Winter Caravan Diary Day 2

Day two got underway this morning with a sit down breakfast at a Perkins (no relation to LHP Glen) Family restaurant in Winona. Baker and I stumbled into the hotel lobby to find that John Gordon had been up since 5 a.m., eaten, checked his e-mail, and was now contemplating getting a workout in before we took off. Who knew? Maybe that?s why he can nap on command?

Anyway, after breakfast we all piled on the motor coach and headed off to Lacrosse, WI for a middle school visit and some radio interviews. Following introductions and stories, our crew took time to answer questions from students and staff. We finished up with a Twins trivia game spearheaded by TC before pushing on towards Spring Valley for a Kiwanis luncheon. This particular Kiwanis group (band, troupe?) employed a full time pianist, which made for some spot-on impromptu songs by Bert and Gordo. Our Tuesday trip concluded with a stop in Mason City at the world famous ?Music Man Square," an exact replica of the Broadway musical stage of the same name. Now we are off to dinner and back to the hotel. That is all. Thank you.

Note: So far this trip our motor coach is 0-2 on USA Today crossword puzzles. Monday and Tuesday got the best of us. Maybe tomorrow we can make a breakthrough.

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hi kevin slowey
my mom (im 13) is a huge nick punto fan
i was wondering if there is any way you could “help” my mom get in contact w/ him
mabye like his email or something

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