Apparently I have more readers than I thought. I think Ive responded to all of the questions, but if by some supernatural event I’ve skipped yours, please let me know…


After spending Thanksgiving at home with the family, it’s back to Atlanta and Joe Dude…




Hey Slowey,
How was your Thanksgiving? I hope you enjoyed all the food and time with family

Steph – thanksgiving was great, thank you very much

Joe Dude…is that your brother? Where did you go for thanksgiving? Did you have turkey…lol

btw…my name is Libby!

Hey Kevin!
I just wanted to thank you for the blog, its great. Its pretty cool of you to answer all our questions and update us on your life.
Do you ever hang out with the other guys on the team at all? like at each others’ houses or restaurant? I was always curious if you guys were really good friends. And have you ever been recognized while in public (while in Minnesota during the season)? And do you ever get recognized in Atlanta?
Thanks for your time,
Stephanie S

SS – You are very welcome…I do spend time with guys on the team during the season, but the majority of the off-season is spent with family and other friends..I have been recognized in public in Minnesota (not at a Joe Mauer level or anything), but never in Atlanta..which is just fine by me..

I think it is the coolest that you reply to each comment individually. It makes me really happy to know that a Major League player is so connected to the fans. I wish the rest of the players with blogs would follow your lead and actually look like they pay attention to who is reading.

And now for my question: Who is the jokester/ prankster on the team? I know that the Mets players say Ramon Castro is the Mets prankster.

Happy Holidays!

I don’t know that we have one guy on the team that is the main prankster.. but I will say, if any pranks are being pulled, you can almost certainly assume one of the pitchers is involved…

Hello again Kevin,

Question about something you said in the comments on your last post:
“I have tried to grow a mustache before, but it didn’t work out like I had hoped.”
What were you hoping for? I’m running images through my head, and none are working. Jason Giambi’s porno stache? Goose Gossage’s beastly fu manchu? Rollie Fingers’ coolest-mustache-ever?
Looking at your pics on google images, I can’t picture a proper stache for you.
Did Neshek invite you over for some Tofurkey on Thanksgiving?

skam- you may be right, no mustache seems to fit me..and pat didn’t invite me over for tofurkey, I bet the no-mustache thing was the reason why..

Hey, no shame in not being able to sport a ‘stache. It’s better to acknowledge it and move on rather than still trying to rock it, when in fact you just look creepy and sleazy.
That’s a pity about the Tofurkey, this was my 10th Thanksgiving with one. Maybe I should look into recipe exchanges with Pat…

It is amazing that you aren’t afraid to share about your faith. That puts you higher on my list of players who I like the most…(not that you were that low!) I enjoy reading your replies to every individual post. My friend is still in awe of one of your replies on the previous blog entry. I hope you enjoy the offseason…and the time to recover from the roller coaster ride of a season!
What are your plans for the upcoming Christmas season?

Steph- thank you muchly..Ill be heading back home to celebrate Christmas with my family..

What are you reading these days? (I tend to choose my favorite players based on whether or not they openly read, by the way. Needless to say, you’re pretty up there!)

These days Im reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho..but the best book Ive read in a while was Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.

Hi again! You said that when a prank is pulled a pitcher is usually behind it. So, have you ever pulled a prank?
Thanks again for your time, have a good night.
~Stephanie S.

SS – answering that could be pretty incriminating

The Twins did really well this last season. I went to one of their games at Fenway. I was rooting for Boston, but I am a big Red Wings fan. I have seen you pitch in Rochester. My family has season tickets for the Red Wings.

Hey again! Sorry for continually posting but it isn’t every day that some Baseball Player will reply. Yeah there’s fan mail but they don’t always answer back. Question…Do kids like 16-under come up and recoginze you more than adults or is it changed around? Also, Are there more girls coming up (and asking for and autograph/recoginze you) than boys?

STEPH – kids rarely recognize us unless we are wearing our jerseys.. conversely, they can usually be convinced that anyone wearing a jersey is a baseball player.. im saying mostly boys ask for autographs.

Hi Kevin,
Just wanted to say hi, and congrats on a good season. Random story- My sister and I were sitting in the dome one time and reading the player profiles and realized that you share a birthday with us! We are twins, obviously, and are excited to share a bday with you! just wanted to share some useless trivia πŸ™‚ and good luck in ’09!!!

ashley – thanks for the note.. and the trivia answer. also, happy birthday to you both on may 4th (a bit early i know).

Hi Again Kevin,

I am glad you like the new “retro” uniforms. I do too! However, I also really like the sleeveless uniform which Matt Guerrier told me at a Pro Shop signing that almost no one on the team liked 😦 , so I wasn’t sure how my taste compared with guys on the team (other than Justin who was quoted as saying he thought there might be a push to wear the new uniforms more than on Saturday home games). I just read on the Twins website that February 15 is reporting day for pitchers and catchers. Do you look forward to that time or wish you had more time to be with family and friends?


Loretta – Matt Guerrier is usually right when it comes to anything fashion…Truthfully, I feel as though the off season is exactly as long as it needs to be…I love my time with family and friends, but by February 15 I’m ready to get started again..

Hey, Kevin. Just curious if you’ve ever “played out” in your mind how it all might have went down had you guys beaten the White Sox in the one-game tiebreaker. That was a great race. Would have been an unheard-of Dome vs. Dome ALDS. I’m not a big woulda-coulda person but hey, it’s the offseason, good time to play what-if…as I sit here at the office with a souvenir cowbell and also a champagne cork picked up off the Phillies floor.

Thanks for firing the blog back up lately and for the impressive response to your fans. I’ve never seen a pro athlete do this. And let me know if we can help in any way with the blog. Have a nice offseason.


mark – I never really played out how it would’ve gone had we won that game in Chicago..Baseball is amazing in that you are always concentrating on one game at a time.. and you never really have the chance to look ahead to the next game, next series, or next anything…

Sure thing on the blog..if It gets to be too much, ill just abscond the helm and claim the server crashed or something..

This blog is truly a treat! I honestly believe the Minnesota Twins have, without a doubt, the best collection of guys in the MLB. I’ve never met so many who were so willing to give of themselves to the fans. I wanted to let you know that you’ve made a real impact. Not only on the team, but I think in the community as well. It’s one thing to be an great teammate and player, but what stands out the most to me is your daily faith and testimony. Getting to hear you (and Adam and Scotty!) talk during the Faith and Family concert by Matthew West was fantastic. I was there with my college roomie and a friend from church. Needless to say, it was probably one of the best Twins events I’ve ever been too. Thanks for all you do – on and off the field. It gets noticed. My father and I have a 20 game pkg, so we’ll be cheering for ya! Front row, sec 134. God bless, and like the Newsboys say: “Shine!”
~Adrienne (Minnetonka, MN)

Guess I’ll ask a question or two πŸ™‚ Do you have any pets? Do you do any outdorsey stuff like hunting, camping, horseback riding, etc.?

b_i_b – thank you very much for the compliments..ill pass them on to Adam and Scott…as for your questions…no pets, and I hunt occasionally (pheasant), but that’s as outdoors as it gets for me..im working on it.

How was your Thanksgiving cake? Did it live up to the hype?
I know during the season you have Baseball Chapel. And I know that it’s hard church-hunting when you know you’re only going to be somewhere for a few months. Have you found a church in Atlanta?

lucy- it was even better than anyone expected…and yes I have, which makes Atlanta feel a lot more like home

Hey Kevin, Its Stephanie again for like the fifth or sixth time.
I just read that another girl said shes a twin, and so I though I’d share that I too am a Twin. I’m fraternal, but still a Minnesota Twins……just like you! And, your birthday is exactly one month after mine, were (my sister and I) are on April 4th. I think that’s really cool. OK, now for a question: Is there a certain song you listen to right before a game that you start that really gets you pumped? I know you said you like Eric Clapton, but i was wondering if there a different song. One more: Have you ever sighned autographs before or after a regular game? I hope I get to meet you some day, I really want to go to the 2009 autograph party!
Have good night, and thanks once again for your time! πŸ™‚
~Stephanie S

vickis@mpls – I don’t have any one particular song…and I have signed before games, just not games Im pitching in. Most guys will sign right after BP on the way into the clubhouse, depending on what they have to do that day before the game..
…I started the blog last year during winter caravan…

I know I just posted a comment and you haven’t even had time to answer, but i just remembered a question i forgot to ask. The I promise I’m done…….for tonight:) OK here it goes:
How did this blog even start? Did you offer to do one, or did someone ask you to do it? AND I think that next time you talk to one of the other guys, that you should encourage them to start one too! Tell them its fun, it is for us! I think it would be awesome if a couple more did it too! Maybe Brendan Harris or Scott Baker or Morneau. OK, sorry for the long comments! If you want, I’ll stop asking so many questions:)
Thanks again!!!
~Stephanie S.
My sister (Tiffany) says Hi!

1) What do you think of “K-Slow” as your official nickname? Or are there other ones that you like better? The next time I go to a game that you start in, I will bring a sign with me with whatever nickname you want on it. Too bad I can’t afford anything other than the cheap seats, so look for me in the upper deck in left field. (The woes of an impoverished college student.)
2) What, in your opinion, are your best pitches in order? (trust me, I’m not making a scouting report for another team)
3) If there was any pitch that you could improve on, which one would it be?
4) What minor league Twins prospect are you most looking foreword to seeing help the team next season (excluding Jose Mijares, as he’s already a shoe in)?

rhielm – 1. seems like you’ve already adopted it. my summer coach in new england called me that too, so technically he gets credit for inventing it. 2. haha, i have no idea.. i never really thought of ranking them, most pitchers would say their fastball is their best pitch.. so im going with that 3. change-up 4. we have a lot of great players that im looking forward to seeing (duensing, tolleson, lahey, etc..)

Had no idea you were going to get quite the response you did, huh?? πŸ™‚ I was gonna give you flack for taking almost a year between posts, but then seeing you answer all of your fans’ questions, I really just can’t – you went above and beyond.

Glad to hear you enjoyed Cormac McCarthy’s The Road – just bought it for my brother for his birthday because I thought it sounded interesting. Maybe I’ll have to borrow it from him when he’s done…welcome back to your blog! Hope to see more from you soon! πŸ™‚

tatessmer – no idea at all…but the questions were all pretty great..hope you enjoy the book..

So I’m sure many of the ladies who have written on this blog have been wondering the same question…..Are you seeing anyone special this holiday season??? πŸ˜‰ Bc you are a HOTTIE!!!!!

First off I’d like to say I’m glad to see you posting again! Congrats on a good season, and good luck in the upcoming one. Of course you won’t remember this but I wanted to share a story. I was visiting PetCo park over the summer to watch you guys play and saw you and Joe Nathan walking on the street to the ballpark. I yelled out the car “Go Twins” and you both laughed. Anyway, I was kicking myself afterwards cause I wish I would have gotten out, you’re my favorite player and I’ve been trying forever to meet you… so hopefully at Twins Fest this year!

Marisa – haha, well at least you yelled something encouraging…next time you’ll get out of the car for sure..see you in January..

Hey Kevin glad your posting again I like to stay updated and check this everyday! Great season but hope you guys can make it to the World Series in 2009 and I know we have the players to do that! You are my favorite player and I hope I can see you with the Twins in many seasons to come!! Thanks for keeping your #1 fans updated! – Em

Em – thank you and you’re welcome..in that order.

I just wanted to let you know that my son Tyler (10) is a HUGE Twins fan! He is what some would call a “military bratt”… anyway, we took him to a Twins game while home in MN on leave and he fell in love!He was primarily a Joe Mauer fan but after going to a few games and seeing how the pitchers are out there before the games signing autographs (these autographs made his SUMMER!), he now knows who all the pitchers are and has a HUGE repsect for what you do. Keep up the great work (we watch almost all the TWINS games on the internet since we are on Camp Pendleton!)and we are hoping to make it to Anaheim when ya’ll are in town this summer! He wants to know…what do you have to do in the offseason to prepare for spring training?

Tyler- Thanks for being such a great fan ( and don’t worry, I’m mostly a fan of Joe Mauer too)…as for my off season, most of October is spent catching up with family and friends..I begin workouts in November here in Atlanta with a couple of Braves players, and start throwing again in December to get ready for Spring Training in February….We usually work out 4-5 days a week and then use the weekends to relax and recover…Hope that answers the question..see you in Anaheim

Hey Kevin I have a question for you. If you weren’t with the Twins what team would you like to play for and why? If your contract was up, they wanted you, and you had a choice whether or not to be traded to them would you go? Thanks for answering my last message it means alot when a big star like you takes the time to answers their fans questions! Oh and thanks for signing my baseball card of you at the Twins game it was awesome to get that close to you and some of the other guys!! Thanks again ~Em

em- I’m not sure where I would like to play.. I love Minnesota, the guys on the team, and the people I’ve gotten to know in our organization, so it would be tough to imagine playing anywhere else… but If I ever end up somewhere else, I’ll let you know how it compares…

This blog is great–thanks for sharing time with your fans, Kevin. Here’s my serious question. I know pitchers have a strategy in each at-bat, using one pitch or location to set up another. Well, how often do you really miss? Is a pitch outside because you want it outside, or because the control wasn’t perfect? Is there more or less a ratio, like 80% of your pitches end up exactly where you want them, even if they’re not strikes? I assume it differs from pitcher to pitcher. What about you? Or a closer like Joe Nathan?
Have to mention that I’m a dedicated fan living in Vermont who watches the Twins every night in the summer via satellite.

ahat- the answer to that question depends on the at-bat really… some at-bats, when things are going really well, you don’t miss your spot for 4-5 straight pitches… other at-bats, you miss with every single pitch ( which very rarely results in an out)…the key isn’t always hitting your spot, but instead, focusing on making the pitches you miss with unhittable…for example.. a slider is almost always thrown low and away, but if you miss, you want it to be even lower, and more away.. instead of back over the plate…in the end, ‘exactly where you want to throw a pitch’ is more of a general vicinity than anything else..

Hi Kevin-

Quick question on autographs…..I got your auto on a ball at last spring training and you personalized it. Was curious if you are required by your agent to do that? I know some players have exclusivity rights for a while on non-personalized autographs their first few years….Mauer had to do that when I got his autograph at Quad Cities back in the day.

Not that I’m complaining, and the “Go Twins” added under the seam was pretty cool. But I bought a Slowey grey road jersey late last season and was curious if I’m going to be able to get one of the back numbers signed without the personalization? This isn’t an ebay special, I’ll be wearing this bad boy a lot.

The Road is a great book…….although I had to take some guff from my buddies that don’t read much when they picked it up and saw it was an Oprah Book Club selection. I had to explain it was by the guy who wrote “No Country For Old Men” and then they let me be. Other good novels I read recently are “Garden of Last Days” by Andre Dubus and “Edgar Sawtelle” by David Wroblewski but Oprah picked that one up so hide it from your buddies.


Steve – when it comes to autographs, I just have always personalized them.. not for any agent/financial reasons. I just figure the person getting the autograph wants it for him/herself. plus, anyone can buy an autograph, but a personalization means that you actually met the person, and interacted with them.. which seems more valuable than just a name…thanks for the book recommendations, ‘Garden of Last Days’ sounds like a winner…

Thanks for the response to Tyler…he printed it out and added it to his wall of Twins photos….you made his day!

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