A Steelers Bit.


In case you missed it, but I doubt you did..

The Pittsburgh Steelers looked like a Super Bowl XLIII favorite on Sunday, coming from behind to knock off Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys at Heinz Hines Field. On behalf of Steelers fans around the world, I’d like to thank Dallas for coming to the City of Champions, and wish them a safe flight home.

Deshea Townsend is the man.


As a Twins and Steelers fan (don’t ask – it’s a long story) this made me very happy as well.

Don’t be a stranger, KS. There’s more readers out here than you think.

drj- glad to have you on the steelers team, and the blog reading team for that matter…see you in Tampa Bay

I have this unexplainable hatred for the Steelers. Don’t know why. I hope the Jets can get back on track. But I am also root for Chad and the dolphins.

But I mostly just stick to baseball.
Let’s Go Mets!

Ellie – I suggest you see a doctor.. nobody hates the Steelers.

I’m not a HUGE football fan…you run up and down the field… but i have come to like it more and more! Vikings/Steelers. Go football…come March…Go baseball..come october…Go football…etc!

steph, – a fan of all sports.. totally acceptable

That game was sweet. That last interception really made me jump. After the last score, I was in hold them down and get the ball back mode and then run the clock out, but the interception was the cherry in that sundae…

MN Expart in PA; huge Twins, Vikings and Steelers fan (If the Vikes play the Steelers I root for the Vikes, but not too much conflict recently…)

Kevin, keep it up. You kick. I bet that some day you will be regarded as a better pitcher than the guy who hanged up his cleats today (and you know who I am talking about)… Keep it up (or low and just inside, that’s fine too)

thrylos – thanks for the note.. keep waving that Terrible Towel

Hey Kevin,

I am a Steelers fan from MN. I loved the fact I could watch the Steelers game this weekend. They are not on TV too much here in MN.

I only have one question for you: When the Steelers make the Super Bowl, what are you serving at your Super Bowl party and am I invited?

-Heidi 🙂

heidi- everyone is invited to superbowl parties…

I hate the Cowboys…probably more than I am hating papers, projects, and tests at the moment (got to love college)…and I did not get to see the game, but I saw that play on Sports Center or something like that. It made my day…anytime the Cowboys or Packers lose, it’s a good day 🙂

cd1025 – you can add Browns, Ravens, Patriots, and Bengals to that list

Interesting to see you’re a Steelers fan, what do you think of Mike Tomlin? (Former Vikes D coordinater) Do you get frustrated with Big Ben and wish you had a decent qb?

Random question: Do you guys kid with Baker about his bayou accent? I know you’re from the South as well, and that accent of his is thick! It’s great..anyways, keep up the great pitching, you’re the man.


ciz- 1. mike tomlin is the best head coach in the nfl 2. big ben is constantly coming through in the clutch. why would i wish for a decent qb when we already have a superior one? 3.baker’s accent is spot on.

hey kevin, this is not a football question but i want to say you are my favorite pitcher in all of baseball! i really do hope you stay a long time in mn. i have a couple different questions. is it easier to pitch to mauer or redmond andwhy? also who is your greatest fear to pitch to? ortiz, a rod ect. thanks for taking your time and thanks for your autograph( winter caravan last year, owatonna mn)
thanks again dan

p29- ive gotten pretty comfortable with both mauer and redmond catching, and that is really the key…i don’t really have a greatest fear, but i do think placido polanco is batting .975 off of me..


I’d like to thank your Steelers for kicking butt with their defense! 🙂 I have them as my defense on my fantasy team and they (with the exception of the SD game) get me decent points every week.
They are also helping me in my victory over the boys in the league I’m playing in. It’s great being the only girl and kicking butt!
I hope you enjoyed Matthew West when he was at the KTIS Faith and Family night this past September. I enjoyed your faith story!

hey kevin, sorry to ask you another question, but on away games do u have a roomate at the hotels and who? then for home games do u usually have a roomate or do you have like your own apartment? thanks for taking your time

punto 29

punto – no roommates on the road. at home, most guys live by themselves or with their families..

Go Steelers! That game was so frustrating as the Steelers had so many opportunities and couldn’t cash in. I really like their chances at the Super Bowl this year but their schedule is just so difficult. Baltimore this week and Tennessee next week. It is a flat out grueling schedule.

No way Indy beat pitt in pitt. Peyton Manning for MVP!

dead on! Deshea townsend is the man! that’s awesome. hey good luck this year man

I know this is very late, but as a Steelers fan, I must say I was also very excited about our win over Dallas. However, I simply don’t think our offense is going to hold up in the playoffs, especially if we end up playing the Colts in the second round.

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