books you should read.

assuming you like good are a couple of recommendations.
for those of you unfamiliar with Calvin and Hobbes, i suggest you stop reading this until you finish reading at least a dozen of these.


another great book by bill bryson..see also The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid, and A Walk in the Woods..


it can get a little bit tedious, but still, it’s a good read.



My boys LOVE Calvin and Hobbes. You can learn a lot about life by reading about the lovable boy & his tiger. I’ll check out Bill Bryson’s book. Thanks – always need good books for the long New England winters.


I love Calvin and Hobbes! In grade school, I tried to do a book report on one of the Calvin and Hobbes books, but my teacher wouldn’t let me. I have never read either of the other 2 books, but I’m a Stranger Here, Myself sounds interesting; I might have to invest…or at least go to the library. I am currently rereading Haroun and the Sea of Stories. When I say rereading, I mean I have read it 4 or 5 times. It’s by Salmon Rushdie and it’s actually pretty funny and NOTHING like The Satanic Verses. It’s a pretty quick read and it’s one of the few books that I recommend to everyone no matter their preference in books. Thanks for the recommendations!

I read outliers and really enjoyed it. I do agree that it had some tedious moments where I was just reading on autopilot but I found myself constantly thinking about it even after I had finished…which in my opinion is the mark of a good book.

So Mr. Slowey, what is your favorite book of all time??

pal0923- i enjoy all types of books, but the Bible will always be the favorite.


Good stuff. I love to read!

Let’s push pause on the reading for just a moment and get down to some real business. I have a question for you.

In the gym, who is the strongest Slow…..Big Slow, DSlow, KSlow or PSlow? I’ve heard the perspective from one of the members of this list for many years…..

BTW, come on out here for a little golf before ST begins? You are always welcome here!


Phoenix Freight Train

PF Train – this one is a no doubter.. Big Slow is still the main man in the gym…as for the links, Big Slow and I might just take you up on that one weekend..

Kevin- I love a good book so maybe I’ll try one you recommended.. I’ll probably start with Calvin and Hobbes because I honestly don’t think I have ever read even one of those comics!! Also, so sorry that your Steelers don’t get to play the Vikings this year in the Super Bowl.. I guess my prediction was wrong : ) The Vikings did play a good game though (defense wise) until the end, but hey, they made it to the playoffs!! That’s a good start right? : )

i had to read a different book by gladwell for a management class. it was actually really interesting.

I’m inherently suspicious of any person that has developed a philosophy of living without having first read Calvin and Hobbes.

I’ve read “The Road,” which you mentioned somewhere else on here, and thought it was really good. (McCarthy’s style is a little different, but once I got used to the cadence I liked it.) So you might be trustworthy when it comes to books. I’ll have to check them out.
Have you read anything by Joel C. Rosenberg? Political thriller-type books. They’re fairly intense. If you’re ever looking for something funny, though, “The Know-it-All,” by A.J. Jacobs, is quite enjoyable.

lucye- thank you…i haven’t read anything by that author, ill look right into it

ks ? wow, great work on the blog, among other things of course, namely baseball (and mastering the subtle art of using the 2/3 ellipsis..or double period?) But seriously, it?s pretty darn cool how you stay connected with fans.

Will you be attending the Diamond Awards this year?

Thanks and paz.

paz- haha, thank you. i won’t be at the awards banquet as ill be caravanning at that time, but i will be at twinsfest…(<–note the ellipsis)

I agree with realityfish. How can anybody not love Calvin & Hobbes? Bill Bryson is hilarious too. Thanks for blogging during the loooong offseason.

Hi! I loved reading Calvin & Hobbes growing up! That was our favorite thing to do on Sunday morning was reading the funnies. Do you know what day you will be at Twins Fest yet? Hope to see you there. Im sure you can’t wait to get back to Minnesota in the dead of winter!!
Your New York friend, Kelley 🙂

Kevin – congrats on making it to #13 on the Pro MLB Bloggers list! And I just picked up a copy of “I’m a Stranger Here Myself”.


I am now a fan of Calvin and Hobbes and have developed a new philosophy for living my life : ) I am reading I’m A Stranger Here Myself… I will let you know what I think of it… See you at Twins Fest and make sure you bring lots of warm clothes to MN. It’s cold!!

Or Confessions of a She-Fan. 🙂

I read I’m A Stranger Here Myself and loved it! I really love Bill Bryson’s sense of humor. This is the first time a book has made me laugh out loud! Have you ever read the book The Shack? I recommend it. It is amazing and very inspiring spirtually. Some parts gave me goosebumps!
PS- I hope you managed to survive the Twins Fest weekend : )

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