January 2010

just when you thought my computer exploded.

it didn’t explode. i just haven’t written in a while. and it isn’t because ive been too busy either. so now that’s cleared up.

was thinking today ( on my 9:30 pm to 4:30 am flight ) of all the
things that i like. mostly to combat the lots of things i didnt like
about being awake, and being on that plane. they werent big things
either. they were smaller things; things that i can recommend to you.
then they can be things you like too.

a well written book
      – the elegance of the hedgehog
      – city of thieves
      – born to run

a new music bit (usually recommended by my older brother)
     – alexi murdoch
     – ben lee

a good tv show
    – arrested development
    – the twilight zone
    – scrubs

a creative blog
    – http://ryansworth.com/
    – http://www.blogonoscopy.com/

now you have some good things too.