offseason things..

im not particularly sure how it started, but it seems that every offseason i end up writing an entry about things i like…im aware this list is really only pertinent to me, but perhaps, it could be a list of things you like too…

a few good reads
the white tiger
a long walk
in a sunburned country
*the notebook (while i may not have actually read this, it was recommended to me quite courteously by a fellow passenger on a post thanksgiving flight)

a handful of great songs
the avett brothers – i and love and you
gomez – see the world
alexi murdoch – the ragged sea
*povertyneck hillbillies – one night in new orleans (same flight, different fellow passenger, she was 8)

a favorite movie(s)
fantastic mr. fox
*dirty dancing

a tv show in the background
the office (bbc version if you don’t mind)
how it’s made
*grey’s anatomy



  1. mchokozie

    Ah! I love the Avett Brothers. That whole album is great. Have you ever seen them live? I haven’t had a chance to, but I’ve heard they put on a great show.


    HAHA, well if you end up reading The Notebook you should read sequel The Wedding. I’m a sucker for those Nicholas Sparks books. Also why the * by some of your likes? Hope you had a wonderfully full Thanksgiving!

    Cheers, Kelsey

  3. hc0667

    alright i know i am gonna sound like an idiot but i must admit that i have not read of of the books you recommended Q_Q
    but at least i could relate to the TV shows…lol
    – Hsiao Chien

  4. aodie

    I think this particular post is one of my perennial favorites, actually. It’s always nice to get good recommendations.

    Have you ever checked out Mumford & Sons? It’s an easy jump from appreciating Avett to loving Mumford. Trust me.


    Question: Why is there an asterisk by the movie Ditry Dancing? Top movie or flight recommendation? Ha, it is a classic.


    I fail to understand you could keep How It’s Made in the background…I’m a champion multi-tasker but that show steals my attention. ev. er. y. time. (maybe because I’m a total nerd?)

    A great show I would suggest is Down Home with the Neelys. Hands-down (where does this phrase come from anyway?) the greatest cooking show ever.

  7. saffyer

    Funny, I watched Juno for the first time the other day. Right after I watched it, I deleted it from the DVR, and set the next movie upto record: Fantastic Mr. Fox. Shortly after, on a whim, I decided to check and see if you’d posted anything new, and there this was. Seeing as I’ve seen Dirty Dancing as well, will have to check out Wordplay soon, along with your myriad of book & music recommnendations since I know now you have good taste in entertainment 🙂


    Hmmm….Those passengers must have some really good taste! Grey’s and Dirty Dancing are some of my favorites! Christmas Vacation and Home Alone are also a couple of my all time favorite holiday movies…:)


    I heard you’re living in charlotte and taking classes at WU again….is it true?
    I’m the biggest (only) Twins fan at Winthrop!


    in honor of your tradition i thought id share with you, since you have been known to like to cook now & then, an old family recipe. its one that we all liked growing up, and maybe it can be something YOU like too 🙂
    3lbs ground beef (i use ground turkey, not a big fan of beef)
    in a large stock pot saute chopped celery & 1/2 onion
    add 64 oz V8 juice
    1/4 C worchestershire sauce
    1/4 C chili sauce
    1/4 C grey pupon
    2 cans chicken broth
    1 can of beer (any kind, today i used mich draft, thats all that was in the house!)
    *in a blender
    2 cans stewed tomato
    2 small cans tomato paste
    4 bay leaves
    1/4 + tsp cayanne pepper
    1/4 tsp oregano
    1/4 tsp garlic powder
    1 tbsp sugar
    3 tbsp chili powder
    3 tbsp cumin
    blend together (make sure your blender is put together properly, or you will have a huge mess like i did today. not pretty)
    add to stock pot
    cook slow for 2 + hours
    it makes a ton, so do it for sure when your having friends over to watch a steelers game.


    in honor of your tradition i would like to share with you, since you have been known to like to cook now & then, a favorite recipe from when i was growing up. perfect for winter months. maybe it is something YOU can like too 🙂
    3 lbs ground beef, browned ( i use groung turkey, not a big fan of beef),
    *in a large stock pot, saute butter & chopped celery & 1/2 onion, minced,
    add 64 oz V8 juice,
    1/4 C worchestershire sauce,
    1/4 C chili sauce,
    1/4 C grey pupon,
    2 cans chicken broth 1 can of beer. (today i used mich light, the only one in the house)
    *in a blender 2 cans stewed tomato,
    2 small cans tomato paste,
    4 bay leaves,
    1/4 + tsp cayanne pepper,
    1/4 tsp oregano,
    1/4 tsp garlic powder,
    1 tbsp sugar,
    3 tbsp chili powder,
    3 tbsp cumin,
    blend together & add to stock pot (make sure your blender is put together properly, or you will have a huge mess like i did today. not fun.)
    add beans (i like to put a wide variety in, kidney, chili, butter, black, pinto) & meat. it makes a ton so plan it when youll have friends over for a steelers game.
    when you get back here next spring, & if you decide to stay in st. paul, as it sounds like you will, you should stop by Penzy’s Spice on Grand. its a cute little spices store, they have a lot of new & fun blends.


    oh man!! i thought my first post didnt go up! well, read just the second one, its better. i forgot a few things on the first 🙂

  13. saffyer

    So we’re football rivals today (Jets v. Steelers), but just wanted to wish your Steelers good luck. Looking forward to a good game 🙂

  14. saffyer

    So we’re football rivals today (Jets v. Steelers), but just wanted to wish your Steelers good luck. Looking forward to a good game 🙂

  15. keps1230

    I agree, it’s nice to get recommendations for great movies, books and music… Thanks!
    Met you this past year at Justin’s casino night… You were by far my favorite to have met… Thanks for taking time to talk to us! In the off chance you actually read this comment…check out my photos from that night here….
    I’m hoping to see you in a Twins uni next year!


  16. nymetsgrrl94

    See The World by Gomez is definitely a great song. I don’t know anybody else that knows it so it was awesome seeing it here. And How It’s Made is such an addicting show. Even if it’s on in the background it’s impossible to turn off.

  17. saffyer

    So if I remember correctly, you were looking forward to the Winter Classic? Great game, really enjoyed watching it. I didn’t have a vested stake in either team (Islanders fan – it hurts!), but for you I’m sorry for the Pens loss. 🙂


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