D. Boon Cilled a Bar..


(it’s my understanding that pictures are worth roughly 1,000 words, but word-math notwithstanding..the following is the story of where this picture came from)

every year, 2-3 legitimate pheasant hunters (glen perkins, kurt weber, and/or matt addington), 1 very well trained hunting dog (sogn or sophie) and 1 very decidedly inept shot (kevin m slowey) make a six hour drive out of the cities, through the beautiful north dakota countryside, and into a small town of 65 people situated on top of a modest hill, surrounded on all sides by fields of corn, soybeans and sunflowers..

after an evening of unpacking (kurt), aero-inflating (glen) and cooking (kevin), the group will set their respective iphone alarms (clock alarms just arent reliable enough) and retire for the night…

the next day, and all of its successors, go something like this….

6am – awaken to a trio of alarms
6:30 – breakfast (something excellent: eggs and skillet potatoes, pancakes, and the like)
7:15 – start the truck and hope the interior thaws by the time we take out
7:35 – pack up the food and drinks for the day, pile in the truck (still frozen), and head out
8:30-6:45 – under the direction of general k. weber …(who, i am convinced, possesses the keen directional sense that would have allowed him to out-maneuver crazy horse at little big horn, if only he had been there)…push fields, walk crp, jump sloughs, and even wander some PLOT land..
7:00 – arrive back home at the cabin with a 8-12 rooster haul, exhausted but thrilled, and ready to dine
7:30 – as gen. weber makes quick work of bird cleaning (he could do it blindfolded im sure) , the remainder of our party prepares dinner (venison, brisket, bison tips)
9:30 – wander over to the quencher bar (yes, a town of 67 people has a bar (and a post office, and a cafe))
11:00 – retire for the evening

and so, that is how i ended up in hague, north dakota, enjoying the
company of the 63 others who populate the town, hunting a bird native to


  1. hc0667

    sounds like you are having fun! along with the other 60 something residents…lol
    ps, you should post some pictures of you actually doing the hunting, it would be SO COOL!!!
    -Hsiao Chien

  2. annabnsn@gmail.com

    one of those towns that you don’t blink driving through or you might just miss it?

    from 5 incredibly long years of living in a small town I’ve noticed those three things are essential. coffee (of course!), the post office for keeping up with the folks & grandkids in “da big city, ya know” (via snail mail, because internet still hasn’t quite caught on) and alcohol (because we all know those long dark winters suck and it seems to be 20 degrees colder in the country)
    Looks like a successful trip though! And nothing better than spending some time outside!

  3. johnb@johnbonfield.com

    Hey my man, you spending a few minutes talking to my daughter made her night at Breslow’s gala the other night. Hope you grabbed a DVD set. — John B

    P.S. That outfit is genius — probably should be your standard gear around town all the time!!

  4. jennaleigh

    I ran across your blog a few weeks ago. I am not a much of a blog enthusiast up until recently; In fact, this will be my first blog post so bear with me…
    After reading your entry on the Hague hunting experience I felt a bit compelled to comment. I grew up in central North Dakota and understand the serenity involved. (especially having been lucky enough to enjoy the hunt accompanied by mild fall weather!)
    My first pheasant hunting memories took place just South of Hague about an hour, across the North Dakota/South Dakota border. I grew up hunting with my grandpa and extended family down there. The time shared and stories told are memories that will always remain.
    Anyways…..long story short. I am glad to see a shout out to NoDak! And, if you are ever looking for another hot spot for pheasant hunting look into the Mobridge, SD area. You could hunt both of the Dakotas in one trip! What a deal!!
    Thanks for taking time. Take care! Jenna

  5. twinsgirl59

    Well it sounds like you had a good time. I have to say small town living is awesome! most people hate it, but I find it to be so relaxing and quiet! I am also glad the weather up here was nice for you then as it is now starting to be typical minneSNOWota weather now!

    I remember when I used to go hunting(duck that is) with my dad and grandpa when I was younger and it was so peaceful out there and it was just great to get out there and spend time with them, it’s definitely something to continue taking up and its just so much fun!

    Anyways, my dad is more or less wanting to know this, but do you go duck hunting, or is it something you would ever think of trying out? Thanks for taking the time to read!


  6. eric7632@yahoo.com

    Hi Kevin. Nice description of the hunting trip. It’s scary how similar all hunting trip are (the crew & the bar). I’m questioning your “inept shot”. You do know you need to practice? Some time at a gun range might be beneficial for you. Also, you should really learn how to clean the birds, it’s actually pretty easy. And, I have a great pheasant recipe if you’re interested (since you’re the designated cook). Eric

  7. amalie

    I have to say, you’re looking pretty sexy in that photo; especially when I ignore the lifeless birds. I’m from North Dakota and moved to La Jolla, and now you’re back in North Dakota? That’s unfair. Come back here. 😉

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