get out the towels.

if, for some unbelievable reason you are not familiar with the terrible towel…this is what it looks like..
FF_110084_l.jpg      the towel, a creation of the late Myron Cope, became famous long before ridiculous rally animals, thunder sticks, dog masks, that ‘caroline’ song, and starter jackets.. and is generally considered the greatest fan demonstration implement of all time. I suggest you find a way to get one of these by 6:30 Sunday night …or you’ll miss out on this.


  1. welikeroywelikeroy

    It would have been interesting to see Pitt play Tennessee after the ‘Stomping of the Towel’ incident by Lendale White. All the same, Ravens/Steelers is a big rivalry. Get ready for some tough defense and hard hitting! I can’t wait either Kevin Slowey.


    Big Slow-

    Since you are a Pittsburgh guy, I was wondering….have you ever been able to see a Pirates game at PNC Park? I guess the obvious answer would be no because you’ve clearly been busy the last few years since it opened and the Twins haven’t played interleague there yet to my knowledge……have you at least toured it during the offseason? I went there a couple of years ago and it is amazing…..I’ve been to all of the stadiums and PNC is one of my faves….looking out past the outfield at the Pittsburgh skyline across the river is probably the best view at a game in MLB….


  3. realityfishdotcom

    Okay, the towel is awesome. Particularly because you can simply fold the thing into a little square and stuff it into your pocket — no fussing around with giant sticks or any such thing.

    That being said… I’m very sorry to have to tell you this, but the Steelers are totally going down on Sunday. Ravens all the way.

  4. drew612

    Eh, what’s so terrible about a towel? And a yellow one at that? And the Steelers play at Heinz field…silly. The team has lost everything that made them tough and scary from the ’60s-’70s, including terrifying players with no teeth and intimidating beards. Even Troy P.’s hair is sissy.

    The Vikes have “Skol Vikings!” which is a great beer song and fun to be part of. We need beer songs in MN…

    You had a great season last year. Good luck this year! Go Twins!

  5. twinsnut

    I must admit that I had not heard of the “Terrible Towel” (I am much more of a baseball fan than a football fan since all three of my brothers played baseball, and only one played football.), so I checked it out on the internet. It was interesting that it started out with people using plain towels that upset the scheme of things at the stores before the “official” Terrible Towel became popular. I have a Vikings “Touchdown Towel” which is almost like new from lack of use. I will cheer for the Steelers (after all they do have a Viking connection in their coach) because of you.
    P.S. See you in the frigid northland (hopefully warmer by the time TwinsFest comes) in a week and a half.


    The Steelers are the only team left that aren’t represented by a bird. Towel or not, this is a clear advantage since birds are pretty weak (especially cardinals and ravens). Good luck with that.

    P.S. I am so excited for Twinsfest; I really hope I will see you there!

  7. nymetsgrrl94

    You were the first person I thought of when the Steelers won. I guess it’s because I don’t know ant Steeler’s fans. Can’t wait until baseball is back.

  8. puntorocks

    I hope the Steelers win….I really can’t stand the Ravens. I’m really looking forward to Twinsfest (and my trip to Spring Training).

    Kevin-I hope it gets warmer before you come for the Caravan/Twinsfest. Tonight’s low is -20. This winter is really getting old (and its only January).


    Homer Hanky??
    That’s alright though. The Steelers are a heavy favorite in my book this coming weekend. Looking forward to watching a great defensive game at some pub in the cities.
    BTW Slowey, the last game I was able to catch this past season was on September 25th vs Chicago. Great game, great performance! Looking forward to this spring!



    Slow, you know where i stand. FIGHT EAGLES FIGHT….. Ill Stop… But lets hope for the best.. right? Go EAGLES!!!!!!!!

  11. kate-tWINs

    So, funny story! I?m studying abroad right now in Rome, Italy for the semester and we went out late last night to some bars. We just happened to stumble upon a sports bar where the bartender was a huge Steelers fan. He had two terrible towels hanging up behind the bar and if you hadn?t made this post I wouldn?t have had any idea what it was! So thanks to you I was able to have a pretty long conversation about the Vikes and Steelers with some random Italian bartender. A bunch of us are heading down there for the Steelers game Sunday. I?ll be waving the terrible towel at about 2 am in Roma so thanks for sharing the info! You?ve even got supporters across the Atlantic now. Now I just have to find out where I can watch opening day here…

  12. bally

    Nice blog Slowey, this is Collin Balester im Jeremy Plexico’s buddy. I like your blog its good but come on Go ravens haha.. anyways check out my blog thanks man

    Bally Star


    Hey Kevin,

    Just finished watching the best Steelers game of the whole season. I was wondering if you brought your “Terrible Towel” with you back to MN. I didn’t take my off the wall, but I did sport my Big Ben jersey. I can’t wait until Feb. 1st and Super Bowl XLIII. See you at Twins Fest weekend and GO STEELERS!!


    YAY Steelers!! Im sure you are very excited. I have friends from Pittsburgh, they live here now, but are deffinately in full support of their home town. Im sure they will take it all the way. So if you are in need of other Pitt fans for the game let me know 😉

  15. foamfinger

    Ha ha! My friend sent me a couple of those last week. I’ll admit that the Steelers are my second favorite team, but I’ve been all about them for the whole post season. I was gonna smuggle the extra one in to Twinsfest and give it to you, but now it looks like I’m going to have to select a lucky friend to use it at the Superbowl.

    Happy for the Cards, honestly….but Steelers all the way.

  16. Eric Behr

    Living in the Pittsburgh area, I have my terrible towel ready for Sunday. And with the exception to the homer hanky, we Steelers fans see other teams waving towels and we just think they are copying us. Good luck next year Kevin and go Steelers.

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