just when you thought my computer exploded.

it didn’t explode. i just haven’t written in a while. and it isn’t because ive been too busy either. so now that’s cleared up.

was thinking today ( on my 9:30 pm to 4:30 am flight ) of all the
things that i like. mostly to combat the lots of things i didnt like
about being awake, and being on that plane. they werent big things
either. they were smaller things; things that i can recommend to you.
then they can be things you like too.

a well written book
      – the elegance of the hedgehog
      – city of thieves
      – born to run

a new music bit (usually recommended by my older brother)
     – alexi murdoch
     – ben lee

a good tv show
    – arrested development
    – the twilight zone
    – scrubs

a creative blog
    – http://ryansworth.com/
    – http://www.blogonoscopy.com/

now you have some good things too.



Glad to see you are surviving the off-season. But sorry to hear you couldn’t sleep on your flight – that is the worst! I’m only 5’4″ and I find those chairs uncomfortable, I can only imagine how your 6’4″ fits…not well, I would guess.🙂 Hope you have a good time on the Twins caravan and at TwinsFest this weekend! Maybe I will see you there – I will be the one too nervous to speak. 🙂 Can’t wait for the new season! Go Twins!

If you like Alexi Murdoch you should check out Joshua Radin very similar and very good lyrics!!!

Mr Slowey! Haven’t seen YOU in awhile😉

Glad you are enjoying your offseason! Hope you have a good year this season as well😀 Hey you actually get to play outside this time! What a treat


hey kevin! i got your autograph today at twinsfest! i was second in line with your twins shirt on and i asked about how your wrist was… i think i would have talked to you more if i wasn’t so nervous! also i would like to add that you are the most handsome guy i have ever met! (and ever!) you have a breathtaking smile! my mom was later on in the line, she was the one who was taking a picture of you and accidentally shut off the camera, lol. she wanted to say that you and brenden were very nice and understanding about it! a great story to have! thanks to you and the rest of the twins for coming out to do this for the fans! it was very awesome! i love you and you are my favorite twins player ever! i can’t wait to see you pitch again, and i am sure we’ll see you in the all star game this season! good luck to you and all the twins this season! ~jess

hi kevin! i would just like to thank you for coming out and being so true to your fans. i know you have many many fans come up to you today at twins fest, and even though i was sportin your jersey, im sure so were many other fans! but it was truly an excitement to be able to come up, meet you, get an autograph and a picture. it definately made my day…i have been dying to meet you! i just wanted to say thanks and good luck this season! lookin forward to seeing you and the team in the new field!🙂


hey kevin! i got your autograph today at Twinsfest and i just wanted to thank you for being such a cool guy with your fans!! I have been wanting to meet you for a while…i had a few questions i wanted to ask you but i was too nervous! One of my questions was are you excited to not have to face Thome this season? I wish you good luck this season and can’t wait to see you pitch in the new field!!🙂

Hooray for older siblings picking out music! Lol, my sister listens to music that I end up listening to, and ultimately liking. I’m glad you’re back to blogging. I would’ve asked about it at TwinsFest but it would have been challenging asking when I’m in New York. Good luck this year! I can’t wait until the season starts!

Hi Kev…
Looks like you have a lot of the ladies speechless.😉 cute. Well, my little lady is not so much. Thanks, yet again, for giving Ceilia so much attention. She was so excited you remembered her. She was telling EVERYONE, literally, that you knew who she was & that you knew she wanted a puppy. She was even telling Denard Span🙂. She will never expect anything less you know………
The Twilight Zone? Really. I tried watching the movie not that long ago. Kinda creepy. Agreed on Scrubs. Friends is always good. How about movies for you? Favs?
Well, see you around, hopefully soon;)

Hi Kev…
Looks like you have a lot of the ladies speechless😉 My little lady, not so much. Thanks, yet again, for giving Ceilia so much attention. She was so excited you remembered her. She was telling EVERYONE, literally, that you knew who she was & that she wanted a puppy. She was even telling Denard Span🙂 & showing everyone the video of you & her.
The Twilight Zone? Really. I tried watching the movie not that long ago. Kinda creepy. Agreed on scrubs. What about movies? Favs?

knparadise10 (Kelley)- Did your daughter also show Kevin a video?

LOL. Damn. My message did show up twice! The first time there was an error, so I re-wrote it, or tried to, then it shows up twice. Dumb….anyway, swimmerchick, yes my daughter showed him a video. & he was so sweet. Sat there & watched. It was of her asking him if he could strike out Joe Mauer.🙂

What a great question to ask! She was cute. I didn’t see Slowey’s Q&A but two of my friends went and watched. By the time I got there she was like Kevin wait I have to show you the video. She was cute! What a good sport Kevin was to just sit and watch it.

Q&A was good. The kids were so cute asking the questions. Thank you. I think she’s pretty cute:) He was a good sport for sure. Thats one of the biggest reasons why he (& a lot of the other players) make it so much fun to be a fan. They really make it family friendly. I like that. She really likes baseball. I got lucky. After a while though, she starts asking when we can see the players again. She tells people she is friends with the them. It’s funny.

FXSN replayed your 10 strike out game against the Cubs earlier this week. I remembered watching that game live on t.v. and thinking about how fun and exciting that must have been for all the Twins fans who attended. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to pitch ( and hit ) in a game like that. By the way, you were great!
I’m curious as to which of your total MLB games, so far, has been you most memorable to pitch in?

new music suggestions:

pandora.com —> awesome.

Just when we thought your computer exploded?? … you exploded a breaking-ball, leaving a helpless American hitter thinking: “I hate this guy! But I do wish he would blog more often.”


Hi Kevin, I hope you are 100% and ready for this season. I’m really excited about this years Twins team and think you guys could go deep into the playoffs. All the best and I hope to see you play.


Hey Kevin! I would like to thank you for the book suggestions. I’ve read all three and found them all really good. Feel free to suggest them anytime. Good Luck this season!!!!!

Sounds like you pitched well last night in the first spring training game – good to hear!🙂 Hope it all continues to go well for you!

Hey Kevin,

Thanks for reccommending those to us fans! I have seen the twilight zone, and found it quite interesting. Heard that your doing well at training down in florida. thats really, really awesome! Sorry to hear about Nathan. That would, indeed, suck. But, on the happier side of things, can’t wait to see you pitch during the season, and enjoy the rest of florida/training. Outdoor baseball, here we come🙂

You probably don’t remember me as it’s been a while, but I want to thank you again for coming over for a photo at Twinsfest after you got done signing autographs. I didn’t want to seem like a giddy 6th grade girl waiting for the rock star to leave the stage, but I was really happy that you remembered and came over. I would’ve loved the opportunity to have talked to you more and still would at any time. Drinks on me if you’re ever up for it. It’s so great to see you out at Target Field and having such a good start this year. I hope it continues for you!

Hey there Mr. Slowey. I realize this is your offseason blog. But I was just reading through, and figured i’d drop a Happy Birthday line!🙂 I was planning on going to the game tomorrow with a big ol’ sign and what not, but sadly work is calling my name! Anyway man I enjoy the updates on the offseason, it’s fun to see what you guys are up to when not playing ball. I hope your birthday is good time though, and hopefully you guys get an awesome win. Your doing awesome this season man! Keep it up and happy 26th!! : )

Hey Kevin,
I’m not sure if you remember, but a few weeks ago when you were in Toronto I “escorted” you to your hotel after one of your night games (y’know, to protect you from muggers and all that, haha). My name’s Rebecca, and we talked about baseball, etc. . . . ring a bell?
Anyway, like the 12 year-old girl that I am I, um, did a little research on you when I got home. (Yeah, I’m blushing.) I came across the videos on YouTube where you’re talking about your faith and, to be honest, they almost brought me to tears. I was raised in the church (my dad was a pastor) and that’s always been a huge part of my life, but I’ve had my fair share of struggles. However, one thing that’s always been a constant is the peace that my faith brings me when it seems like I have nothing else, and hearing you say similar things in your testimony was really neat.
I know you barely know me, but I just wanted to say thanks. It was great to get to meet you when you were in Toronto, and it was even more awesome to find out that we share the same beliefs. Maybe some day we can talk about this in person🙂
Anyway, thanks again, and keep playing well (unless you’re playing against the Jays, they’re my boys! haha). Can’t wait til you guys come back in July!
P.S. I wish I could’ve posted this on a more private forum, but mlb.com doesn’t exactly list players’ e-mails, haha.

Cliche recommendation (as you play baseball), but have you ever checked out The Brothers K by David James Duncan? Well written and it involves a bit of baseball. It’s the book that helped me get hooked on baseball, finally.

Cliche recommendation (as you play baseball), but have you ever checked out The Brothers K by David James Duncan? Well written and it involves a bit of baseball. It’s the book that helped me get hooked on baseball, finally.

Cliche recommendation (as you play baseball), but have you ever checked out The Brothers K by David James Duncan? Well written and it involves a bit of baseball. It’s the book that helped me get hooked on baseball, finally.

A cliched recommendation for a ball player, but have you ever read The Brothers K by David James Duncan? It’s one of my favorite books. It’s extremely well written and involves a bit of baseball. It’s the book that helped me get hooked on the game, finally.

hey Kevin,
I just went to my first Twins game in the New Stadium on June 13th and i was excited to hear that you were pitching!! Even though the game didn’t go our way, it was still great to see you on the mound again!! Oh and i must say, i love your new t-shirt, i bought one when we were there and i where it all the time!!!
Good luck with the rest of the season!!
– Em

Hi Kevin,
It’s pretty neat to see that you have a blog! Your cross country trip looked spectacular. I hope to cross that off my bucket list someday, when I have a car that is a little more reliable and can actually get me out of Minnesota! haha.

I just wanted to say that you are a great role model. My preschool students adore you and the Twins. The only way to keep them quiet and focused during lunch is to get them talking about the Twins! Their Twins knowledge blows me away and they’ve actually taught me a thing or two (or three or four…haha). And I think it’s really great to hear you share about your faith and what it means to you. And from being a Christian athlete myself, I know that at times it can be a struggle, but we can be that light for those around us! Keep the faith, my friend, and good luck with the rest of the season!

You have excellent taste. Do you have a favorite Twilight Zone episode?

hey kevin! congratulations on your 7 inning no-hitter! you were awesome! my 23rd birthday was on aug. 14th, and a twins sweep plus your great accomplishment today was a great birthday gift! just as you would expect from my favorite player and twins! love ya and thanks! ~jess

Mr Sloway I am a jays fan and have a blog I talk about everything jays, sometimes I ask people about jays players. If you would be so kind please go to http://bluejaysblog.myblogsite.com/ and make a comment about what it is like to play against them thanks a lot. ps if you like my blog please show it to you friends thanks

Kevin, excellent book choices. The Elegance of the Hedgehog is one of my favorites. I met you at the Boys and Girls Club event at the Capital Grille, unfortunately I was working the event and had little time to chat but…I heard you speak Spanish and wanted to ofrecer una invitacin para platicar conmigo! Well anyways, you know where to find me and best of luck with the remainder of the 2010 season.

Ps. I have a name-tag to return to you…

Hey Slow, just wanted to say what’s up. You may remember me, Tim Hamilton from 2002 summer league with BP and Kosko, haha. I remember when a few of us got some brews and went to a Buccos game, Doerschner was there. I forget who else went, but it was a good time with some good dudes I was fortunate enough to meet in such a short time. I remember your dad Big Slow in his James Bond whip, he was a cool dude and I’m sure still is. Anyway, it has been some time but I just wanted to say congrats on your success and livin the dream! Take care of your mind and body, and resist the wickedness of Satan, take refuge in our risen Lord, Christ Jesus, who, unlike the world and everything in it, will never fade away. Peace and grace be with you. Later, Slow.

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