Your Super Bowl XLIII Champions



Woo! Go steelers! Im happy they won. I guess im only happy because youre happy…
anyways, i saw the commercial, and loved it! It was GREAT. You were awesome i must say. The game got kind of close at the end, but it didnt matter because we all knew who would win right? OK, so good job on the commercial and good night!
~Steph S.

The stealers are just like that really popular kid in school that you are allowed to HATE for no reason other than the fact that they are the stealers…

Good game tho!

Sweet indeed, Kev. It is rockin’ here in the Burgh for our 6 time SuperBowl Champs!

Now it’s time to plan our trip to Ft. Myers. See you before you know it.

Go Twins.

Big Slow.

I am so happy the Steelers pulled it off. I was watching it with some friends and almost had a heart attack when the Cardinals pulled ahead and then almost had another one when the Steelers scored the final touchdown. James Harrison’s 100 yard touch down was nothing short of amazing; I could watch that all day and not get sick of it.

Yeah Steelers! I was very glad they won. The end of the game was go stressful!


Totally caught the game at 12:15 am here in Roma! We didn?t get the American commercials but were in a Steelers bar which made it a lot of fun. Also, kudos on your Twins commercial appearance! Was it fun to make?
Enjoy the victory!

It was a really great game! I wondered if Arizona would be able to pull it off there at the end, but Pittsburgh was good.

Wow, I bet you were going nuts after that last touchdown 😉

Glad they won too. The steelers came in with a punch and that is what really got them going.

~Sarah from Minnesota

Kevin Slowey 1. Alice Cooper 0. I guess you were right!

I thought Pittsburgh was gonna lose when Fitzgerald broke free on that TD up the middle. Big Ben came through in the end and made it six Super Bowl wins. Looking for a repeat next season!

Well, I am one disappointed girl! Lol I am a NY Giants fan so I was let down by them and then I of course decide to pull for Kurt Warner in the SB..I know he didn’t see much time with the Giants but he still wore a Giants uniform at one time so I was pulling for the man..and nothing. It was an awesome game! The last 2 SB have been really exciting at the end! I guuuuess Big Ben and his boys deserved it! : ) Anyways I liked the commercial with the potatoe heads so it was worth watching.
Looking foward to the season. Best of luck. I am a Yankees fan (obviously) but I do pull for the Twins!

Not that you need it – but good luck at spring training! 🙂

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