route #3

one full year after my inaugural caravan trip, im back in the far north for another round. as you may or may not recall, last year’s caravan leg was a southeast (that’s up for discussion) run with stops in red wing, owatanna, and albert lea…this year they’ve given up on directional descriptions and merely termed our trip route #3… im not kidding, our itinerary reads “2009 Twins Winter Caravan Route #3”


so far so good with route #3…jesse crain, bert blyleven, john gordon and i left the twin cities monday morning and stopped in at the home of a WFTC contest winner for breakfast, coffee, and some autographs. after eating more than our fair share of bagels (bert had a protein shake), we packed up and headed to the american legion in red wing for an afternoon luncheon. ‘action’ jack of KWNG radio was our friendly emcee and the fans in red wing all came out to show their support…

from there, we took off for gillette children’s hospital in st. paul where i ran into a good friend of mine, luke seufer …..luke and i met last year at the courage center in lakeville, where he informed me of his intent to go dog sledding later that afternoon ( it was the middle of July and at least 90 degrees outside)..i, of course, thought dog sledding was a fantastic idea, and we began planning out our trip… kids like luke are the real reason we go out on caravan…as much as we love bert’s jokes, radio liners, and autograph sessions, they don’t mean as much as a single smile from a kid like luke…

we finished up day one in rochester, mn with a visit from our main man and gm bill smith. john gordon ran the program, and the fans who came had plenty of questions for mr. smith..which just left autographs for us before we finally retired for the night.

day 2 started with a bank visit to the Community Bank of Owatonna, where jesse and i signed autographs and took pictures while bert and john tried unsuccessfully to lighten the load in the vault..we completed our task, but the other two guys failed miserably..from there we shoved off towards austin, minnesota for a nightly event hosted by our radio amigos at KAUS. and now, after another tremendously successful program, we are all headed to bed…thank you very much.


                                               (rik aalbert blijleven) 




    I was there in Owatonna! Lucky for me I was in town visiting my grandparents. It was wonderful to finally meet you.. and thanks for the pictures! See you at Twins Fest!


    I hope you are going to be our #1 pitcher this year. Maybe i will see you at Twinsfest! Go Twins!


    Oh, I am getting so excited to watch baseball again! Thanks for posting that highlight of Punto’s awesome catlike reflexes. That made my day.


    Hi! LOL! so I came on here to see how many comments you had about Twins fest. How nice it was to finally meet you, It made my day meeting you, Thanks for the autograph & pictures, I was the one with the Twins shirt on, do you remember me?!. Nothing. I am very surprised. I was waiting in your photograph line & there were plenty of girls that were very excited. Maybe they just don’t know you have a blog! Well, lucky me I get to be the first one to be the huge dork & ask if you remember me. I was early in the photograph line, I had my daughter with, she was wearing a pink Mauer jersey, she sat on your lap & told you that you met me in NY, you asked her what she wanted for Christmas. Ha, I said a pink bunny suit, just for your fav x-mas movie. I, however, look dumb in the pic we took. I must have been talking. So when is the next community thing you are doing so I can have a picture retake day? Well, it WAS nice seeing you again. I hope you enjoyed your 3 day stretch of crazy Twins fans. Take care!

    • Kevin Slowey

      kelley – hah, i do remember you, and your daughter..and well done on the movie reference…im not sure when my next community thing is, most likely something in ft myers during spring training..picture retakes all around


    Question: Do you really like Elvis? And did you miss not being able to go to SV (Spring Valley) this year on the caravan? It’s pretty much the best town ever…(sarcasm)

    Nicole Cz.

    • Kevin Slowey

      nicole, i do really like elvis, what’s not to like? im not sure if i can answer as honestly about missing spring valley..


    Ft. Myers?? I can’t make it. So you should post when there is something closer to home! Im holding you to the retakes! Of course you remember my daughter. She is so cute! She told Joe (Mauer:)) that he has to marry her babysitter one day because she really wants to be the flower girl!! It was so funny, because she was DEAD SERIOUS!!! Im sure he hears that stuff ALL the time. If you are a fan of Elvis & you have XM sattelite radio, they have an Elvis channel on 18. Worth checking out. Congrats on the home town victory last night. Great game.


    Hey! You probably won’t remember this, but I came to the charity dinner that you guys held at Morten’s Steak House. I was going through my facebook pictures and just started laughing. You, me and my friend Melissa had taken like 6 pictures that night because something always went wrong with it. I guess I was just curious if you remembered? Matty was our waiter that night. I guess I was a little I mean a lot talkative that night, BUT I blame that on Morneau’s drink mixing. LOL.

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