Winter Caravan Diary Day 3

It?s day three here on the Twins Caravan, and things are moving right along. This morning was the coldest one yet, with a neon -22 flashing on the bank sign next to the hotel. At this point in the journey, our daily schedules have started to follow a pretty predictable pattern. The first stop always seems to be a radio visit. No one else wants visitors at 6:45 in the morning, no exceptions. The second visit has proven to be the most enjoyable one of the day, with schools, nursing homes, and hospitals filling that slot. Sprinkle in another radio spot and that usually brings us to lunch time. Our first two lunches were part of groups events ( American legion, Kiwanis), but today we had no hosts, so we accompanied ourselves to a local BBQ pit to enjoy a sit down supper. After lunch is a bit of a toss-up slot? the best of which was filled with a visit to the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, complete with an up close bald eagle encounter. Our days routinely round out with a dinner event hosted by Bert and John. Tonight?s event was hosted by our friends at Owatonna High School in Minnesota, where we showed a 2007 highlight video before taking some questions and signing all sorts of autographs. Now we are making our way to Rochester, where we finish out the last day of the Caravan tomorrow before heading back to the cities for TwinsFest this weekend?Bert is already taking a nap on the couch, and I?m off to join him?

Note: The term ?Southeast? usually means south (as in South Carolina, Georgia) and east (maybe North Carolina or Virginia)?this ?Southeast? leg of Caravan isn?t exactly living up to those connotations.


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