oh the places i drove..and would subsequently recommend

with a nod to dr. theodor seuss geisel, who lived the latter years of
his life right here in la jolla, and was a brilliant imaginarian…

my drive from pittsburgh to san diego spanned 5 cities and covered almost 4000 miles..and if you ever find yourself in the vicinity, these
are (just a few of) the things i suggest you see for your very own

God bless America (american gothic)  statue- chicago, ill
chicago statue.jpga hundred miles of cornfields – lincoln, ne
cornfield.jpgthe rocky mountains – denver, co
rocky mts.jpgsandia peak – albuquerque, nm
sandia peak.jpg
grand canyon national park – arizona
canyon.jpgand finally
la jolla shores beach, ca
la-jolla-shores.jpgso when you get a chance, go ahead and take a picture of your own..


Hey Kevin! Great pics! Rocky Mtns are the best. I spent a week there this summer and it was Heavenly. 🙂


LOVE the pictures. I have had the pleasure of seeing the miles upon miles of cornfields in NE when I went there for a conference. I am going to Chicago over J-term, I will have to check out the American Gothic statue. Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

Oh, man. Jealousy. I’ve spent very little time west of the Mississippi (including Minneapolis, because I get lost EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.), so I’ve always wanted to explore.

For people on a budget and without much vacation time, if you could only pick one, would you pick Denver, or the Grand Canyon?

rfd- im going with the grand canyon

Wow Kevin that’s a lot of driving. It’s great that you took pictures along the way. I love the hundred miles of cornfields one. You are so hot! You know what else I love, seeing your name back on the roster. 2010 season is going to be sweet I can feel it.
I hope you’re having a whole lotta fun in la jolla. Keep taking pictures. Speaking of pictures, did you ever receive the picture I sent to you in the mail? Just curious..

WOW! That is a lot of driving! Looks like you had a blast. We are going to the rocky mountains next year, and can’t waiT!! I would love to see those other places, too. They all look like amazing places to see, anyway.

I?m glad you made a trip through Chicago! I hope you saw and enjoyed more than just the ?American Gothic? statue and Trump Tower across the street. I liked the moose that was there earlier this year much better but the giant couple makes for a good photo op. I refuse to drive around Chicago myself (I go to Loyola University-Chicago) so I applaud you for making the trek. Looks like you had a fun road trip! Enjoy the warm California weather. (You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go.)

Really amazing pics. I would love to drive across the country. ive driven to NC from Mpls. That was pretty sweet..:) Also, speaking of pics, I know some have asked you about your facebook & you don’t use it, but my question is, did you know you have a fan page & do you ever look at it? I saw some of your family has written on there. Sister, Aunts… I was trying to figure out how to post a pic on here, with no success. So I posted it there instead. It was from this summer at Majors. Im sure you will remember. 😉 So it you ever do get on there, take a look.
Can’t wait til the 23rd to hear if your teammate is the MVP!!!!

that seemed like a fun trip what was the favorite part of your trip?

Sounds like a great trip! Thanks for sharing!


Hmph…I am going to disagree on the Nebraska cornfields. I just remember crying across that entire state on one of my families oh-so-fun roadtrips. I believe through the tears you could hear my saying “why would anyone want to come here all there is is corn and occasionally a cow!”

But then again…I think someone was crying at all times anyways…part of the fun of going on trips with your family…see any cows?


alice- we saw plenty of cows..and there was no crying

Beautiful pictures Kevin! How long of a drive was that? I would love to do a long road trip like that one day. I must say I always love reading your blog and it’s very insightful to see what kind of a person you are off the mound and what your interests are. Keep the blogs coming! Much love Kevin and God Bless 🙂

rachel- it was about 40 hours of driving in total..but very well worth it

And you quote Dr. Seuss?.that?s completely adorable. Could you please pretend to have flaws? It?s just unfair for you to be so perfect, yet unreachable.

Hey Kevin, John from TwinsMVB.com again.

Looks like a great trip Kevin. Hope you had some good tunes to pass all that driving time, but I’m sure you appreciate all the landscapes of the country now.

I have a couple cool ideas I’d love to email you about for my Twins blog. My email is twinsmvb@gmail.com if you have a quick moment and email me I can describe them in more detail.

Hope to hear from you. Continue to enjoy the offseason!


Fail. If no one cried at least once then you didn’t do the whole roadtrip thing correctly…car trips are supposed to be full of crying, missed road signs, and dramamine. Well, there’s always the return trip. Better luck then. Kudos on seeing some cows…after all happy cows come from california??

On an unrelated note…

Are you an e.e cummings fan; is your Shift bar broken, or do you just not like to use it?? No offense meant…I am completely in support of non-capitilization as well as “pretty how towns”….

aja – ha, i suppose i am an e.e. fan..and no offense taken..

WOW!! Looks like you got a chance to see lot of America’s beautiful scenery on your drive. I guess I missed the American Gothic statue in Chicago…I guess I spent too much time on North Side at Wrigley Field. I hope you enjoy the offseason in sunny Southern California and GO STEELERS!!

Is that Paddy in the Denver pic? Slowey boys look so alike, and still very different! 🙂
I remember the hundreds of miles’ worth of cornfields driving up to Indiana. I loved to tease my sister about “Children of the Corn” (movie and story) since she was going to be living up there for 4 years. As far as I know, she only went into a cornfield after dark once, and it was with friends.
Glad to see you enjoyed the journey–and I’m pretty sure La Jolla is pretty nice this time of year too.

lamb – pat did accompany me on the journey, and as a co-pilot, made it into plenty of the pics..

Raised a farm girl, however not Nebraskan, I appreciate your appreciation for the miles of cornfields.

the traveler – i appreciate you saying so.

Hey Kevin! Great pics. Just wanted to know if you made it to the bean while you were in Chicago?

Well done on the posing. A classic ‘lean on the fencepost’.

I always wonder about the start of an athlete’s career. Did you practice your autograph before you had to give thousands? Have you gotten used to being recognized? How do you feel about it? What is the strangest locale where someone has spotted you? What did you think when you first saw your name on someone else’s back?

Before a season (or for your whole career), do you set specific goals for yourself? Would they be more like, win 20 games, all-star game, have an ERA of ___, etc.? Or just to improve every outing, give the team a chance to win…?


staff9 – thanks, ive been practicing that lean for quite some time…as for the start of a career…yes ( every boy practices his autograph, just look at their high school notebooks), not at all, im flattered, on the highway, ‘awesome’, not really anything specific, and the goal of constant improvement, etc. seems to be the best way to approach it, for me at least..

I have a similar pic of La Jolla! gotta love the bird poop on the rocks…kinda gross, but La Jolla itself, beautiful!

Temecula vineyards are a fun place to visit. 🙂


Nice pics, Kevin! The one at La Jolla Beach is awesome. Did you climb down the summit to the shore to take that pic, or something else?

Also, how did you get onto that huge ledge at Sandia Peak and stay up there? Lol dum question, right.

Hi Kevin. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Did you go home? Did you ever get onto your fanpage on facebook??

Kevin – Can you start sunday for the steelers? Injuries are killing us this year.

Kevin, Looking fwd to seeing you pitch in 2010. How is your throwing program going? Are you progressing with the wrist as expected? Sure hope to see the full arsenal of healthy Twins starters this season. Best of luck in your rehab and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, Kevin! Hope you’re ready for this big snowstorm!! (that is, if you are currently living in Minnesota!)

Where have you been?
Are you ready for A Christmas Story marathon? Less than 24 hrs til start time! ( I just checked, it starts @ 7 tomorrow night!:))
One baseball question… what team were you a fan of growing up?
Hope you have a fabulous Christmas.

Hey Kevin! Hope you had a great holiday 🙂 Love the blog, waiting for a new entry! How is the off season going? You excited for the 2010 season yet?

The fans seem to miss your comments.
Are you playing hard to get?
We miss you, please don’t make us beg.
Have a super New Year!
< Omnia

I second that Omnia!!
He must just be having too much fun in La Jolla (not fair btw…) Hopefully he’ll be back soon……..



Hey Kevin,

One quick question. I recently bought the TwinsFest Tickets, and thought that there would be a schedule, showing when the players would be appearing. I saw that there was a list of what players would be there, but not schedule as to when they were appearing on which dates. Do you know there is any schedule of any sort? Thanks for your help! I’m hoping that there will be one, but just not out yet. Thanks again!

Love the trip!

The “American Gothic” statue is one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. Its inspiration is a visual pepperoni pizza. In other words, a painting so overly exposed it has become a cliche. Two stiffs the size of King Kong? UGLY! Want to see a much more interesting work of art? The next time you visit Baltimore, stop by Pennsylvania Station. In front of it is “Male/Female.” You’ll love it. GO RAVENS!

First of all, yes, I realize this is an old post. However, I stumbled across your blog and was entertained, so I just kept reading. When I got to this post, I thought of a piece I should recommend, if you haven’t already read it. I figure anyone who knows, and uses, the name Theodor Seuss Geisel will appreciate it at least a bit.

It’s a piece I studied in college that was published in The Washington Post in 1979, but to me, it’s timeless. Enjoy!



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