offseason things..

im not particularly sure how it started, but it seems that every offseason i end up writing an entry about things i like…im aware this list is really only pertinent to me, but perhaps, it could be a list of things you like too…

a few good reads
the white tiger
a long walk
in a sunburned country
*the notebook (while i may not have actually read this, it was recommended to me quite courteously by a fellow passenger on a post thanksgiving flight)

a handful of great songs
the avett brothers – i and love and you
gomez – see the world
alexi murdoch – the ragged sea
*povertyneck hillbillies – one night in new orleans (same flight, different fellow passenger, she was 8)

a favorite movie(s)
fantastic mr. fox
*dirty dancing

a tv show in the background
the office (bbc version if you don’t mind)
how it’s made
*grey’s anatomy


D. Boon Cilled a Bar..


(it’s my understanding that pictures are worth roughly 1,000 words, but word-math notwithstanding..the following is the story of where this picture came from)

every year, 2-3 legitimate pheasant hunters (glen perkins, kurt weber, and/or matt addington), 1 very well trained hunting dog (sogn or sophie) and 1 very decidedly inept shot (kevin m slowey) make a six hour drive out of the cities, through the beautiful north dakota countryside, and into a small town of 65 people situated on top of a modest hill, surrounded on all sides by fields of corn, soybeans and sunflowers..

after an evening of unpacking (kurt), aero-inflating (glen) and cooking (kevin), the group will set their respective iphone alarms (clock alarms just arent reliable enough) and retire for the night…

the next day, and all of its successors, go something like this….

6am – awaken to a trio of alarms
6:30 – breakfast (something excellent: eggs and skillet potatoes, pancakes, and the like)
7:15 – start the truck and hope the interior thaws by the time we take out
7:35 – pack up the food and drinks for the day, pile in the truck (still frozen), and head out
8:30-6:45 – under the direction of general k. weber …(who, i am convinced, possesses the keen directional sense that would have allowed him to out-maneuver crazy horse at little big horn, if only he had been there)…push fields, walk crp, jump sloughs, and even wander some PLOT land..
7:00 – arrive back home at the cabin with a 8-12 rooster haul, exhausted but thrilled, and ready to dine
7:30 – as gen. weber makes quick work of bird cleaning (he could do it blindfolded im sure) , the remainder of our party prepares dinner (venison, brisket, bison tips)
9:30 – wander over to the quencher bar (yes, a town of 67 people has a bar (and a post office, and a cafe))
11:00 – retire for the evening

and so, that is how i ended up in hague, north dakota, enjoying the
company of the 63 others who populate the town, hunting a bird native to

..ready.. set.. offseason..


well, something like that at least…now that ive successfully completed another year of 3 edifice monte (with apartments in florida, st paul, and now charotte)’s officially the offseason once again..

and so, to those (two or three) of you who are still checking the blog, despite its 9 month recess, feel free to ask whatever questions you may have…ill get to back to you as quickly as possible (around steelers and penguins games of course)..

just when you thought my computer exploded.

it didn’t explode. i just haven’t written in a while. and it isn’t because ive been too busy either. so now that’s cleared up.

was thinking today ( on my 9:30 pm to 4:30 am flight ) of all the
things that i like. mostly to combat the lots of things i didnt like
about being awake, and being on that plane. they werent big things
either. they were smaller things; things that i can recommend to you.
then they can be things you like too.

a well written book
      – the elegance of the hedgehog
      – city of thieves
      – born to run

a new music bit (usually recommended by my older brother)
     – alexi murdoch
     – ben lee

a good tv show
    – arrested development
    – the twilight zone
    – scrubs

a creative blog

now you have some good things too.


oh the places i drove..and would subsequently recommend

with a nod to dr. theodor seuss geisel, who lived the latter years of
his life right here in la jolla, and was a brilliant imaginarian…

my drive from pittsburgh to san diego spanned 5 cities and covered almost 4000 miles..and if you ever find yourself in the vicinity, these
are (just a few of) the things i suggest you see for your very own

God bless America (american gothic)  statue- chicago, ill
chicago statue.jpga hundred miles of cornfields – lincoln, ne
cornfield.jpgthe rocky mountains – denver, co
rocky mts.jpgsandia peak – albuquerque, nm
sandia peak.jpg
grand canyon national park – arizona
canyon.jpgand finally
la jolla shores beach, ca
la-jolla-shores.jpgso when you get a chance, go ahead and take a picture of your own..


amazingly, it appears that we have made it all the way back to the offseason..and this blog will commence operations accordingly..


as i did last year, i would like to extend an invitation to my main blog reader guy (or girl) to ask questions about whatever he or she would like to know about..and i’ll get to answering them in the most expedient fashion possible..that seems like the best plan for now..further plans will be made at a further date, furtherly.

the end.

after arriving in florida last weekend, and spending most of the week unpacking, grocery shopping, and catching up with’s time to get started again.

unfortunately, this means the (offseason) blog will be offline for the next nine months or so. don’t worry though, ill be back as soon as the offseason is. thanks for keeping up, and in the meantime, check this blog out….caught in the middle.. it’s written by a good friend of mine from back home in pittsburgh about her travels through europe..and it’s awesome.