilarious). What were the rookie’s reactions to the outfits? Were they embarrassed or did they think it was funny too? (especially Danny…he wasn’t very well covered)
    Also I want to second the recommendation that you should go on Twitter. I think you would really like it! Denard seems to enjoy his, and it’s a great way to easily connect with fans.

  42. eric7632@yahoo.com

    Kevin-not to belabor this point, but at TwinsFest, you said your fastball was your favorite pitch (most comfortable with) followed by the curve, slider, change-up. Now you say you don’t care? I’m partial to change-up, so maybe I’m biased. Did you go deer hunting this year? I just got a doe, so I’m wondering how others fared. Eric

    • Kevin Slowey

      eric- as much as i may like a pitch ( like a fastball or a change-up ), outs are definitely what it comes down to…and i sat out a few time down in the sogn valley but never took a shot..my teammate glen perkins did nail a 10 point down there though…

  43. anjemon

    Hey Kevin, glad to see you’re doing this for another offseason. Firstly, let me second (third?) the plan that you get a twitter. I feel you would be really good at it and it’s not as much work/commitment as an actual blog. All the cool kids (okay, Cuddy and DSpan) are doing it.

    Now questions:
    1.) Do you often get recognized or are you mostly incognito? Especially in MN.
    2.) What do you and Drew watch on tv when you’re home? The Discovery Channel? Cartoon network?
    3.) How stressful is your pre-game (non-starting) running routine? It often looks as though you guys are having very serious convos… and not running too hard. And are they serious convos?

    • Kevin Slowey

      anjemon – im glad that you’re glad…and consider the motion thirded….1. ill be recognized only occasionally (usually in grocery stores believe it or not), and only in MN..never at home (or charlotte) 2. haha, both, but mostly discovery and nat geo with a seinfeld episode sprinkled in..3. not stressful at all, but it’s still a lot of work..I usually get to the field around 1:30 or 2 and get all of my lifting/running/ and throwing in before we even take BP..then I get a chance to relax and have a serious convo or two ( seriously, they are serious…sometimes)

  44. hc0667

    Thank you so much for answering the questions! ^ ^
    and i think we should get you another nickname… something fancier than just plain “Slow”…lol
    Hope you don’t mind a few more questions? I really appreciate you taking the time! ^ ^
    1. what happen to the equipments after the season ended? do the players get to get them? or are they just disposed of? (bats, gloves…etc)
    2, do players get new equipments throughout the season? say, would a pitcher get a new glove every now or then? do you have to request new ones or are they supplied in a systematic way?
    3. if you could get one non-baseball related birthday gift, what would it be?
    Thank you for your time!
    HsiaoChien (sorry for the long name, it’s Chinese lol)

    • Kevin Slowey

      HsiaoChen – no need to apologize, i like your name just fine…and thats quite the nickname recommendation..ill have to see what my teammates think about it before giving it final approval…1. equipment is usually sent to our minor league facility in ft myers, donated to local charity, or sent to our acadamies in the dominican republic or venezuela..2 we do, I only go through about 2 gloves a season, but some guys use upwards of a dozen (crazy i know)..3. something original, made by the person giving the gift…

  45. cassy750@yahoo.com

    Hey K-Slow (haha if it’s alright for me to call you that..) Thanks for taking the time to keep the fans updated with your offseason blog. You did a great job this past season!
    What are your predictions for this weekend’s Steelers Pats game? I’m thinking it’s gonna be a close one..
    Also, what kinds of music are you into?

    • Kevin Slowey

      cassy- that works just fine…and you are welcome..and thanks..Im predicting a 30-21 victory for the black and gold, but im expecting a really good game…as for music, i like all types, right now im listening to a lot of alexi murdoch

    • Kevin Slowey

      misty- im doing well thanks…and there are times where ill sit down and write a letter in response to fan mail or a question here on the blog…does something like this count?…”Im doing well thanks, I just got back from a pheasant hunting trip to hague, nd..which was absolutely awesome…its just a town of 60 people, in the middle of nowhere, but it really gave me a chance to relax, unwind, and decompress after a long season..how is everything with you?”

  46. mistysvl@yahoo.com

    so i was wondering…. do you ever send any of your fans personal messages? because i could really really could use a message from you to make me feel better!

  47. mistysvl@yahoo.com

    hey!!! i’m doing ok… wow i cant believe you responded to my post it makes me feel alot better thank you! umm… haha i had some questions i wanted to ask you but now i can’t think of them. so how is your elbow doing? i can’t wait to see you pitch next season!

  48. karleeee

    Alexi Murdoch is full of win. “Home” makes my ears and soul all squishy and happy.

    You should listen to these bands if you aren’t already:

    Margot Nuclear And The So And So’s, Mumford & Sons, The Weepies, Sufjan Stevens, Broken Bells and The Black Keys.
    As for a question, anyone staying at your place during the winter? I’m homeless in a month, just wondering. TOTALLY kidding(about staying at your place, not the homelessness). Real question, do you go to church whilst you are in MN? And has any old lady churchgoers ever attempted to make you eat Lutefisk/ever tried it?

    • Kevin Slowey

      karlee – haha, my place is only my place during the season…then i move out of the apartment and into another (this year in charlotte)…and we actually have chapel at the field every sunday, and our team chaplain is an awesome guy..negative on the lutefisk

  49. katiedugan

    I just love asking questions.

    Q: What is your favorite baseball related book?

    Bonus Q: Who are your top 3 favorite authors (of all time)?

  50. twinsgirl59

    Just as I am commenting/asking more questions, Slow Ride is playing on the radio, gosh that song is awesome, but I think you already knew that! I have a couple music selections for you if you are into the classic rock…Journey and Lynyrd Skynyrd pretty much rule and are great musical choices in my neck of the woods, so I highly suggest them (Don’t Stop Believin by Journey pumps me up when I need some cheering up)!

    Anyways, now that I am done rambling on, here are a couple more questions I thought of:
    1. Has there ever been anything weird/random that someone has asked you to autograph?
    2. Do you get to choose your teammate that rooms with you during the season or do they assign you guys to room together?
    3. If you could sit down and have a meal with any 3 people dead or alive who would they be?
    4. What’s your favorite number and is there a significance to why its your favorite?

    Thanks again and most importantly, GO STEELERS!!

    • Kevin Slowey

      nessa – 1. hah, yes..a piece of bamboo 2. we actually have our own rooms on the road, and at home we can live with whoever we want 3. abe lincoln, Jesus, and alexander the great 4. i dont really have one..im not sure why, i guess i just never thought about it

  51. hc0667

    Kevin, thank you so much for the response! ^ ^
    1. it’s so cool that you guys always do charity work with your equipments/ time, i am sure whoever ended up with the equipments will treasure them~
    2. when you say some guys go up with as much as a dozen gloves, somehow it just seems very…drastic…? lol, i mean, WOW! do they throw (catch) harder or what?
    3. do you have a different routine for road games v. home games?
    4. what is your favorite high fashion brand?
    as always, thanks for your time! you are the best!
    Sincerely, HsiaoChien

    • Kevin Slowey

      hc0667- 1. very cool indeed 2. haha, im not sure, maybe the leather is too pliable 3. not really, except that when we are on the road our BP times are about an hour later..4. im not sure, but i do very much like my UniQlo long sleeved shirts..

  52. beth@thedugandesigngroup.com

    When I thought about what I wanted to ask you next, I couldn’t come up with anything more except the 5 journalistic Ws. So…
    1.) Who?
    2.) What?
    3.) When?
    4.) Where?
    5.) Why?
    Bonus: How?!
    Hope that works for you…
    – Beth

  53. mistysvl@yahoo.com

    hey kevin.. im glad to hear the elbows better! hopefully i can get to a game next year i have not been to a game in 3 years.. i think its time to get out lol. but anyways so what do you like to do in your free time?

  54. eric7632@yahoo.com

    Hi Kevin. Glad you liked your pheasant hunting trip to Hague; I have relatives in Strasburg (NW of Hague) so I am familiar with the area. Any luck?
    You drove all the way to Charlotte-wow, long drive. Did you drive your car in ND (I am guessing it stood out among all the trucks?)
    I can’t believe you don’t get recognized when you’re out in MN, there appear to be any number of female fans on this site who would tackle you if they saw you at the grocery store… Eric

  55. ma8ball

    Hi Kevin,

    Top played song on your ipod?
    When did you become a Christian? Do you have a favorite bible verse?
    If I send you my homer hanky, would you mind signing it?
    What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
    Would you rather have lazers shoot out your finger tips every time you sneezed or spaghetti noodles?

    Thanks again for being such a great role model for the younger kids. My Preschool students simply adore you and argue over who gets to play Kevin when we play baseball outside. Have a restful offseason and I look forward to seeing you guys in April!


  56. howdie387

    Hey Kevin, Another great year! Now that your in the off season over all how much did you enjoy Target Field and which parts of the ball park did you enjoy the most? Any big plans for the winter months?

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