just a second.

      It has come to my attention, thanks to rueters, yahoo, google, msn, cnn, and rick reilly, that the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service will be adding one second to 2008 tonight, just before midnight. This addendum to 2008 will “fix” what time-scientists believe is an unacceptable gap between our current time and the slowing rotation of the earth about its axis. Now, Im all for science, and fixing things…but you would think, if you were adding just one second to a whole year, you would maybe pick a less conspicuous time to do it. New Year’s Eve is really the only time all year that people around the world are actually paying attention to every second that goes by..why not just sneak it in at 3:15 am on June 12th?…no one would even notice.

051230_newyearsball_vlrg.widec.jpg                                                   (‘3..2..1..1..Happy New Year!’)

      Joe Dude (my main roommate and science answer guy) proposes that the IERaRSS is using this ‘extra-second’ bit to garner some global attention…I mean, let’s face it.. International Timekeeper isn’t exactly the flashiest job in the science field. Maybe this midnight modification, coupled with their new slogan “We Control the Time” will help the International Service turn the corner…but I wouldn’t count on it..


Hey Kevin – even science geeks need their moments to shine! The second will actually be added at 6pm eastern standard time so when midnight rolls around all will be set! Happy New Years to you! I hope you and yours have a happy, healthy and peaceful new year. Thanks for blogging with us regular folk! (I sounded like a science geek didn’t I? Oh well.)


julia – you did. but that’s ok. thanks for reading…

What is your best personal memory from this past season?

trosen- bobby korecky getting a chance to hit at home against the rangers and lacing a single into right field. i don’t think i’ve ever yelled so loud or laughed so hard in my life.

Why does it seem like this New Year’s celebrations weren’t as big as other years? Even MTV’s wasn’t as long as last year (maybe because Miley needed to go to bed!)
Happy New Year to you and Joe Dude!

Hi Kevin,

I guess one second does not make much difference in the scheme of things. I have been through over 60 New Year’s celebrations and now have a hard time making it till midnight (although I did make it last night). Anyway, 2009 is now underway!!! Hope it is a wonderful year for you!

I noticed that you are scheduled for the Winter Caravan. Have you been in the midwest during the winter? Bring your warm clothes!! Even I, who have spent my entire life in either Iowa or Minnesota, have found this to be a very cold winter so far. Brrrr!


loretta – i was on caravan last year around the same time.. and woke up one morning to a -22 degree wind chill…ill be bringing my thermal gear

Hey Kevin,
Thanks for that piece of info..that if it wasn’t said no one would know. Well some would. I find that funny that they would pick an important day..like you said..why not put it in where it really isn’t going to seem big.
I hope you have a great final stretch of the off-season.. Are you ready for the Caravan? TwinsFest? and Spring Training? that is so near. The off-season has gone by fast.

Kevin, you crack me up. Have you ever thought about writing a book during the offseason? Or maybe earning some extra cash as a columnist? I’m sure the Star Trib would love to have you.

picante – i haven’t, i have, and ill look into it.. in that order

Speaking of cracking up nice card bro!!! The lady and I cheapishly show it off to all friends in return to watch their misery of nearly wetting their pants. Anyway I also love to read your blog, you are a talented writer and your fans love to read it. Cant wait to see you this season. Peace out

dear beaner ,
glad you liked the card. hopefully you, mel , and the little ones are enjoying the winter… see you guys soon!

Bouncing off picante’s idea, how about you and JD popping up on one of the VH1 pop-culture shows? (Like Best Week Ever type, not I Love New York type) You can play the straight man to JD’s weird comments, or you can play the dude who makes the off-the-wall comments and JD makes funny faces at the camera. That would be awesome. (And make me feel way less guilty for watching VH1 when they go into their marathons. 🙂 )

lamb- count me in.. ill talk to the dude.

One second…

I definitely did not wake up on January 1st thinking…wow I feel so refreshed…must have been that whole second of extra sleep I got last night!

Why not wait until they had accumulated a whole handful of seconds then really give us something to celebrate…I mean all this excitement for one second, think of the recognition IERaRSS could have gotten if they would have given us a whole 10 extra seconds….

One second…

Hmm…I definitely did not wake up on January first thinking….wow I feel so refreshed…must have been that extra second of sleep I gained last night!

Why only one second…why not wait until the IERaRSS had a whole handful of seconds stockpiled away…I mean think of the recognition they could have got with a whole 10 seconds!!

wow…how computer savy am I…didn’t work the first time so I posted again…now I have a whole string of comments going! Go Dolphins 🙂

palomita- computer literacy is hugely overrated…also, sorry about your dolphins.

Hey Kevin,
Check out Chris Rice’s song “Smile” from his album “Run the Earth Watch the Sky”. In light of eternity, “…every minute takes an hour…”. I thought that was pretty cool.
By the way, I have a photo of the two of us at Twins Fest ’08 after your Q&A session. I’d love to send it your way. To jog your memory; my mom embarrassed us all by inviting you to Majors to watch a broadcast of my college’s rivalry basketball game. Sorry about that… haha.
Hoping to make the March 22nd Toronto game and the Sarasota game on the 26th while on spring break. How soon will you know your rotation schedule?
Btw, I’m a spanish minor too! Off to Spain for interim.

leslie – thanks for the song recommendation…and felicitaciones on the Spanish..We won’t know our schedule for a while, but Im sure the rotation will be on the website when it is finalized.

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