big ups to the panthers.

   For the first time in school history, the Pittsburgh Panther men’s basketball team is ranked #1 in the country. As a Pittsburgh kid.. the son of two Pitt graduates and the brother of a future grad, I am obligated to jump on this wagon post-haste. The Panthers (14-0) earned their number one ranking in the ESPN/USA Today poll this week by pasting the Georgetown Hoyas on the road and receiving a little help from Boston College (in Chapel Hill no less). However you look at it…being undefeated into the second week of January is no joke…As Dickie V put it, “these Panthers are for real, baby”



Go Panthers!


And when the Panthers play the Gophers for the national championship on Monday April 6th……which also happens to be Opening Day…’re gonna call in sick, right? 😉

Hey Kev….

thx for the pub on my Panthers! it has been a long time comin’ and we are jacked-up here in the Burgh’. These guys have a special place in my heart right next to you and the Twins.

Nice to have you home for the Christmas celebration. Say hey to the Duke fan down there, too.

lya, big slow.

As a diehard Cuse fan this sickens me.

shea57- that’s nobody’s fault but your own.

Pitt is not good and BC is worse.. Go Harvard hoops! jk i am a angry NC fan. Slowey, your the man however! I enjoy everytime you take the hill. Dont ever leave us, you would be very difficult to root against.

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