Caravan Day 4

Hey crowd…Sorry for the delay, but things got a little hectic that last day of caravan. Thursday wasn’t just our last day on the private motor coach, but also the date of The Twins annual Diamond Awards banquet. This scheduling clash led to a bit of chaos, but was solved in the end when Joe Nathan showed up to claim my spot on Caravan as well as drop off our transportation back to the Cities. Before the player swap was finalized, we spent the greater part of the morning at the Mayo clinic visiting the ICU in the children’s ward. This stop was absolutely the highlight of the trip, for a couple reasons. First, it really gave us a chance to be ourselves with the kids. No microphones, no reporters, and only a handful of photographers made the visit less formal and more honest. Second, I finally got a chance to see what makes TC so special. Yes, he is just a mascot, but he has a way with children that almost never fails to bring a smile to their faces. Something about a giant bear… pretending to eat you, falling out of his chair, or just giving a hug lights up the room like little else can. Finally, our stop at Mayo reminded us how truly blessed we are. We met some families who were finally going home, others just checking in, and still others who had taken up a near-permanent residence in the hospital for a variety of reasons. If it was our choice, Im sure we would’ve been there all day… but after a couple hours we took off for a quick radio interview and a sit down lunch. After lunch we made our way to an autograph signing held at the local eatery before J.Nathan showed up to save the day…

Note: Next post I’ll get to the Diamond Awards and Twinsfest.


Hi Kevin,
Great job!

Spending that time with the kids has to be even more rewarding than making a quality start. You’re awesome to use your status as a pro athlete to make a difference. Kudos and keep up the good work.

John T RI

I’ve been keeping an eye on the Twins webpage to look at dates for TwinsFest but I was also wondering if there is any dates yet for Twins Caravan 2009? I remember them being about the same time. Just interested if anyone will be coming up in my area. I always look forward to this in the new year!

PS: Thanks for signing my baseball in KC 🙂

bjo16- I think caravan is the week before TwinsFest, but Im not positive.. keep an eye on the twins website.

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